ISY – 57

“Haaa… .” [sigh]

Aselia opened her eyes, feeling a strange touch and sensation. But she was so exhausted and drowsy it was difficult to properly register reality when she was barely awake.

She had the illusion that Kalisten was kissing her and his truth serum, drugs, and some kind of stimulant were leaking and passing through his mouth to hers.

The feverish exhale and inhale, a wet sound of sucking and clinging and a growing heat.

Aselia did not let go of Kalisten because his body temperature, which had been warm wherever he touched her, was now spreading deep inside her body. Instead, she grabbed him by the shoulder and then scratched him.

He laughed for a moment because even though she had raised her fingernails, the red marks on her were light and didn’t hurt.

Aselia felt her heart tickle at the pleasure pulsing through her while her mind was hazy.

“Kal… .”

Slowly Kalisten opened his eyes and stared at her. She slowly opened her eyes as well as she recognized his breath. Then he began to move more and more feverishly. She was overwhelmed with a lump of his flesh tickling her mouth. It was like he was digging into her mouth. At the same time, pleasure made her tingle. Involuntarily, she grabbed Kalisten’s shoulder again.

It was slippery from the water, but she held on tighter. But, perhaps because of the heat passing through his hands and mouth and the soft feel of the towel behind her back, she couldn’t come to her senses.

As was Kalisten. He was at the peak of the narcotic’s effect so he couldn’t think deeply about anything. All he could register was Aselia in front of him was an illusion and that his body was hot because of that fake Aselia.

Aselia’s mind was blank. All she could concentrate on was being aroused by his hot body temperature and his heat warming her body. His rogue-like and persistent kiss and their passionate sighs.

“Uhh, huh… .”

It was Aselia’s first kiss. And it was the same with Kalisten. She felt something when she witnessed his behavior, at first clumsy yet persistent, quickly adapting to her responses and then relentlessly chasing her reactions.

She couldn’t figure out why he was doing this.

Kalisten said he hoped this was a dream.

“Ka—K… Kahn…”

But he didn’t listen to her, just teasing her mouth harder. Finally, she squeezed his shoulder as her jaw grew sore. Then he took her hand off his shoulder and then held it.


After a moment of separation, Aselia tried to speak. But he didn’t want her to say anything, even in her dreams.

This, a dream, was her desire.

A desire was deserving of criticism, and it was clear Aselia was accepting his actions because they couldn’t reject them. It was clear that Aselia had different feelings from his.

So he didn’t want her to talk.

He grabbed her other hand, which had been struggling, and lifted it up above her head. Aselia was held down with both of her hands held by him. He held her hand as if pressing it down. Then Aselia, who had slipped from her bite, saw the fear in his eyes and quickly grabbed her.

“Huh, uh… …”

It occurred to Kalisten that her reaction was all the more fantasy-like. His own wishes made Aselia move as if accepting him and even holding his hand.

“A dream….”

he said, as they parted lips.

A long sigh broke, so Aselia looked at him blankly and said,

“Do you want it to be a dream?”

Her jaw was sore. Suddenly, it seemed that there was no part of her body that was not in pain.

“I don’t know.”

Aselia was taken aback by his words.

“It’s a dream, Kalisten. It’s all a dream.”

She decided to do what he wanted. He was Kalisten, the one who would kill her and the most precious person in this lab.

If he wanted her to be a fantasy, and she can’t reveal that she’s a woman….

I’d rather say it’s all a dream.

When she thought so, her mouth felt bitter. She then said to him with a wry smile.

“Did you want to dream of me?”

Seeing Aselia’s sad expression, Kalisten said unconsciously,


He collapsed on her chest as if relieved to see Aselia smiling again; fainting as if he had reached his breaking point.

It was after a long time.

When Aselia awoke, she was completely embraced by him.

Even Aselia, who was exhausted, couldn’t tell when she had fallen asleep. After waking up, she saw Kalisten’s body. He was so perfectly beautiful, even when he was sleeping.

His jet-black hair, now dry, revealed his forehead as he turned. When he was awake, his eyes were sharp, and his eyebrows were fiercely raised, but when he was asleep, he looked so docile. In addition, it was strange that the eyes under his black eyelashes felt red even though they were closed.

Aselia suddenly touched his gentle lips. Maybe it was because he kissed her before passing out, or it was always like that, and she never noticed, but it was very red and looked swollen.

She felt her hand tickle when her fingertips touched his plump lips.

“Oh… .”

As he seemed about to wake up, Aselia quickly tried to find her necklace. Looking around her, the towels were strewn about, and signs of evaporated puddles were visible everywhere. She saw the string of her necklace among the towels.


His arms were so strong that it was difficult for her to get away from him.

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