ISY – 60

He was running a fever, and his body was much hotter than usual. But since he often ran hot, he didn’t notice that his condition was odd. He was already on so many drugs that he couldn’t properly judge anything.

“Whose choice—what do you want?”

“Uh… Kal?”

This didn’t make sense. It must be one of the many hallucinations reflecting his fears. A change in placement was only possible when an A-class died. Besides, he had already made a deal—

‘Let Aselia be in charge of me. Then I’ll quietly cooperate.’

Didn’t he make that promise with the deputy director?

Since he had been so difficult up until now, he thought there was no way the deputy director would not listen to him now that he was obedient. Plus, he had made strides in his awakening.

Kalisten didn’t know much about awakening. But he knew that there were stages, and he was told that things went well according to those stages.

“Did you say you wanted to?”


Aselia looked at Kalisten, who gripped her wrist tightly. She got a little scared and tried to make him let go of her hand.

Then he let go of her wrist.

“I’m sorry.”

“No, Kal… .”


“I think it’s going to be really hard to see each other from now on… Can you forgive me for saying something bad last time?”

“What are you talking about?”

Aselia was bothered by how strangely angry he became. But Kalisten couldn’t even remember what she was referring to.

“I messed around with you and teased you while being a Class A.”

“When did you?”

“It was a dream for you… And.”

“Why are you sorry about that? You can say anything I am… .”

As Kalisten pursed his lips, Aselia looked at him. Seeing her looking so sad, he was hoping this was an illusion.

“I care about your feelings. Your feelings matter to me. How you think and feel is so important.”

“But… .”

“It is a dream. Stop.”

He said that because whatever he said to her, he felt like it would hurt her.

“Yes, it is a dream,”

Aselia said so resignedly and approached Kalisten. She was so close to him that she breathed in his breath and looked up at him.

“I will miss you every day.”

“… Kal.”

“I will miss the meals you give me every day, and I will miss the way you put me to sleep.”


“So don’t leave me even in my dreams. It’s enough that in real life you push me away,”

as he said that, he touched her ear. Feeling possessed, Aselia couldn’t look away from his heavy, kind gaze as he looked down at her, her ears tickling.

“Kal, we kissed yesterday.”

“I know. I’m going to do it again, so open your mouth.”

Aselia looked at him, unable to tell whether his words were a command or a request, and then she gently closed her eyes at his approach.

Then a warm touch landed on her eyelids. Aselia opened her eyes in a moment of bewilderment, and this time his lips rested on the bridge of her nose.

“Because this is a vision.”

As he said that, he removed the magnet from Aselia’s necklace, which was on the back of her neck. Then he held the back of her head as her hair grew out long and made her look at him.

“Bite me if you don’t like it. Then I will quit.”

“Ha… .”

He held her lips before Aselia could answer.


Then Aselia turned her head and pulled her lips away.

“No, but… .”

Sullen, he looked down at her and took her hand. His gently clasped hands soon became like shackles holding her so that she could not escape. Aselia felt like a rabbit caught in a trap.

In front of her eyes, he looked like a black panther.

“I can’t because I think I will miss you more if I do this.”

At that, he hugged her. She found Kalisten’s body too hot but didn’t hate it. Maybe she had missed his heat since the last time she fell into the icy water. Perhaps that’s why she unconsciously hugged his back and said,

“I’ll try to come back to you, Kal.”

“Don’t go.”

“I’ll try and come see you.”

“Don’t go.”

As Kalisten tightened his arms around her, Aselia tried to break away. But he struggled to think because of the drugs that were gradually eroding his consciousness.

“If you see me again… you can’t kill me. Got it?”

“How could I kill you?”

Kalisten looked at her, pulling her away to inspect her face and confirm her intentions.

“Well, maybe… Maybe later you’ll forget me.”

“I will never forget you.”

“… So if…”

All the words that came from her lips were so outrageous and ludicrous that he wanted to cover her mouth.

Only this time.

“Oh… .”

Aselia kissed his lips first.

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