ISY – 34

“This was there even before I met you.”

I smiled because he didn’t believe it. In fact, it probably was from Kalisten, but I didn’t want to tell him in case he put more distance between us.

“You know, Kal.”

“… .”

“Can’t you just lie down with me instead of tending to my hand?”

“… why?”

“Because I’m sleepy.”

Kalisten grabbed my tightly wrapped hand and forced me to lie down. However, it was of course impossible to defeat him with my own strength. But I wanted to be nice to him. If he has a runaway I hope it’s without killing anyone.

Maybe it’s possible if I could really act as a sedative.


“What—what are you doing!”

I gave him a big hug and made him lie down. Then, he pushed my head away that was suddenly close enough to touch. I am barely able to exert myself.

“Come on, Kalisten.”

He let out a small sigh and laid his back on the blanket. So I laid down next to him with my hand still wrapped in a damp cloth. He turned and I could only see his back.

“Yesterday… .”


“Did you get hurt yesterday, too?”

“No. I slept well yesterday,”

I said while tossing and turning as if uncomfortable.

“Want me to give you an arm pillow?”

The reason he asked me to touch him yesterday was obviously because he felt better when we were in contact. Then it would be better to have regular contact with him so that he can find stability.


Surprisingly, he readily agreed. Perhaps he is also vaguely aware of it.

So I tried to stretch out my arm, and he tucked mine under me.

“I thought I said I’d do it for you?”

“You’ll do well with that arm.”

Although Kalisten spoke sarcastically, I saw he was worried. His firm arm rested under my neck. There were no pillows, but I was quite comfortable. Then I looked at his neck and my eyes traveled up to his face.

Our eyes met, and I saw my reflection in his bright red and beautiful eyes. Kalisten looked confused. The body temperature was not as high as before, but now it was warm.



“It’s nice to be with you because I’m warm.”

While maintaining eye contact, I smiled. He had a strange expression.

“I know you are a good person.”

“No, I am not.”

“That’s why I really like you.”

He probably was still high from the drugs. Otherwise, he would not have been able to make such a gentle expression. I searched his eyes to see if he was going to sleep, but he was staring at me.

Out of habit I smiled and kept looking into those eyes.

“You are so weird.”


“When I’m with you… I don’t think you need any power.”

“Did you want power?”


Neither his past nor his reason for acting like a madman were properly explained in the novel. It was all about destroying the lab that ended up being devastated and ravaged, killing everyone, and then committing suicide.

And then, it was about Felix who took Kalisten’s corpse and studied his powers.

The main thing I read was the first part, so I don’t know how it ends or what happens after that. I think someone commented that there were side stories and epilogues.

But I wasn’t sure and never read it.

Maybe in the side story he survived the lab and worked under Felix.

Because he was a psychic who couldn’t live without a stabilizer.

But regardless, now the present was the only thing that mattered to me. Because I only have 9 days left of my life.

“Why do you want power?”

“… I wanted to kill my father.”

According to what he said, Kalisten’s father was the emperor of this empire. I doubt he lied to me, what benefit would he gain? Rather, everyone would have rejected him.

What you said to me is most likely true.

“It must have been hard on you to have that kind of heart.”

“… .”

“I hate it when you’re having a hard time.”

If he let his enmity go down a little, he might find it difficult to kill.

If, frankly, the emperor was my father and the empress put me here to undergo such rigorous, painful experiments.

I would despise them to death.

“Why do you keep worrying about me?”

“I told you, I like you.”

Now, as usual, I said that I liked him and laughed. If a person’s survival is at stake, there’s nothing one can’t do.



“Are you really a man?”

I could understand why he was asking such a question. It’s probably  because of yesterday.

“Does Kal want me to be a woman?”

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