ISY – 20

Maybe I said the wrong thing because he sighed and sat me down on the chair. It was a hard wooden chair, but I felt fortunate to have something to relax on.

“Let me address you by a nickname.”

“… .”

“Hmm? Kal.”

“If you finish this well.”


He was preparing to transfer magic into my back.

In theory, he gives me magic first, and then I exchange mana with him afterwards.

As I read the book, I knew very well why this is helpful for awakening. The magical powers of others have different properties, so it mixes and stimulates the flow of mana in the body.

In the morning he had been given a stimulant. Then its effects last until tomorrow morning.

Maybe if I did well right now, he could awaken.

That’s why I had no intention of doing it properly.

“I’ll start.”


When he awakens, he will detonate the entire lab and set everything on fire. Everyone dies, including me. Even Alexis Rainier, will rush at him like a moth towards a flame and will end up consumed.

That’s why Kalisten is dangerous.

He’s more frightening when he can’t control his powers than when he can handle them.

He could cause everything in his sight to explode.



“You should sit up straight.”

“Ah, yes!”

I was so nervous that without realizing I was hunched over and leaned forward. When I glanced back at him, I could see him smiling faintly.

“You know, Kal.”

“Eyes forward.”

“I really like you.”

“Eyes forward.”


He simply ignored my confession and put his hand on my back as I turned and looked ahead. However, no magical energy was flowing. After he put his hand on my back, he opened his mouth first:

“Number A-702.”

I deliberately didn’t answer. Because I wanted him to address me by name.

“Number A-702.”

“… .”


“… .”


Then he sighed and acqusied,



When I looked back at him with a delighted smile, his ears had turned red.

“If I send you magic, won’t it hurt you?”


“… I have more mana than you, so I’m asking if you’ll experience any side effects.”

For a moment, I was speechless and didn’t know how to answer his unexpected question.

It was clear that he had been completely isolated—with no acquaintance or interaction with anyone of any class—just as the institute would have wanted. Seeing as he didn’t even have the basic common knowledge about the fundamentals of mana I picked up on my first day here.



“How did Kalisten get here?”

His neck that had been dyed red before, now returned to its original hue.

“I don’t know.”

“Can’t you tell me?”

“… What would change if I did?”

If you tell me and get attached to me, won’t you spare me even if you destroy the lab?

No, even if he destroyed the lab, wouldn’t the other subjects be safe as well?

Strangely, it was after killing Aselia, he could not overcome his emptiness and committed suicide.

Did he feel empty and depressed if he didn’t see me smiling?

They didn’t even have a proper conversation.

The original Aselia couldn’t even talk to him, choking out of fear every time she had to serve him food. She was so afraid she could not even look at him. Rather it was Kalisten who kept staring at Aselia. Watching her actions, her gaze and even the smallest expressions.

Like a predator watching its prey.

“I would like to know anything and everything about the person I like.”

“… ”

“I really like you. So I want to stay with you, I don’t want you to think about bad things, and I want you to get along with other people as well as you do with me.”

When I said that, his eyes searched the floor as if he was worried, and then he wetted his mouth.

And then he spoke:

“Will you grant me a wish if I tell you?”

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