ISY – 35

“Huh? Does Kal want me to be a woman?”

At that question, he kept his mouth shut. For some reason, I wanted to see his eyes, so I looked at them, but then I closed them.

“I don’t like you either way. So sleep.”

“I see. I like Kal whether he’s a woman or man. I just like everything about Kal.”

Trying to brainwash him and he didn’t respond as if he was bored.



“Are you saying you’d like me if I really became a woman?”

“Yes. Would you dislike me if I become a woman?”


He finally opened his eyes, and while he spoke, his eyes changed.

“If I became a woman what would you think?”

“… lie down to go to sleep.”


I was trying to figure out if he remembered what I was like when I was a woman. But he wasn’t easy.

“I think long hair would suit you.”


“Go to sleep.”

“All right.”

He said that and really closed his eyes tightly. So I laughed out loud and pulled him closer and laid down.


I remember lying on the floor using Kalisten’s arm as a pillow when I closed my eyes, but when I opened my eyes, I was on a soft bed. Other than that everything was the same including the thick arms around me and my lips touching the chest.

As if someone hugged me in their sleep.

I couldn’t move my body at all. There was no bed in Kalisten’s room, but I was clearly on a bed. The hard chest pressed against my mouth is naked, bare skin.

I twisted my head to get a better look and instead my scalp was pulling; the arm was on my hair.

No way.

“Ugh… .”

As I tried to push him away, he started to hold me tighter like a fly in a spider’s web. I felt like I was suffocating, and I was startled. However, I noticed the familiar scent somewhere, so even though I was scared, I couldn’t resist much.

Because if I really resisted, he might change his mind and say he would kill me.


“… yes.”

His voice was locked up. As if he hadn’t woken up yet.

While I moved my body, I realized my hand was throbbing with pain. It stopped bleeding when I was with Kalisten yesterday, and then it didn’t ache so much. But now it hurts so much that it’s pulsing with pangs.

“Why are you crying?”

“What? Ah… .”

As I focused on the pain in my hand, I must have cried without realizing it. I released my hold on it, and Alexis stared at me.

“M-my hand hurts.”

Where did the necklace go? Alexis seemed to know that I had to take off my necklace to become a woman.

With his body enhancing abilities he could have used his powers to detect all the sounds I was making when I transformed.

I searched around the room to find the necklace, and found it on the table next to the bed. I was relieved to see it, but he blankly grabbed my hand and asked:

“Why does your hand hurt?”

“I was cut with a scalpel last time.”

“I see.”

A sudden fear arose from his staring, and my heart raced.

“There is blood on your lips. Why is it there?”

“Blood—Uh, I was bleeding and I was trying to stop the bleeding.”

Then he wiped my lips with his big thumb. His hand pressed against my lips and pressed against the teeth inside. Then it fell, and, to my shame, a cord of saliva stretched out and then broke.

“Ah… .”

“I think you have a fever.”

“… yes.”


“What happened to your cheek?”

“I fell,”

he said that and put me back on the bed.

I was worried about Kalisten and what had happened to him and wanted to ask more, but I was sure he’d hate me prying.

“H-how did I get here?”

“When I came back from the mission, you were with a certain bastard, so I brought you.”

“… .”

“I’ll tell the deputy chief. So you will never see him again.”

“ah… .”

Then I will surely die. In eight days time, Kalisten will run rampant, and I, who has not yet become close friends with him, will surely die if he has a runaway then.


“Don’t use ‘nim’ with me.” [t1v: nim is like “mister” it denotes respect and distance. Aselia has been using nim with him until now.]



His eyes looked sharp. I was afraid because he looked angry. I didn’t know why.

“The deputy chief said that if Kalisten awakens, she would pardon me.”


“It’s duty will end in 8 days… ”


“So, just one week… .”

I closed my eyes tightly because I was afraid to see his face. It felt like he was touching my hair, it tickled and I couldn’t open my eyes because of fear.

“Give me a good reason.”

“I… I mean… .”

I opened my eyes to him playing with my hair. Alexis stabbed me in the face with the tip of my long hair, it was itchy.

“I’m listening.”

“I’m going to be living with Alec… ?”

Then his hand stopped.

“I-it’s good to escape… However, if I get a pardon and go out, I can go out later… We could go for a walk together and not be afraid… I was thinking something like that.”

That was all I could think of. Kalisten will explode soon and you will die soon, so please let me go. I wanted to say this, but I couldn’t. If I go against his heart, it will be me who will die right now.

“You were thinking about that?”

“… yes.”

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  1. Goddammit I don’t see a reverse harem tag. So I have to look at Alec getting his heart broken? :’)

  2. I’m surprised Alec hasn’t tried to kiss her yet. Unlike Kal he knows she is truly a woman and… He did see her naked woman form in the bathroom. Man might be possessive but he has restraint

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