ISY – 46

Even with my closed eyes, I felt that he was stiff, so I asked. It seemed that my shame had softened a little, perhaps because I thought it would be okay to insist that it was a hallucination anyway.

After creating bubbles on my scalp and hair for such a long time, he spoke after a long period.

“Now I’m going to wash it off with water, so close your eyes.”


I felt more water fall on me so it seemed that he had moved to the side again. I lowered my head, not wanting water to enter my nose. Then I could breathe more.

I could feel my hair clinging to my chest and collarbone. I thought this was enough, so I gently opened my eyes, and he was looking at me with a strange expression.

“I have to wash myself now.”

“… right.”

After he said that, he looked away for a moment.

Then he spoke like a man who had finished his troubles.

“Wash me. The wounds on my back and hands hurt.”

“Ah, yes. I guess.”

Suddenly, I felt that the wound on my neck didn’t hurt as much as I thought. However, his wound had stopped bleeding even to the naked eye, but it was still large and long, looking painful.

“If you washed my hair with these hands, it would have hurt.”

“It didn’t hurt.”


“It was hard.”

He was covering his lower body with one hand. He was obviously embarrassed.

I deliberately kept my head up so as not to look down there.

“Now turn around.”


Holding his shoulder with one hand, I stood with my back to the shower. The water flow on my back was very pleasant.



“Can’t you lower your arm?”

“Why—why?? why???”

I was so flustered that I asked the question three times with a stutter, but he replied in a small voice as if he was embarrassed.

“It’s not fair that you cover up and I don’t.”


I thought he might think so. Still, I was a little hesitant to lower my arm because I was embarrassed.

“Don’t do it if you don’t like it. I won’t force you.”

Come to think of it, even when he lost control and was out of his wits; he apologized to me every time.

“Does my opinion matter to you? I have to do whatever you ask me to do. I am an A ranker.”

Then he frowned. This time it wasn’t confusion. It was clearly an expression of displeasure.

“Why do you speak that way?”


“Your opinion matters to me. If you don’t like it, don’t accept everything like that.”

Kalisten’s displeased face faded as soon as our eyes met, and then I turned my head away, covering my face with my hands.

“I don’t like… .”

Then I looked at him again.

“I’m shy.”

Then I slowly lowered the hand that was covering my breasts. Then, of course, I lowered my head.

Out of shame, I said it without even realizing it.

“Kal I’ll wash you.”

“… uh.”

“Turn around.”

“… Huh.”

I suddenly became calmer. As he turned around, this time I tried to take the soap directly from his hand so I wouldn’t make the same mistake as before.

“Oh… .”

“What’s the matter?”

“I’m going to take the soap.”


My bust touched his back, but he seemed to react more sensitively, so heat rushed to his face. After taking the detergent from his hand, I squeezed it into my hand. Then, I applied it to his back.

“Hold this.”


I gave him the soap again and rubbed his back with the palm of my hands. His hard muscles were quite bulky when pressed. It was as hard as a stone when I vaguely touched them.

“Does it itch?”

“… no.”

It was cute how he kept flinching, so I asked unconsciously.

As I was about to rub near Kalisten’s wing bone, he said.

“Could you bend over? If I rub your back like this, my calves will hurt so much.”

I said that because I was afraid I would fall while trying to wipe his back on my tippy toes.

“Oh… !”

Kalisten seemed like a person whose actions jumped out first.

“Isn’t it better to do it while on my back?”

As he carried me by the legs, the foam on his back moved to my breasts.

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