ISY – 47

“Why are your feet so small? Is this also an illusion?”

“My feet… no. It looks like your hands are just that big.”

As I was carried on Kalisten’s back, he held my foot, then started to stroke and squeezed them.

“I’m ticklish, so ah… .”

“Oh, sorry.”

I tried to wash him, but he touched my foot again, and I squirmed.

“Your feet are so cute.”

“I think you’re being too honest with your thoughts.”

I replied to his admission. He seemed to think so, too, because he sighed a little and stayed still.

Then I rubbed his neck, then rubbed his back. As I washed his shoulders and back, he trembled as if he was being tickled.

“Kal, let me down.”


He let me down, but I was a little afraid to go down because it was slippery.

“Sorry, I’m a little scared.”

He didn’t respond when I explained myself as I loosened my arms that had held on to his waist.

“Can I wash you now?”

His voice sounded like he was deep in a dark, wet cave. Perhaps that’s why I couldn’t avert my eyes. When I caught a glimpse of his deep red eyes, I felt strange.

“I haven’t washed you yet…”

“You don’t like it?”

“… that’s not what I mean.”

I thought I should stop this in my head, but I couldn’t figure out why my mouth allowed this. I guess because I didn’t hate the idea deep down. Yet, I was embarrassed and didn’t know if this was okay.

But for some reason, when I looked into his eyes, I didn’t want to refuse.

“I’m hallucinating right now, Aselia.”


“There was a truth-telling serum too.”

“Yeah, I know.”

I didn’t know why he was pointing that out again, but instead of asking, I affirmed him and put my head down, offering my neck for him to wash. Instead, he squeezed and lathered the soap in his hands and put them on my neck. His hands were so big that I thought my neck would break first if he strangled me.

“Your neck is really pretty, too.”

“Kal’s neck is really… thick.”

When I responded with something similar, he laughed.

“It’s strange, my hallucinations have never felt so real.”

Kalisten’s words made my heart pound. Did he know I was lying? It seemed like he knew. My fear spiked, but it also seemed like he didn’t know.

“Your shoulders are really small too.”

His palms held my shoulders, which felt strange because it was slippery and warm. Soon, his warm touch traveled down from my shoulders and down my arms, where he caressed my elbows, then down to my hands.

His hands felt hot, and his palm pressed my fingertips. His touch went up my elbows to my armpits and felt heavy.


“Ah… yes.”

I was dazed; it was when he called my name that I blinked, came to my senses, and looked at him. His expression was dim.

“I want you to look at me instead of looking elsewhere.”

“Okay, I will.”

His gaze traveled down to my collarbone. His thumb grazed it. Then, his hand, which had been groping my collarbone, slid down.

“Ah… .”

I felt him squeezing my busty flesh, but I didn’t look down. Instead, I kept looking into his eyes because Kalisten had asked me to look at him. He seemed to be applying lather, moving his hands as if possessed.

My whole body seemed to have turned into sensitive points. Every time his hand touched it, flesh had rubbed points, and it felt as if a needle had penetrated the skin and stimulated it.

It was boiling and sizzling as if his mana was passing over me.

“Oh… Kal… ”

“Is this really a hallucination?”


My waist trembled with surprise at his twisting grip as if to confirm. My body was reacting with a mind of its own, so I clung to his shoulder without realizing it.

“It’s soft.”

“Unh, i-it hurts when you squeeze them…”

He was pressing down on them with his thumbs, but when I told him, he stopped pressing them. However, the moment he released them, I could vividly feel the sensation of my skin poking out after being pushed down. His palms covered my bosom, and then he stroked them, and every time his scalding hands brushed against my sensitive flesh, I felt strange.

“Turn around.”

“Ah… yes.”

I felt my mind going blank and turning white*. [t1v: code for she’s about to cum] When I turned around like I was told, warm water was dripping down my shoulder. It was just that the water had definitely felt warm earlier, but now it felt lukewarm compared to his sizzling hands.


His hand caressing my stomach felt good. He caressed my stomach with his fingertips.

“That’s your belly button.”

“I know.”

His pinky fondled my belly button before his hand traveled up my body again. Both his hands grabbed my plump flesh and squeezed his body against mine. Startled by how strong his grip was, I grabbed his hands and felt his abs touch my waist.

My soaking wet towel tied to my lower body was pushed up, and his hard thighs touched my buttocks.

“You smell like mine, Aselia.”

“Oh, my … .”

Then one of his hands released a breast and went down, fondling my waist. The towel came undone by his hand and fell to the floor.

His hand massaging the tender skin of my thigh felt ticklish, but I gasped in surprise at something like a hard tail stabbing my ass again.

“Kal—listen… .”

“Ugh… .”

Right then—


His body slumped over.


And then he passed out.


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