ISY – 31

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Ducal heir, Felix Magnolia. Now he pretends to be an A-class to hide his identity, but when he first showed his abilities to this lab and started being tested, he was known as number Z-987.

‘Actually, I came here looking for someone.’

‘A person I want to kill.’

‘The person I’m looking for has platinum hair and a face. Like yours.’

“Is it true that the illegitimate son of the Duke of Magnolia is here?”


Come to think of it, it was said that the illegitimate child of the Duke of Magnolia was here. He was also rumored to be an A grade. However, this is a place with only male psychics.

“But I… .”

“Yes, you are a woman.”

My body cringed and shuddered as the hand stroking my cheek tickled. He seemed to find my frightened reactions funny. He chuckled with the sound of his breath, and his crazy eyes looked innocently delighted.

“Everyone seems to think that the illegitimate child is a man.”

“Ah… .”

“But what I found out while working with the deputy director was that the madman was infiltrating here and that the illegitimate child he was looking for was a woman.”

Alexis’ lips brushed against the hand that had tickled my cheek. I gasped and lowered my head. Maybe he found that fun too, so he pulled out his finger and laughed.

“There are people with body transformation abilities, but I checked them all. Looks like he checked them out too. But I don’t think he’s found who he is looking for.”

“… .”

“So I think it’s you.”

Alexis didn’t seem to be asking me. Rather, he spoke confidently.

“Am I right?”

“… I don’t know.”

“Are you saying that because you don’t trust me?”

“No… .”

Out of trepidation, I couldn’t meet his eyes because he seemed to growl like a wild beast. Predators rush in when its prey shows its back. So I tried to lift my glaze but I was already too afraid to do so. I didn’t have the energy to will myself into holding the tinking time bomb.

He grabbed my chin but I still lowered my gaze as far as possible so I would not have to bear his burrowing glaze. Then he stayed still. As if waiting for me to look at him.

“You better go with me.”

“… .”

“You know why that madman is looking for you.”

Unfortunately, I have no memory of before possessing this body. In addition, in the trash novel <And Everyone Was Silent> that I read, I skimmed through the parts about Aselia’s past without reading it properly. What I was captivated by was the tension in the silence between Kalisten and Aselia, and ​​how this novel would end.


“… .”

“Truthfully, I don’t remember anything after I came here.”

Lies won’t work on him anyway. Then I’d be better off not lying. If you tell a clumsy falsehood to a sharp person, it will be taken as an insult.

Besides, my goal is to survive.



“Hmm… .”

He said as he pressed his thumb firmly down against my chin that he was still holding.

“Look at me.”

I slowly looked at his face as he told me to. Then, my body trembled as I stared at him as if to confirm the truth. It’s like being a snake about to be eaten.

“Promise to come with me. Then I’ll tell you everything I know.”

My death may very well be less than 10 days away.

But he says he will get me out of here. Maybe he’s more dangerous than Kalisten, but it wouldn’t hurt to listen to Alexis Rainier to increase my chances of survival.



He was beaming as if he felt full with the satisfaction of my words.

“I said I knew there was an illegitimate child of the Magnolia family.”


“It was only after the illegitimate child disappeared that rumors began to emerge that the illegitimate child was a man. No one knows for certain if he’s really a man or woman. Most of the servants who were there at that time either died or came here to be tested and then be discarded.”

“Ah… .”

“Then the Young Duke of Magnolia went on an expedition to another country. Our personnel monitoring him was murdered. I tracked him down and found out that the madman had conspired with his father and infiltrated this place.”

I thought he was more competent than I assumed. He seemed to be quite capable rather than the madness he showed me.

“As you know, most of the test subjects here are sold as slaves h. And in this lab, all the subjects are male.”

“… .”

“So at first I thought the illegitimate child was a man. But if he was really a man, the duke would have already found him. I found out when the deputy chief gave him tea with a truth serum. That the illegitimate child is a woman.”

“Why is he looking for the Duke’s illegitimate child?”

“That illegitimate child made Felix Magnolia go insane.”

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