ISY – 67

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“Kal… .”

Aselia looked at the fire extinguisher sprayed on Kalisten, then XX-321, and briefly fainted.

“Uh, how… .”

Her eyes grew wide as a melted ceiling filled her dim vision. From above, the deputy director looked down at them with her arms crossed as if bored.

“Be gentle.”

At her command, the guards began to enter. Blocking the researchers, they held a gun that could only be fired with mana.

Kalisten was unable to reach Aselia and stood there. He would have moved if the guards were only pointing their guns at him. However, the guards’ guns were also pointed at Aselia.

“Don’t do that to Aselia.”

“Right, I will give you a prize for successfully passing the second stage.”

Even though the deputy commander said that she did not tell the guards to withdraw. Aselia trembled with fear as she watched the number of muzzles directed at her. However, she overcame her fears when she thought that after five days, Kalisten might awaken and destroy the research institute.


Aselia slowly rose from her floor, and the guards’ muzzles followed her.

“What award do you want to receive?”

Kalisten answered the deputy director’s question without hesitation.

“Give Aselia back to me.”

“I see.”

At the beckoning of the deputy director, the guards withdrew. Then they brought forward a mana control harness choker with restraints near Kalisten.

“If you wear it.”

Kalisten instinctively knew that it was a magic control tool. If he wore that, he’d be weak again. They hadn’t put it on lately so his mana could fill and circulate through his body for the experiments.

“Put it on calmly.”

At that, he took the control instrument from the guards and tried to fasten it around his neck.


Aselia came over and took his hand.

“Can you put it on, Aselia?”

She didn’t know if it was okay to fasten it on him. However, Kalisten, who read her fear, held her hand tightly and met her eyes.


Aselia looked into his eyes and answered without even realizing it. Then he watched as Aselia got on her tiptoes and fastened the harness around his neck.

“Take him.”

The deputy director gave the order when the restraints were completely secured on Kalisten. Then, with a sheepish countenance, Ivan greeted them and led them away.

“Don’t cry,”

Kalisten said stoically when he saw Aselia’s face.

“Ah… huh, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to cry….”

“Don’t be sorry.”


She could tell he was inebriated again. His kind eyes and caring attitude were the ones he showed only when he was intoxicated and looked at her as if she was a woman. It was lust, not favor.

Thinking so, she lowered her gaze and wiped her eyes.

They walked for a long time without saying a word until they reached the hallway leading to Building Z. As usual, it was quiet with no one around, but the sound of their footsteps broke the silence.

“I’m sorry, but I have to keep my promise,”

Ivan said something that didn’t make sense and stepped back.

“The timing is X, huh?”

Alexis looked angry at him for being late and hit Kalisten.


“Ugh… !”

“He’s drugged up, but doesn’t even faint.”


Alexis said disgruntled, then tried to strike him again. Even though his mana was blocked, Kalisten retorted as he caught him with one hand,

“You are cowardly.”

“What do you care?”

At that moment, Kalisten started to lose consciousness as the drug’s effect increased.

“Aselia… .”

“I won’t expose them to danger. I’ll take them to a safe place.”

“You promise… .”

“I don’t have to promise, but I’ll keep it.”

As if relieved by Alexis’s words, Kalisten passed out without resisting this time.

“Alec… .”


Alexis seemed angry, grabbed Aselia by the wrist, and tried to drag her.

“Ah, Alec— Kal— No. Z-999… .”


“Yes, Mr. Z-898.”

“Take that.”


Then when Ivan tried to carry Kalisten at Alexis’s command—

“Ah… .”

Aselia passed out, too. With her tension eased, and her eyes slowly closed.


When Alexis screamed in surprise and caught her in a hug, she had already become completely unconscious.

⚜ ⚜ ⚜

“Ah… .”

The pain woke Aselia up, her eyes opening as she groaned involuntarily. The handprints XX-321 left on her body, and the teeth marks on her neck ached. She took in her surroundings.

“Oh, Alec.”

Alexis was sitting nearby. Aselia realized that this was his room. And she was on his bed.

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