ISY – 48

“If this is successful, the status and title you’ve always wanted will be guaranteed.”

Annoyed, Alexis frowned and nodded as he stood and listened to those words in the deputy director’s office.

“Is it really impossible to be tracked down with this identity?”

“Of course. Check it out for yourself.”

Alexis had an ongoing deal with the deputy director. The exchange was that every time he succeeded at his missions, she would help create an identity he could use after getting out of the lab.

He even took on the name Alexis Rainier from the identity she had crafted. Alexis did not know his real first or last name. His memories had long since been erased as he had come to the lab when he was very young. Even if there was a vague recollection, nothing hinted at his identity.

So he decided to create a new identity. Since he was a useful person with powers even the imperial family was secretly helping him create a new identity.

“Is the imperial family assisting because they are afraid of the Duke of Magnolia?”

“That’s right.”

“They must be really afraid to plant an internal spy like this.”

Alexis laughed and crossed his arms. He was still dissatisfied. Initially, this promise should have ended half a year ago, but it kept getting delayed.

Alexis’ job was to eliminate rebels hiding near the border.

Besides, this time—

“How many days will this assignment take?”

“A month. But if you are able it won’t take more than a few weeks.”

The deputy director leaned back in her chair, handing over the papers to him. Alexis sighed in frustration.

“I’m worried about my toy.”

“Don’t worry, no one is interested in it anyway.”

“What if they die while I’m gone?”

“Wouldn’t it be more dangerous if you showed too much interest?”

She was right. Alexis was a man with many enemies. Even within the laboratory, many wanted to take revenge on him, but since they were afraid of him, they kept quiet and waited to strike.

Alexis had assisted researchers, so it was his job to kill too. Even some of the test subjects in the lab he had personally captured.

Some saw their family or significant others die while being captured.

They pretended not to remember while they sharpened their swords for revenge. Besides, it came to pass several times a year. It was because there were often times when the memories they had erased in the lab emerged again.

Rather, it would be safer for Aselia to appear as a toy he had no interest in.

“If my toy dies, I will kill you.”

“How impudent. You’re just a worm that will die without a stabilizer.”

“If you want to make good use of this worm, take good care of it. It is very precious.”

Although he spoke ambiguously, he was thinking of Aselia as he talked. He wouldn’t be at the institute for a while, but if he showed too much interest in her, it seemed like she would really become her prey.

It was hard even to say to bring her over to his room.

“Really, give it to me after this mission is over. Just like we promised.”

“Fine, isn’t it just an A ranker? What’s the problem?”

He arranged to receive Aselia after this mission. He was determined to take her to his mansion and start a family.

Alexis never thought he would want something like that. But the moment he became interested in Aselia, she was his.

“By the way, that A grade.”

The deputy warden looked at Alexis as she crossed her legs in reverse. Instinctively sensing the subtle scorn and ridicule in her eyes, Alexis frowned in contempt.

“Did it say they wanted to live with you?”

“… Yeah.”


“Yeah, it’s my toy.”

Even though he had asked her opinion from the beginning, he had no intention of heeding it. He had just asked for confirmation.

“What if that A-ranker said they didn’t like you?”

“Is that important?”

“Doesn’t it matter?”

For a moment, he thought it would matter, and it was important.

‘I-I’m Alec’s.’

He could tell from her physical reaction she had said it out of fear. Still, saying meant that she would follow any opinion.

“I don’t know.”

At his words, the deputy director laughed at him and said,

“I didn’t expect you to be so naive.”

“Think as you please.”

The deputy director checked Aselia’s rank, even re-testing her abilities, and had already concluded she was utterly useless, so she said:

“If you really want to make it yours, subdue it at night. Then it will really be yours.”

At her words, Alexis instinctually clenched his fists.

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