ISY – 63

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The person before Aselia was about to enter when she heard the slam. A dull roar and several groans made her body tense as she stood in front of the door.

– Boom! Bang!


“Next group.”

Aselia was able to see inside the moment the XX-class door opened.

The three of them entered as a group; a B-class and a C-class stood next to Aselia.

“Ha ha ha.”

There was only one person visible inside. He was rated XX, and his number was 321.

She didn’t know his original status, but looking at the X grade, it was a person who went on a failed mission or killed the researcher. However, killing a researcher with level 300 magical powers would be difficult. That is what it meant to be an Awakener. Those with lower ranks were often discarded immediately without being able to become an X Ranker.

“I am really hungry.”

XX-321 was using his powers, so when he looked around his crimson eyes were glowing. When he spotted the three people holding the food platters, he looked at them with an unkind sneer and smirked, clearly amused.

Aselia trembled as she took notice of the already dead strewed around her.


XX-321 started to approach them. Aselia glanced at the B and C graders beside her. Then she looked at XX-321 again.

“If you are hungry, eat.”

Her voice split and shook, but that was all she could do now.

“Ha ha ha. You can talk? I thought A-rankers couldn’t talk.”

XX-321 sauntered near Aselia and leered at them. Every time he walked, the blood on the soles of his feet wet the white floor, leaving red footprints.

Aselia could vaguely see that none of the corpses she saw were alive and that his powers were unusual.

Besides, the places where his blood was intensively stained were his hands and feet.

It means that he personally killed those who came before to serve food.


“… yes.”

XX-321 stopped in front of Aselia. She felt stuffy as he pushed the food tray close to her chest as he closed in.

“You smell really good.”

She stiffened and shrank back as he approached her neck and sniffed her.

“The food is… .”

“I will only give one out of the three of you a chance.”


“Only one of you three can feed me.”

XX-321 smiled and looked at Aselia and the B and C Classes behind her.

“And one person has to pass my test. Then I’ll spare you and let you go. For the next two weeks.”

After saying that, he withdrew from Aselia, like a spectator looking for a fun spectacle.

“Oh, and the time limit is three minutes. If more than one remains within 3 minutes, I will kill all of you.”

Then, the B and C grades, who turned pale, squeezed the trays they held. Aselia was about to say she had the researcher’s card and could get out.




Class C hit the head of Class B, who was right behind Aselia, with a food plate. Then, the B Class, who hesitated, frowned as if he was dizzy and swung the plate he had.



Food was scattered on the floor. Aselia involuntarily stepped back.

“Die! Die—you x bastard!”

Class B started swinging the food plate randomly at Class C. There was a loud booming sound, and a loud bursting sound continued whenever the plates hit.

Aselia watched them and tried to calm herself down, but she couldn’t calm down and cried out.

“Hey, stop it! I have the researcher’s card!”


“You die!”

But they were fighting among themselves as if they couldn’t hear Aselia. Even so, they would never have imagined that the lowest A Ranker would have a researcher’s card. Class C attacked Class B because they thought he was more threatening than Class A. It was the same for grade B. The weak rated A could be easily discarded and couldn’t be a threat. Rather, getting rid of the C grade was smarter. Afterwards, the A grade could be easily exterminated.



Class C started driving the edge of the food tray and aimed it at Class B’s neck. The moment he slammed into the wall, the B-class face turned red, and he struggled in agony.

“Please stop it! I really have a card!”

“Ha ha ha.”

As if laughing at Aselia’s words, XX-321 spoke,

“If that card really exists, I’ll save you and kill everyone.”

Aselia realized that he was a body enhancer. The wall where he stood up after leaning on his back for a moment was now dented.

“Give it to me.”

Aselia hesitated and recoiled as he loomed closer.

-Slam! Stab! Wack!

“Die! Die!”

Class C hit Class B with the meal tray more violently in a frenzy.

“If—three— please save all three.”

“Why should I? And already one is almost dead.”

XX-321 smiled, looking at Class B as if the sight was boring and insignificant.

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