ISY – 50

“I will be busy for a month.”


“But I’ll be back at least once every three days.”

“Oh, you’re going on a mission.”


He knew he had to be out for the long haul, but moving wasn’t too difficult, so he explained:

“I have to come back every time to report anyway.”

“You can’t do the report in writing?”

“No, I have to verbally report.”

Aselia was puzzled as she recalled a past when reports were mostly written. Then Alexis smiled and said,

“It’s because the deputy director has to organize the reports I make.”

That was a lie. He had to hide that the deputy director had given him a secret mission on behalf of an agreement with the imperial family. So, once every three days, he had to return to show his face to prove he was around.

Alexis was a finished product that showed no signs of disintegration among the Z-rankers.

Of the awakened Z-Class, only two showed no signs of breakdown. Felix Magnolia and Alexis.

So, Alexis did most of the work that the busy duke could not do. That’s why he was so busy.

“You don’t look happy.”

“I have to do double the work.”

During the next month, he expected the deputy director to allocate work properly, but she did not, to keep up appearances. Still, it was true that with assignments increasing, things would improve, but he still wasn’t looking forward to it.

“This is all for you.”

“Ah, yes. Thank you.”

Aselia didn’t know what he meant, but seeing that he was blaming her, she felt compelled to thank him.

“You know what I mean, right?”


Aselia looked at him and, recalling the conversation she had last time, she said,

“It’s because you said you’d take me out, right?”

“Oh, you remember.”

She also assumed he reacted that way because he wanted her to go out with him. The laboratory was not a very pleasant environment. However, she hadn’t known that he was worried and concerned about her.

“Have a safe trip.”

‘If you really want to make it yours, subdue it at night. Then it will really be yours.’

Suddenly, Alexis remembered what Isabella, the deputy director, had said. Of course, he knew what the deputy director meant. But the reason he came here instead of going to his room was because he didn’t want to rush things like that.

“Tell me to have a good trip and wish me well.”

“Yeah? Ah, yes. Have a good, safe trip.”

Even though she had just said it, Aselia was slightly taken aback by being asked to do it again but did as she was told. Then, however, his expression changed for the worse again.

“Not that.”


He looked at her lips and untied the magnetic necklace around her neck. Aselia, who had instantly become a woman, looked around in bewilderment and at him in panic.

“Kiss me goodbye.”

“Ah… .”

Afraid of his approach, she instinctively pushed his chest away.

“No, do it when you come back. When the mission is over.”

“… Alright.”

He didn’t feel like kissing when she was trembling with fear.

So they went back after a long walk together.


‘I like you, Kalisten.’

“Ugh… .!”

Kalisten awoke at that moment.

He looked around his room. It was spotless as if someone had cleaned it. The only mess was himself; his head was pounding from the strange dream he had just had, his heart was throbbing, and blood was rushing to his lower body, making him feel as if he would die of shame.

Kalisten closed his eyes involuntarily. Then, like an echo, the memories flickered before his eyes.

Platinum blonde hair, mysterious purple eyes, a pretty face and a transparent voice.


“Damn it.”

He opened his eyes. Every time he closed his eyes, he could feel that touch. His unscrupulous actions— of stroking and washing Aselia’s body, intoxicated with truth drugs and hallucinogens, rang in his head.

The soft warmth and sensation of their skin in his hand.

“It’s a dream.”

He said that, but he couldn’t tell if it was really his imagination.

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  1. “…A única bagunça era ele mesmo; sua cabeça latejava devido ao estranho sonho que acabara de ter, seu coração palpitava e o sangue corria para a parte inferior do corpo, fazendo-o sentir como se fosse morrer de vergonha.”
    Eitaaa…. Não podia me lamentar mais quanto a classificação indicativa…. Um pouco mais de obscenidade explícita séria muito bom…
    Obrigada pela tradução…

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