ISY – 36

Then the strength was released from the arm that he held violently. I looked up into his eyes, thinking I was lucky, and he said softly with his softened eyes:

“Yeah, then, of course.”

“Thank you.”

“Only a week.”


Then my vision went dark. He pulled me in a hug, his bare chest touching my lips. I was somehow embarrassed.





“Do you not wear a top when you sleep?”

“I sleep wearing nothing. I wore pants because of you.”

“Ah… —ah!”

Come to think of it, my clothes were no longer my lab uniform either. Startled, I staggered and pushed him away. For some reason, he easily fell away, so when I looked down to check myself, I had no pants, only a top.

“This—this… .”

“I changed you.”

“Oh my—!”

My face burned with shame.

“There was a lot of blood on your clothes.”

“Ah… .”

“And I saw it all in the shower before.”

“Th-that … .”

I lowered my head at the words that were not comforting at all, and he continued speaking in bewilderment as if my embarrassment was contagious.

“Actually, I didn’t see it very well. I was tired.”



I looked into his eyes to see if he was lying or not.


“… uh.”

Alexis Rainier met my eyes without blinking even once. It didn’t sound like a lie. Then the tip of his nose touched my nose.

“Are you offended?”

“No… . I’m shy. It’s my first time showing my body to anyone.”

In fact, when I was a man, I showed my body in the shower with the same A grades almost every day. But it was my first time as a woman.

“I… .”

“… .”

“It’s because I’m ignorant. I didn’t know I couldn’t do that because I didn’t learn anything. Forgive me, Aselia.”

I looked at him in amazement at the words asking for forgiveness coming out of his mouth, and he sat down with a serious face. As if he was really repenting.

“I’ve been here for a long time since I was little, so I haven’t learned anything other than awakening my abilities. After waking up, I tried to learn about culture, but it didn’t work out. It’s not that I don’t know anything at all though. But I didn’t know about this.”

“… .”

“I’ve never seen a woman as pretty as you before.”

Maybe it’s because I’m his first favorite toy. To be honest, Aselia’s appearance was pretty even from my point of view.

“From now on, even if you’re wearing a coat of blood, I’ll just hand you clothes.”

“Yes… .”

“And… .”

I was nervous because I didn’t know what he was going to say.

“Touch me.”


“My heart hurts because you are angry. I think it will be okay if you touch me.”

“Ah… .”

It was probably because of the stabilizer. Because he was a psychic who had to take regular tranquilizers.

“Did you take any sedatives?”

“If you’re around I don’t have to eat it. Touch me.”

“… Alright.”

I hesitated, wondering where to touch him. Then he looked at me like a puppy waiting for my hand. He was large, he seemed to look a little intense because of his red hair that went well with his temper and body.

“Are you mad at me?”

“No, I am considering where to touch you.”

Then he continued to wait. He was an accomplished Z-rated Esper, but he didn’t seem to have any social knowledge. I suppose it made sense if you had to live with the fear of not knowing when he would be scrapped if you didn’t awaken. And even if you wake up, if the stabilizing agent is cut off, your heart will burst and you will die.

Therefore, it was unable to properly educate the subjects of painful experiments that did not know when they would be discarded.

However, he is a psychic with strong abilities, so he must have learned some things.



I stroked his cheek, and he rested his head on my hand. The temperature of his chin felt quite high in my palm. His lips touched my thumb, and as he skimmed my thumb, he bit my index finger.

“… .”

“It smells good here.”

Then my index finger went into his mouth.

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