ISY – 61

“Uhhn… .”

Aselia kissed him first. She gently pressed her mouth against his, intending to fall off quickly, but when she looked into his eyes, she abruptly fell off without realizing it. Kalisten looked at her in surprise.

“What did you do?”

“Uh y-you did it first. So I… I did… .”

Her heart leaped and skipped a beat with shame. She acted thinking he’d be pleased with her initiating, but he didn’t look very happy.

Looking at Kalisten’s complex expression, Aselia seemed to understand the meaning of wishing all of this to be a dream.

Because there was simultaneously dislike and lust.

“I won’t do it anymore… . ugh…”

Before she could finish her words, he covered Aselia’s lips with his own. She wiggled and tried to get away from him, but his hands grasped her and grew tighter.

Aselia didn’t want to continue kissing him when she realized he was just blindly pursuing lust to the point of wishing it was a dream. She turned her head away from his lips seeking hers.

“Kal, I… .”

Then, Kalisten’s eyes, which had been slowly closed, opened ferociously and let go of her hand. Aselia thought he was letting her go, so she tried to step back but couldn’t.

“Oh… I, wait… !”

His lips touched Aselia’s chin, startled as his face followed her turned head. Soon he slid his lips toward hers. Then Aselia turned her head in the opposite direction.

His hand grabbed Aselia’s chin, preventing her from moving.

“Stay calm.”

“… Kal, do you like kissing me?”

He hesitated and looked at her as if he was worried.


Kalisten spoke frankly because he was injected with a truth-telling serum. The beautiful woman in front of him was not Aselia. Because of the drugs, he thought this was a hallucination and his desire to project Aselia onto a feminine form.

The kiss couldn’t have been better. It was bewitching, inciting him to do more, luring him to be impulsive, and urging him to follow his longings.

It wasn’t a good feeling. Rather, he felt embarrassed and guilty.

And along with his emotions was his incomprehensible palpitations, with a strange feeling that the woman in front of him was Aselia.

He really missed Aselia. But this kind of lust felt wrong. He was just projecting his fantasy one-sidedly, for this illusion was only possible in a dream. He knew if Aselia knew of his dreams, he would never look at him the way he used to.

‘I like you, Kalisten.’

That means that it is a favor in a purely platonic sense, different from the lust he harbored for him.

He couldn’t have not known.

“Ahh, huh…”

Kalisten stole Aselia’s lips and breath, moving much more violently than before. No matter how much he coveted and pursued, he seemed to thirst for more. He stroked Aselia’s chin with his palm and let go of the grip clasping her with his other hand. Then he hugged Aselia and stroked her back.

“Ah… the-there… .”

He stroked her back. Her body trembled at Kalisten’s warmth that traveled up her spine and spread to her shoulder blades. He stroked her wing bones with his fingertips. Her long hair, which he could feel on the back of his hand, was soft and beautiful, shining and fluttering whenever he touched her, and she trembled.

“Oh-I— wait!”

He lifted up her lab uniform. She was startled by his hot hand reaching inside. Kalisten’s big hand pressed her belly button with his thumb, causing her to recoil.

“I—I, have to leave soon!”

“Don’t go. I won’t let you go.”

“Ah… Kal… !”

Kalisten hugged Aselia when she tipped over in surprise. Then he put her head inside her clothes.

“Oh, wait… ! Oh!”

The feel of his hair against Aselia’s stomach tickled her too much. Then his soft hair caressed her breasts, filling her with heat.

“Don’t bite… ! Oh, it hurts… !”

Every time he playfully bit her, even though it didn’t hurt, she was flustered and embarrassed, so she lied and said it hurt. When she said she was hurt, his bite grew softer. He nibbled and sucked with his lips, but now he was gently licking and nipping as if tasting her.

“Ah… .”

Aselia unknowingly hugged Kalisten’s head. His head under her clothes was too hot. What was even hotter was his flesh. Wherever he touched with his mouth or hands, felt feverish.

– Jerking away

“Stop! No!”

At the sound of footsteps approaching, she shouted. Then Kalisten stopped moving. Aselia quickly got off of him and picked up her necklace that had fallen to the floor.

– Beep.

By a hair’s breadth, Aselia put on the necklace.

“It’s time to go now.”

“… Ah, yes.”

“Don’t take him.”

Kalisten, who suddenly hugged Aselia, declared as if commanding Ivan.

“Do you think I will let you take him?”

Kalisten glared at Ivan and began to unleash his mana. Ivan looked at Aselia in confusion as their surroundings suddenly became hotter.

Aselia said, placing her hand on the back of his hand.

“Kal, calm down.”

“No. They want to take you.”

“I want to see your face. Let go of me.”

Then the heat around them subsided, and he slowly began to release her arm. After her arm was free, she hugged him tightly around his neck.

Kalisten felt as good when she was a woman, even though Aselia, who had returned as a man, hugged him.

“I’ll be right back. Um?”

“Don’t go. No. I don’t want you to leave me.”

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