ISY – 56

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“The investigation you mentioned last time hasn’t progressed yet.”

The person, the deputy director, was reporting to was Felix Magnolia. He had a grade A tag on his lab coat worn by the test subjects.

“I found something similar. I want to be prepared just in case.”

“But, I heard that you are looking for a woman.”


Felix reacted with an amused yet sour expression as he read the documents provided by the deputy director while sitting in her chair in her office. The deputy director stood and stared at him. She felt a shiver when their eyes met and quickly lowered her gaze.

“Even if it’s an excuse, I have to show my father something. Otherwise you will be taken away and cleaned up too.”

“… Yes.”

“It’s not impossible to keep my stepmother alive, right?”

“In theory, yes.”

“Yes, let’s keep my Selina alive as well.”

When Felix said his sister’s name, his heart skipped a beat. He didn’t know where or what his sister was doing now—the same sister that ran away from him.

Such a sister was sold to the research institute. But there were only men for test subjects here, and all the women were researchers. That’s why he infiltrated this place as a test subject and looked for an outlier.

But incidentally, a man whose appearance was similar to his sister with the same scent caught his eye.

The time Aselia was sold here, and his sister’s disappearance were almost the same. But there was a significant flaw in his reasoning.

“Is there any case where a person who has already awakened has another ability awakened?”

“I think we were talking about something else.”

“Are you asking me to cut your throat?”

“No, I’m not.”

Felix huffed as if he was offended. Then the deputy director’s glasses that she was wearing broke, hit her collarbone and fell to the floor.

“A duplicate awakening is impossible. The moment you wake up, your mana changes.”

“That’s true.”

Although it was a question with a fixed answer, the deputy director dutifully replied, and Felix spoke while stepping on the glasses that had fallen to the floor. 

“The hostess of Magnolia has regained her health. Any further progress is difficult.”

“I know she comes back to her senses sometimes.”

“Yes. But this month, it hasn’t happened once.”


He looked through the papers she had filled out and said,


“I am listening.”

“Can’t I bring my sister into a similar body?”

he pondered out loud, thinking of Aselia, who looked remarkably like his sister. No matter how many times he studied him from every angle, he resembled his sister. From behavior and attitude to strange habits and even the sweet fragrance.

“That would be more difficult than saving the lady, Prince.”

“Yes, I suppose so,”

he answered evenly and then rose from his seat, thinking he should devote himself to finding Selina.

“Find Selina. If you can find her, I will make you the director of this laboratory. And I’ll return your younger sibling’s body.”

“… I will keep that in mind.”

So Felix went out first. Ignoring the deputy director, who was trying hard to hold back her anger with her fist clenched.


Kalisten was staring at the unconscious Aselia. He really thought this was a dream. Of course, Aselia was a man, and the woman he saw briefly at that time was just someone who looked like Aselia, not the real Aselia.

And above all, Aselia’s magical powers were A grade. There was no way that Aselia had Y-class mana capable of body transformation abilities.

No, maybe there was a mana-control restraint on them? However, he should have felt their mana when their body changed, but no such thing happened. Aselia was undoubtedly an A-ranker.


“Uh, umm… .”

Aselia was coming to her senses slowly, lying defenselessly in his arms. Her temperature barely came back, but she was still below normal. She was shivering from the chill and exhausted from head to toe.

There was no way she could wake up with just a few calls from him.

“If this is really a dream, then you won’t know anything.”

Kalisten felt regretful and fortunate at the same time.

Then he laid her on her towel and trapped her body between his arms. As she lay down, he saw her breasts spread and felt an unfamiliar sensation. A thrill and palpitation he had never felt before took over every time she saw Aselia.

Because he was a prince, he was different from other test subjects who were almost ignorant and raised as a test subjects since childhood.

That’s why he knew that what he felt for her was desire and that this dream was the product of his lust.

“I want to touch you, Aselia. May I?”

He said that and kissed Aselia’s lips.

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