ISY – 15

“I just like you, Kalisten. You as a person.”

Then he looked back at me. With an expression I had never seen before.



“Don’t even think about watching me wash.”

“Ah… Ha, ye … .”

I chortled involuntarily since it seemed like a joke that demanded my laughter. Then, his expression noticeably darkened. Maybe it wasn’t a jest.

The shower room was open 24 hours and was nearby, so we got there fast.

As soon as I stepped into the shower, the entire shower room was lit. Kalisten walked through casually as if he wasn’t seriously injured and this was just his daily routine.



“Sit right here.”

“Huh? But you’re wounded… .”

He stared at me quietly. Of course, I didn’t really mean to help him wash up. [t1v:surrrree] It would have put me in a quagmire. I was just asking out of courtesy.

“So, should I stay here?”

“Uh huh.”

There was a circular stone in the middle of the shower room where I sat and started arranging my bag.

When I sat there, he began to take off his clothes. I thought I should give him privacy so I looked down and shielded my vision with my hands.

Then, strangely, I heard the sound of air being blown out—was he scoffing or laughing at me? He was the one stripping but I was the one that couldn’t raise my head because my ears were on fire.

“How do you usually wash up?”

he asked teasingly. Well, I barely open my eyes, my vision is blurry so while I walk in and out I can barely see anything. To be honest, I kept my head down, repulsed by the sight of strange men nude bodies and averted my gaze. Sometimes when I did glimpse something I saw horrifically large wounds. It was terrifying. It was a reminder of this dreadful place.

He took off his shirt and handed it over, vaguely entering the corner of my lowered vision. I got up and reached out, accidentally brushing against his arm. Then I unhurriedly half-opened my eyes and accepted it properly.

Between my barely open eyelids Kalisten’s absolutely perfect body, came into my blurry view.

The pectoralis major and pectoralis minor muscles [t1v: he’s got pects/a solid chest] were hard and perfectly divided, and there were also nice abs in the stomach. He had an athlete-like body, low in body fat, while not eating properly.

Even if he was an unawakened Z-rank, his physical condition was already extraordinary, so after awakening as an Esper his physical abilities would only be heightened.

It was difficult to take in anymore than a brief glimpse so I bowed my head even more.

“That guy from before.”




“Is he really an A-grade?”


Kalisten drew so close, my nose almost hit his chest forcing my chin to raise. His lowered chin was just above my nose—so close. He continued,

“There is no way that an A-class could have such a large amount of magical powers.”

“What… ?”

“Be careful. There are some researchers who go undercover.”

Come to think of it, it was a common tactic to sow discord and destroy bonds and trust between the upper classes. Unfortunately, not all researchers were clumsy. Among the researchers, some had been high ranking Espers that had taken on outside missions in the past, they became researchers in order to avoid injury or disposal.

Such people were used to foster estrangement among the higher ranks.

Even if it’s a different class, getting to know anyone related to the Z-Class Espers was related to the longevity of the research laboratory.


When I addressed him, he turned. His back stiffened. His shoulder rose up slightly boasting his immaculate deltoid—flexing and hardened for a moment as he turned and looked at me.


“Thank you for your concern.”

Hearing that, he frowned, turned away and entered the shower cubicle.

He turned on the water. The sound of water falling to the floor was loud.

I had to pack a towel and a new lab uniform. Clean lab clothes were supplied in different sizes in the cabinet next to the shower room.

I checked their sizes against Kalisten’s clothes in my hand.

“It’s the biggest one… .”

Once again, I realized how different his body size was.

He was really big as a bear.

He took out an outfit his size, grabbed a towel, and went back to where I was sitting before.

Suddenly, the sound of the water stopped, and he was walking out casually.

His black hair was wet with water. Her bright red eyes were as bright as jewels. Without realizing it, my eyes were drawn to it.



I had to hand over a towel, but instead I had sat curled up with my eyes tightly closed in horror.

Even though I had quickly closed my eyes, but the image of his figure was already clearly visible and incessant inside my eyelids.



“Huh? Uh??? Wha—uhnnnggghhh????”


He spoke dryly but I couldn’t calm myself down at all. On the contrary, the fact that he had approached me while I was still squatting in shock and anguish made me feel like I was going to die.


“Ah… .”

My eyes still tightly closed, I held out a towel.

An odd sound, laughing or breathing strangely?— He took his clothes I had with a soft hand.

I could hear the rustling of the fabric.

I was so nervous that my hands were sweating.


“Uh… .”

“Open your eyes.”

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