ISY – 22

Alexis Rainier pointed to his cravat. So, without realizing it, I approached him and tip-toed towards him. Because of the big difference in height, he felt very tall. Still, thanks to Kalisten, who was taller than Alexis, I seem to have gotten used to people being big.

While pointing at the cravat, I squinted, trying to focus on only his fingertips through my mostly closed eyes so as not to see the chest visible through the gaps in his clothes.

“Can you even see with your eyes like that?”

“Oh, nothing… I can’t see.”

“Then how are you going to put it on?”

“Ah…Well… .”

So I had to pluck up the courage to open my eyes. Then Alexis gave me his cravat. He finally pulled himself together and put on his coat.

“I’m all dressed up.”

He seemed to look different when he wore a clean uniform. He said as he swept up his hair:

“When I go out, I do my hair like this.”

His head came down again, he sprayed his hands with water from a nearby water basin, rubbed them with both hands, and flipped his head back.

Somehow, although it was awkward he still looked dandy and exuded a deep handsome impression that stood out.

“Like this.”

“Uh, mm— very dashing.”


Because of fear, a commercial smile popped out. Whenever I was afraid I smiled obsessively after entering this waste novel, and these days it seemed it came out easily and frequently.


“Yes, really.”

He smiled at my compliment. It made me wonder if it made him feel better.

“Now it’s your turn.”

“Ah… Yes. Please turn around for a moment.”


Alexis obediently turned around. So, just as I was about to remove my necklace, I looked around the room again. I didn’t feel a sense of ominousness, but when I made sure that there was no other sign, I loosened my necklace and put it in my pocket.


He strode over, pulled my hand, and took me to the bed. Then I sat there, and he sat behind me.

“What happened to Kalisten?”

“You passed out from the magic.”


My body trembled with the sound of springs bouncing as Alexis got off on the bed for a moment.

“Then that madman broke the wall where me and the deputy director were.”

“What? But Kalisten hasn’t awakened—”

“Even if he hasn’t awakened, he can easily break a wall with that amount of mana.”

Evidently, he had found a comb, brought what was on the shelf and sat down on the bed behind me with a squeaky noise. Then, he started to comb my hair.

“He must have been very upset because you fainted.”

“Ah… .”

“So I knocked him out, and the deputy chief went home in anger. You almost got discarded, but I told them you were my toy so I was able to take you out.”

“Toy… .”

“You’re thankful, aren’t you?”


Anyway, I was alive thanks to him, so I was grateful.

“The other researchers will be nice to you in the future.”

“… .”

“I said it was my toy, so no one will slap you in the face.”

“Th—thank you.”

I am pretty sure I met Alexis after the brown-haired researcher died, so how the hell did he know that?

“Excuse me, Alexis.”


“Mr. Alex.”


My body shuddered with a tickle as he held my hair together and combed the back of my neck. Then he let go of the hair he was holding. Strange platinum hair ran down my shoulders. I still wasn’t used to it.

“When did you first meet me, Alex?”

“When you first took the stimulant and asked me to save you.”

“Ah… .”

Come to think of it, when I first possessed this body, I got sick from the awakening inducer. Most subjects become hazy when injected with it. But instead, I was in a lot of pain, maybe because it didn’t seem to work on me. It hurt like death and it was killing me so I grabbed the hem of a researcher’s robe and begged for him to save my life.

“But… .”

“Because I tend to help with research.”

“Ah… .”

As a Z-class, he didn’t need to help the lab. There’s more assignments outside.

If that’s the case, then he really likes doing interior work. I know he’s unusual, but he seems to be a real freak.

“Oh, come to think of it.”

“… .”

“You wear this, too.”

He jumped up and walked to the closet. Then he rummaged through it and pulled something out.

“Ah… .”

“Isn’t it pretty?”

What he pulled out was a stunning white evening dress.

“Where did this come from?”

“The deputy chief wore it, so I stole it.”


“I took it because I thought it would look pretty on you.”

I was surprised by Alexis’s unpredictable remarks and hurriedly changed the topic.

“Kal— where is Kalisten?”


He pointed to another closet in his room.

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