ISY – 32

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When I saw Felix not long ago, he didn’t seem that crazy. Even though he was suspicious of me, he didn’t seem to be convinced.

“That crazy bastard. He said he was going crazy with the desire to kill his sister.”

“Ah… . ”

How ludicrously and improbably unfair this all was. Not only did I die of overwork in my last life, but here it felt like dead flags were threatening to run through me everywhere I went.

Already three of them.

I thought the most dangerous of them was Kalisten, but it was actually Felix.

“Why— why does he want to kill me… .?”

“He thinks if he kills you, he will become stronger.”


“I feel that way too. When I’m with you I feel better, my strength is stable. But my instinct tells me if I kill you, I will become several times stronger.”

He probably would not lie to me. He wouldn’t lie to win my favor; on the contrary, he was showing off and acting as if it wasn’t necessary to lie for a toy.

“Do you want to kill me too, Alexis?”


“I see… .”

I was devastated. With this truth, I felt like a wall was blocking my path to life.

“But I’m not going to kill you.”

“… Why?”

“I think I will regret it if I kill you.”

“… .”

“I like it when you touch me. It’s even better when you look at me and smile. That’s why you’re too good to kill.”

If his eyes didn’t appear utterly insane, maybe I would have believed him.

But instead of coming off as credible he was laughing like a complete lunatic.

“I, I… .”


“I’ll trust Alexis.”


He was like a madman without any impurities.

Of a very transparent concentration.


Maybe it was the deputy director’s order, but I really was excluded from all the chores.

All I had to do was bring him breakfast, lunch and dinner, and watch over him until he fell asleep.

And intermittently I assisted in Alexis Rainier’s personal training. That was it.

No more chores, such as cleaning the lab, washing the dishes, or carrying paper. Maybe that’s why I didn’t run into Felix Magnolia.

After hearing from Alexis Rainier why he was looking for me, I wasn’t confident I could face Felix.

Why do you want to kill me when you see me?

‘They smell as good as you.’

Is it my blood?

Come to think of it, Kalisten also said that my blood smelled good.

“Are you dazing off?”

“No, sir.”

It seems that the gray haired researcher in Building A has not changed. He was taking me to Building Z where Kalisten was.

It was midnight now, so there was a high probability that Kalisten could not fall asleep again.

“Remember, the deputy chief is watching you.”

“Thank you.”

“I heard that crazy guy sleeps well with you.”

“You’re too kind.”

“How do you put him to sleep? Do you hit him and knock him out?”

At his sincere curiosity I was speechless. How can I say that I hug him until he falls asleep?

“I don’t know. Maybe it’s reassuring to know someone he is comfortable with and can’t hurt him is nearby?”

“That seems plausible.”

The researcher scanned my face and body and remarked,

“You do really look like you can’t fight at all.”

“… thank you.”

I felt somewhat insulted, but it was also undeniably true.

Neither the male nor female form looked strong. I would lose against a fight with the deputy director’s pet dog. It’s not because the deputy director’s dog is a Rottweiler, it’s just because this body itself is inadequately nourished and too thin.

Besides, the wounds do not heal well.

Vitamins are provided, but once blood is shed, it doesn’t seem to stop running. Even if you press a little on the site of a healing wound, blood quickly comes out.

Even if I couldn’t sleep in my previous life, my body wasn’t this bad.

“Me, as well.”

“… .”

“I’m from Grade A, too.”


“Then, after dividing magic with Z-class, my rank went up, so I’m now working as a researcher.”

“Ah… .”

“Don’t push yourself too hard.”

“Thank you.”

I must have seemed nervous enough to receive his reassurance.

“Mr. Researcher.”


“What is your name?”


“Researcher Ivan.”


“Thank you.”

It was clear that he was worried about me. He is currently the general manager of Building A. Then there’s no harm in looking good to him.

We were so busy talking that before we knew it we arrived.

– beep

“Then do your best.”

– beep

The door was closed behind my back.

In front of me, I could see Kalisten, who was panting for breath, lying on the ground like a beast.


His condition was worse than yesterday. His magical energy was firing off all over the place as if he was going to explode and go berserk at any moment.

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