ISY – 55

“Yes, it is a dream,”

Aselia said, although she was shivering from the cold. She was in severe pain from the cold, but she feared him going wild even more.

“Cold— it’s cold… .”

At her words, Kalisten touched her wet clothes. She felt alive only where his flesh touched, and everywhere else was painfully chilly.

“Kal, uh… Too cold… Kal.”


he replied with an affirmation as he hurriedly took off her clothes. However, her water-soaked garments clung to her flesh and did not come off quickly. He had no choice but to tear her clothes. Then he stared into Aselia’s eyes.

“This is really a dream…Of course…right.”

“Uh… yes.”

At Aselia’s words, he took off all her clothes. Then he took off his clothes and soon put his hand on Aselia’s necklace he had seen in his dream last time.

Then he pulled it off.

“I’m dreaming, that’s right.”

He laughed so self-deprecatingly and embraced Aselia. He felt his breath stop at the coldness of Aselia’s bosom touching his bare chest.

It must have been a dream, and Aselia was suffering now, but it seemed as if everything was real and not fake. He was so afraid. Even in this dream, he was terrified that Aselia would die.

“Ah… .”

She seemed to find relief in Kalisten’s warmth, the feel of the towel behind her back, and the heat radiating from his arms. But she was still chilly, and her legs were cold. Her whole body ached with pins and needles, but the spots Kalisten touched were gradually getting warmer. It was as if the cold blood circulating through her heart was warming up too, just from being in contact with his chest.

“Ugh, Kal… .”

Kalisten held her so tightly that her breasts felt crushed. Although Aselia felt an ache from the tightness, she hated slipping away from him more. Then she hugged his back with her cold fist that couldn’t unfold. She couldn’t let go of him as if she was embracing a stove at the North Pole.

“It’s all right now, Aselia. It’s all right.”

Only then did Aselia weep from the pain she couldn’t stand. Hearing her sobbing made his heart throb with pangs. Besides, why did he feel so hurt, sorry, and regretful that she came to save him?

“Don’t come to rescue me next time. I hate you doing that even in my dreams.”

“Hugh… Why— huh— say th-that!”

“No, don’t do it again.”

Even though ultimately Kalisten saved her, she still resented him for saying that, so she tried to push him away while shivering from the cold. But he didn’t let go. Instead, he hugged her tighter, warming her up even more.

She could tell he was getting higher from the drugs and truth-telling serum.

Perhaps, if the experiment had failed, he would have been lying on the operating table again, anesthetized with more drugs and undergoing a psychiatric evaluation.

Because the most likely reason for failing to awaken had to do with mental blockages.

They would also try to shock him by antagonizing and tormenting him to try to dig through his head.

“Don’t. I don’t want to see you die.”

“Me—me, too! Me too… Me too… .”

Aselia’s sorrow softened that he had said that because he feared her death. Her cold body gradually improved as he wiped her off with the towel and shared his heat. But it was still freezing.

“Even if you didn’t save me, I won’t die.”

“Ugh… .”

“I’m Class Z, and so they can’t abandon me.”

“Ah—I—Know… But how can I just watch when you’re going through that right in front of me?”

Aselia’s words made him feel strange. Kalisten’s gaze was hot, probably because his emotions were unstable under the influence of the confession drugs.

“Just look. Just watch. I am not worth it.”

“If you’re going to say something like that—don’t bother saying it! I hate* you-you’re cruel! I was going to lose you.” [*t1v: the word she uses is a love/hate term like hate in a resentful way, it is like a love turned resentment]

Irate, she spit out her words, but that only further fueled him. Rather, a ball of fire and joy grew bigger in his chest; he was so happy that she was angry.

What a dream.

I can’t believe it.

What an ecstatic dream.

He felt ashamed that his visions, reflecting his inner desires, were so pathetic, so he could not stop his tears.

“I hate you! Meanie, it’s all becuase of you….”

“Huh… ugh… .”

Kalisten even kept crying because he didn’t want her to resent him.

He couldn’t let go of her in his arms, thinking this was all an extraordinarily perfect dream.

“Huh… !” [crying]

After calming down a bit, Aselia hated his words and hated this situation, so she let go and started to sob as well without even realizing it.

“You— really—really, I hate heuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu… .!”

“Yes, I know.”

Kalisten held her in his arms until her body temperature became normal again by giving her his warmth.


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