ISY – 7

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“I came here because I want to kill someone.”

Terrifyingly, Felix said that with a menacing laugh. His white hair and dark green eyes gleaming.

He looked completely different from the A-888 I had known before. Maybe because he knew he was [t1v: the to-be?] Duke of Magnolia. I knew he had entered the Arsene Lab. But I had no idea that he had entered as an A-class. In fact, the infiltration was mentioned very briefly.

I didn’t even know if he had found and killed the person he was looking for.

“Their blood smells good, just like yours.”

Blood trickled from the tip of my finger and ran down the back of my hand. It dripped down to the floor out in a round pool.

“Why, w-would you say that… .”


He grinned and took my hand he was holding. Then he brought it close to his face, as if sniffing my scent. Fear seized me and I yanked my hand away.

“Don’t play around.”

“Ha ha ha.”

He smiled and I stepped back a little relieved to be freed.

– Beep!

“A-702, A-888.”

A researcher who I would have normally felt afraid of, now felt very welcomed.

“Yes! A-702!”

“Yes, A-888.”

“Once you’re done, move on to the next lab.”



My hand tingled but I put it in the back of my mind. I had so many tasks to do that a full day’s time would not be enough to complete them all.

Soon it would be lunch time.

Felix didn’t do anything weird again after that, so I felt lucky.

“A-702 has received the designated meal.”


“A-100 has received the designated meal.”

“Next… .”

When it was time to meet Kalisten again I felt some anticipation.

“You, there, number A-702.”

“Yes! A-702!”

I stood up straight, with my shoulders back, at the researcher’s call. Then he gave me a key.

“You will need it.”

“Thank you.”

I was not grateful, but if I didn’t say thank you when I received something, retaliation could follow.

Unconsciously, my eyes were drawn to the cell where Kalisten was.

Maybe Kalisten is not a bad person. Maybe it’s just the way he expresses himself is not good. I was trying so hard to be positive and think the best of him. Considering that I had 14 days left, I only had to be important enough to prevent him from killing me.

– Beep!

The doors opened in unison, and I recognized he was in a more miserable state than before.

Walking forward in unison, I also entered the designated space in line. Z-999, Kalisten woke up to the sound of me entering.

This time he had a gag device in his mouth. The key I received before entering must have been necessary for this.

On the tray were a few pills, corn soup, a rock hard baguette, an apple jam that was about to dry out, and bacon that was suspiciously oily even for pork.


He said he killed Aselia because she didn’t laugh, so now I was going to smile every time we met.

I greeted him with a smile, and he stared at me coldly.

I set the plate down nearby and inserted the key I had received into the key hole next to his mouth. Turning it, the device fell to the floor with a ‘click.’



“Your cheek.”

He must have been upset that I was slapped across the face because of him.

“I’m fine. I’m used to this kind of work.”

I thought he was worried since his expression changed subtly, so I added that trying to minimize it. Who was worrying about who?

He seemed to have no idea what he looked like now.

Kalisten’s appearance was disastrous. His whole body was bound, and it seemed that the ‘stimulus’ given in the morning test was physical pain.

“Excuse me, Z-999.”

“… .”

“Can I wipe your face?”

He glared at me again. Then, after he looked down, I felt as if the panther had given me permission, so I smiled and poured a little water on the dry cloth I was carrying.

“Why do you get in trouble if I don’t eat?”

“Uh… that’s just the rule. It’s my fault if you’re hurt.”

“Do the people who hurt me the most say that?”

“You’re in pain, Z-999.”

As Kalisten looked at me so intensely I suddenly panicked and almost avoided his gaze. I had thought about it before, but Kalisten seemed to be very good at talking with his eyes. If he was displeased or angry.

“You know, Z-999, I hope you don’t get hurt.”


“Yeah, it’s nonsense, so you can disregard it.”

Then I wiped the dried blood from his face. There were thick bloodstains near the ears, and it seemed that the healing psychic had roughly healed them.

He was quiet so I could wash his face. I was unnerved by his bright red eyes following my every move, but I still pretended not to see him and continued to clean him up.

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