ISY – 2

It sucked that I wasn’t paid but I also thought it was fortunate that I wasn’t a person with the abilities that could awaken into a talented Psychic.

Espers are super talented. So they could use powers that transcend humans.

But behind the scenes, it had to live with terrible side effects. They could not escape this demonic laboratory for the rest of their lives.

They relied on the stabilizers provided by the lab.

Without it, the Esper’s abilities run wild and their hearts explode from their overwhelming powers.

That’s why Espers couldn’t leave the lab until death. If higher abilities manifested, they had to take charge of the dirty work for the imperial family. And if the abilities did not manifest or were vaguely expressed, upon awakening they would die.

So it was even better to do chores as I was classified as hopeless from the onset.

Because people needed a ‘stimulus’ to awaken Psychics.

– Beep!

At 9 o’clock, the doors opened all at once. It was time for personnel on the same floor to work.

Since the travel time was set, I quickly put on my shoes and moved to the place I had to go.

The place I went to was where I received the meal for the Esper I needed to take care of.

I looked around and saw people with the same clothes as me. No eye contact, no vitality. Even when their eyes met briefly, they were hollow.

I lowered my gaze to my toes and stood in line to receive my food.

This was the saddest part.


“A-702 recieved designated food.”


“A-508 recieved designated food.”

“Next… .”

You would have thought it would be a given that we eat before we deliver meals to the Espers, but you’re wrong. My class is the lowest.

So, we had to share among ourselves what the experiment subjects who were most likely to manifest as Psychic ate ​​and left behind.

At first it was outrageous and humiliating.

However, when I realized this world was in a novel I knew, it felt like food didn’t even matter.

I looked at the food on the plate. In fact, I didn’t envy Espers. It is only food eaten for survival, with almost no taste, and most of the nutrients were provided through pills.

Today it was cold porridge, sweet potato salad, stiff bread and dried out bacon.

I looked at it indifferently, remembered that it had to be delivered on time, and went upstairs.

My Psychic is Z-999.

I am A, he is Z.

The lower the alphabet, the greater the size of the ability to be manifested. The number behind it is a measure of the amount of power that will appear upon awakening.

Even if one was a Psychic, it was important what kind of ability he had. The higher the number attached to the back was like a confirmation that a useful ability would or was already manifested.

I hurried and stood in front of the door. Other Class As stood in a line on both sides waiting for the door to open, holding trays.

– Beep!

Eventually, the doors opened in unison, and we all walked into our Esper’s room.


He is the person who will awaken with the power of fire destroy this laboratory without leaving a trace.

It was Kalisten Eldras.


First I had to pull out my dead flag.

He kills me because I didn’t smile.

Then shouldn’t I show him my smile until he gets sick of it?

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  1. I love how we didn’t even meet the guy yet and we already saying he would kill her for smiling ☠️

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