ISY – 69

“Where did you buy all this?”


Aselia was a little reluctantly forlorn, but she was relieved to see that he took her words seriously and answered without any change from usual. It was as if his naive emotional state wouldn’t change even in this strange situation.

“How did you always know my size?”

“I took the clothes you first wore, showed them, and told them to make them for you.”

“To the designers?”


Alexis showed her the red evening dress and handed it to her. Aselia accepted it and looked at him blankly. Then he went to his drawer, got a red box the size of a palm, handed it to him, and said,

“Wear that and put this on.”


“I’ll put your hair down. I’ll do it for you.”

“… Alright.”

Aselia nodded because he seemed to like her long hair. Somehow, receiving the clothes from him and moving her body calmed her down.

“I’ll go outside… .”



Alexis frowned momentarily in annoyance, and Aselia flinched back in surprise.

“No, I’m not mad at you.”

“I know.”

His hand swept over his face as he looked at Aselia and turned to the sound coming from the door.

‘The deputy director is looking for you.’

“I am busy right now.”

‘It’s an urgent matter.’

“Do you think I’m not in a hurry?”

“G-go ahead.”

Aselia thought he might be resisting his summons because of her, so she deliberately added,

“I am not going anywhere.”

At her words, Alexis anxiously searched the floor as if contemplating, then said,

“Say you’ll sleep here tonight.”

“… okay.”

Aselia knew she didn’t have a choice anyway. If Alexis asked her for something, she might be able to just say no, but it was difficult to refuse anything. But he was also quite kind to her.

“Can I really go?”


“Your face doesn’t look happy.”

“You can. Go ahead. But I want to wash up… .”


He gave her the card right away.

“Oh, and—”

Then, after rummaging through the cabinet, he handed her a crystal bottle.

“Make sure you drink this.”

His fierce gaze hardened at the marks on her neck and chest but relaxed as it met her eyes.

“Yes, thank you.”

“And, by any chance….”

He was about to go out when he told her.

“You cannot run away. You’re being tracked… . Hang in there for a while longer and then run away. When I can help you.”

“What? Oh… . yes.”

Then he ruffled her hair and sighed.

“I hate going to work. I don’t want to go.”


“… alright.”

He was sad that she wouldn’t accept his affectionate sentiments, but he thought it was better to go and come back quickly, so he tousled her hair again, opened the door, and left.

⚜ ⚜ ⚜

Aselia took the card he gave her and headed to the shower room. She stamped the Z-rank card, and the door opened. It was quiet inside as no one was using it. Aselia went to the lighted shower stall and took off her clothes.

She then pulled out her new clothes beside her and undid her necklace.

-sfx: shower starting

“Ahh… .”

She felt like she could live now as the warm water dripped over her head. Only the marks on her neck and the marks on her breasts from Kalisten ached a little. She opened the lid of the recovery medicine she had brought and drank it. Then it felt like the pain and fatigue aching all over her body had washed away.

For the first time in a long time, Aselia felt really at ease and had a sense of security. She pressed against the wall compartment as she did when she washed up with Kalisten. Then, for the Z-rank, the soap container in the wall opened and protruded in front of her.

“Oh my god.”

She exclaimed in happiness as she applied the soap to her hair and body, washing away the blood and ashes stuck in it.

After cleaning herself, she realized the oddly unscented soap scent reminded her of her time with Kalisten. She felt strange.

‘Your face is too small. I think it will all be covered in one hand. It feels like it will break if I hold it.’

She remembered how he had told her that her face was also small. Although, come to think of it, his hands were massive.

“Aah… .”

She felt strange as the warm water dripped onto her breasts, growing hot as if he had touched her body and reminded her of that time.

She tried to shake off and ignore that odd sensation by rubbing her body.

Strangely, however, whenever her hands heated up and touched her body, it reminded her of the time they washed together. It must have been just touching her body with lust.

But Kalisten’s hands were very kind, hot, and full of adoration, as if he cared for her.

Besides, he also spoke to her with such affection.

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