ISY – 23

“Kal—Kalisten is where?”


Alexis Rainier was pointing to another closet in this room.

Because he was smiling and looked like he was joking with me.

So I knew.

He was lying to me now, and I was being played by his pranks again.

“Hey, can I wear this?”


So I changed the topic of conversation.

Alexis was handing the dress to me and I played along as if I really wanted to wear the white evening dress he brought.

“Oh, and….”

He went back to the closet, took out shoes, a negligee, and even a corset and handed it to me.

“Did you take all this?”

“Of course. I asked her to take off everything she was wearing that day.”

“Oh my gosh… .”

I knew the deputy superintendent was quite fond of Alexis, but I didn’t expect such rudeness. Well, he was the most popular Esper in this lab right now.

“Are you going to wear it for me?”

“… yes.”

I sighed when I answered him, but I smiled and turned around.

I slowly took off my examination suit. I also took off my pants, but my exposed skin got goosebumps because the air in the room was a little chilly.

I put on the negligee and pulled the string to try and tighten the corset over it.

“Ugh… .”

I couldn’t possibly wear a corset by myself. Because all I know about corsets is what I’ve seen in dramas and books.

Grumbling, huffing and whimpering as I moved, my waist did not tighten, and the straps kept slipping out of my hands.

“Why are you making strange noises?”

“This, this.”

He slowly turned his head and opened his eyes wide.


“I think if you pull it hard you can tie it if there is no gap.”

“Pull the string?”


“If I pull, I will break your waist.”

“Haa, don’t use your strength… Please pull it slowly—gently!”

If he dresses me in a corset like everyone else, it wouldn’t just break my back. I would die a very horrible and painful death.

“How gently?”

“Imagine you are holding soft tofu.”

“….So no force?”

“… yes.”

When I answered honestly, he laughed out loud again and I wondered what was so funny.

I was too preoccupied with feeling like the negligee was see through, so I was embarrassed.

He came over and grabbed the two straps of the corset. Then it really started to pull and tighten.

I was suffocating and when I couldn’t breath, he let go of the string so it was getting easier to breathe again.

“That… you can’t keep tightening it.”

“You are making strange noises.”

I glanced around, and the head he had tucked behind me was now directly facing mine. He let go of the straps for a moment and flicked his hair again. When our eyes met, he smiled. So I hurriedly looked ahead. It was getting harder to breathe, maybe because he pulled the string again.

“Do you have to do this?”

“If I don’t do this, I won’t be able to wear that dress.”

“I see.”

After saying that, he began to tighten the string more slowly than before. It was still hard to breathe, but thanks to his efforts, it was getting better.

“Do you wash every day?”

“… Why are you asking?”

“You smell good. It smells like blood, it smells sweet.”

Suddenly, I was concerned about the wound on my hand that had been opened because of Felix. The wound he pried open.

“Ugh… .”

He was pulling and tying my corset, and his breath tickled the nape of my neck.

“Are you always this sensitive?”

“… no.”

“Is this only for me?”

“… no.”

Then he fell back. Fortunately.

He took a step back and handed me the dress. I had to be careful not to let out a sigh of resignation as he looked at me with shining eyes with anticipation.



“You can’t put this dress on alone.”

“Ah… ”

Alexis was right. This dress had a back lined with a lot of buttons.

So, I stood there, expecting him to help me but instead he stared at me so much that I felt strange. Even though it was nothing more unusual then him helping me wearing a negligee and a corset.

“I… ”




“Yes, Alec.”


He turned to me when I called him. It wasn’t that he was doing this because he was ignorant, it was obvious that he was doing this because he didn’t need to be tactful.

I put my feet through the white evening dress, grabbed where my arms were and raised it up. And then I wore it alone as much as possible. But as much as I tried to clasp the buttons on the back it didn’t work.

“I’ll help you now.”


He said that and really turned around. Then he came over behind my back and started buttoning. I thought my hair would be annoying, so I held it tight and out of the way. Every time his fingers rubbed his back, it tickled and my body shuddered.

“Like a frightened rabbit.”

“Ah… .”

In laboratories, rabbits are often used for experiments and then thrown away. So, his words are the same as saying that he will kill me if I end up not doing my best someday.

“I won’t eat you.”

“… right.”

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  1. I dont know….. is he obsessed with her now?

    I just hope kalistem wont try to distance for her after the incident. Actually it would be even better that he try harder after he sees she is with alexis

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