ISY – 65

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It was an hour ago.

“He refused breakfast.”

Kalisten was blindfolded and hauled somewhere by the director of the Z Wing. Since he was often dragged in this way every time there was an experiment, he did not show any particular resistance.

“Isn’t A-702 supposed to be in charge of me?”

Kalisten tried to subdue his rage, his voice low. He would have thrown a tantrum if his anger could get Aselia back. But the arrogant deputy director and researchers in this place ignored subjects more when they lashed out; fighting only backfired.

That’s why he tried to control his anger and said,

“I will not participate in the experiment unless A-702 is in charge of me.”


The deputy warden slapped him hard across the cheek; the force blew the blindfold off his eyes, and fell to the floor. Blood trickled down from the scratches on his cheek and dripped down his chin.

“Are you threatening me now?”



“I’m begging you,”

Kalisten said, looking directly into the deputy director’s eyes. Then, the deputy director looked at Kalisten with a cold expression and said,

“Awaken. Then I’ll listen to you.”

“Did you forget that you agreed to assign Aselia, A-702 to me as a condition of cooperating with the awakening?”

-Clap! Slap! Punch! Slap! Punch!

The deputy warden continued her merciless assault on Kalisten’s face, even punching him with her fist. However, Kalisten only turned his head and showed no pain, as if it wasn’t a big blow.

“Just try talking again.”

“Reassign A-702.”

“Get down on your knees.”

Kalisten realized that the corner of his closed mouth was leaking blood. He fell to his knees, ignoring the blood that ran down his lips. With the restraints on his wrists tied behind his back, he could hear the chains behind his body jingling.

“Ask me again.”


The deputy director frowned and gestured as if those words offended her. Then one of her researchers handed her a handkerchief. The deputy warden wiped off Kalisten’s flesh and blood from her fingernails. Kalisten let out a small sigh.

“That’s it, release his arms.”

“Yes, Deputy Director.”

One of the researchers loosened Kalisten’s arms from his bondage as he knelt.

He did not find the situation humiliating. Rather, he couldn’t afford to think about it. How surprised he was to see someone else come in for breakfast: 

[t1v: flashback]

‘I-I don’t know. I only heard that my assignment changed this morning.’

‘Then where did Aselia go?’

‘S-spare me! I really don’t know!’

As Kalisten recalled the A-Class backing away in a panic, he frowned, displeased.

It was nothing to him. But not being able to see Aselia was too much to bear.

‘I don’t want you to get hurt.’

Because it was what Aselia wanted, he decided to cooperate in the experiments in exchange for having Aselia assigned to him. They were particular. A warm person.

‘I really like you, Kal.’

Even the habit of smiling whenever our eyes met.


Because he was the one who made me dream of tomorrow.

Kalisten couldn’t live a day without Aselia.

After having such an ominous dream, Aselia didn’t come.

‘I’ll be right back.’


“What did you say?”

Kalisten, who was talking to himself while thinking of Aselia, made eye contact with the deputy warden while she prepared for the injection.

“Give me your arm.”

At her order, he held out his arm.

“Ugh, how annoying.”

She tried to poke the needle into his arm roughly. Then the needle broke and did not stick to the flesh.

“Unnecessarily strong— so irritating.”

In silence, Kalisten watched the deputy director’s nervous reaction. It was not long before another researcher brought another needle.

“You do it.”

“Yes, Deputy Director.”

Another researcher tried to insert a needle into Kalisten’s wrist. However, the syringe broke with a loud sound.


“Release your mana.”

The deputy warden commanded, striking Kalisten on the shoulder with her fist. When he felt threatened, he unconsciously fortified his body with magic.

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