ISY – 64

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“Don’t you need a card, right?”

Aselia put the tray she held on the floor and looked straight at XX-321 walking towards her.

“Ugh… !”

“You’re going to die.”

Class C kicked Class B’s food plate and shoved his neck with the food tray, pushing him against the wall.

“Yeah, what.”



“Ugh… !”

XX-321 kicked the food plate that Aselia had put down, causing it to fly towards Class B and Class C, then looked back at her.

“Now there’s only one left, so there’s nothing I can do, huh?”

“Ah… .”

Aselia couldn’t look back at the sound of Class B and Class C bodies falling. They were murdered and cut from her flying food plate. Instead, she could feel the stillness and strong aura of death behind her.

“Hey—but what is this aroma of yours? How do you smell so good?”

He was drawing closer, deeply inhaling Aselia’s scent again.

“The card… .”

“You think I can’t take that from you?”

“Ah… .”

Aselia slowly backed away from him. She was inching towards the door. She belatedly regretted not sneaking out when he was distracted by the B and C grades. She lost her chance

“Ah—well, now, wait–wait!”

XX-321 grabbed Aselia by the collar. Her feet hovered over the ground. Then he tore off her clothes with a loud ‘rip’ sound.

“Ah… !”

“Right. This smells like you.”

He laughed like he was intoxicated by the scent. Then he said,

“Do you have a lover? You must.”

Then, he laughed at the bite marks on Aselia’s chest. She remembered that Kalisten had left them and blushed in shame.

“Yeah, even a man with a face like this would be pretty good.”

“Let go—let go.”

“I told you. I’m hungry.”

As XX-321 stared at the struggling Aselia, he sensed that the source of his appetite was because of her scent.

“Tell me who you hang out with. If it’s entertaining, I’ll let you live.”

“… It’s a wound.”

“What kind of wound looks like it came from being sucked on?”

“… .”

“These are clearly teeth marks.”

He pressed his hand just above against Aselia’s flat chest. XX-321 felt odd because although Aselia was a man, he sensed an aura of femininity and womanliness.

Most of the women he saw in the lab were researchers who gave him orders and were above me.

“Ha, don’t…”

“Do you want me to tell you the story of how I became a XX ranker?”

He loosened his grip on Aselia. She fell to the floor and turned away, trying to run away. She scrambled towards the door, checking the card in her pocket by touching it on her thigh.

“Ugh— !”

At that moment, he rushed at her with great speed and pushed her against the wall.

“Tell me who made those marks on you. If you tell me, I will let you live.”

XX-321 smiled at Aselia, his red eyes twinkling. She trembled when she saw his expression twist with madness. Terrified, she froze when XX-321 deeply breathed in her odor.

“Or I can make some new ones.”

“Ah— No, no… .”

Stuttering, she couldn’t speak from fear. She tried to pull her head away and tried to push him. Amused, he continued:

“I became X-class when I killed the researcher.”

“Ha, don’t!”

“After I had some fun, I killed it, and they gave me an X rating.”

Aselia pushed his head away, but he bit her finger as her thumb touched his lips.

“If you behave calmly, I will spare you. Then, we can have fun for two weeks, hmm?”

Aselia felt even more afraid of those words.

“I-I’m a man… .!”

“I know. Some of the researchers I killed were also men.”

He said that and bit Aselia’s neck.

“Ugh… !”

He bit so hard that Aselia yelped in pain as her blood rushed to her throat.

That moment—

– Bang-boom-slam-bang!


Aselia was writhing in agony as she belatedly realized the body of the man who had bitten her was on fire.

“Sa—save me!”

XX-321’s screamed, and the surroundings were filled with acrid smoke.


That voice. Red eyes shined brightly amid the thick black smoke.

“Come here.”

He stretched out his hand to her and appealed to Aselia.

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