ISY – 1

One of the brightest jewels in the mud.

That was the passage from my favorite book, and the person I wanted to be.

But somehow, I took possession of the book I hated the most, not the book I liked the most.

The name of the book I possessed was a devastating trash-bin waste 19-gold BL novel titled “And Everyone Was Silent.”

It would have been nice if I had possessed something like an extra or a researcher who would pass quietly but I am too unlucky. If I had possessed myself as a researcher, I would not have come back after taking an access card on the first day of possession.

But what I possessed is a sickly weak beast who dies while being mistreated.

And I heard I was a “su*.” [*bottom]

“You’re a woman….?”

For some reason, when I took the silvery-white crystal necklace I was wearing off, I returned to being a woman. If you wear it, you’re a man, if you don’t, you’re a woman.

Since I was originally a woman, I felt fortunate.

The problem is….

The problem was that this was a lab and research insitute that only housed male psychics.

I looked at myself in the mirror. Short platinum hair, pitiful eyes, and a pale yellow complexion, that seemed to advertise I was sickly and weak.

The Arsene Institute where I am located was an open secret, a hidden facility near the capital of the Empire of Vestia. In this novel, there are people with superpowers called Espers, who were born through experiments.

I didn’t know why or how Espers were born, but they only came out through this lab.

Since they were slaves that had been sold to Arsene Labs from infancy I wasn’t sure if they had no feelings because of how they were raised or inherently or because they had awakened into Psychics.

If you awakened to Psychic here, you could go outside. But no one believed the nonsensical hope, ‘If you go out and pledge your allegiance to the imperial family you can live like a human being.’

I knew the end of this terrible novel.

So, as soon as possible, I had to awaken Kalisten, the insane murderer of this “And Everyone Silenced” and find a way to live before he went berserk.

Kalisten was another protagonist of the novel.

After destroying the Arsene Research Center, he drags Aselia, the weakling, with him. Kalisten who directly kills Aselia in the lab full of corpses. Unlike other test subjects, he does it directly, personally— himself.

Why you ask?

He just wanted to.

Aselia was the one who brought him food.

And it was irritating that he never smiled at him.

‘Smile. Then I won’t kill you.’

Aselia suffered so much, he couldn’t bring himself to grin and begged Kalisten for his life.

And Kalisten, who did not like him, eventually executed him.

Then, like a madman, feeling a great loss that Aselia died, he committed suicide.

Yup, I’ve been sucked into a book without hopes and dreams.

– Beep

I hurriedly put down my clothes at the sound of the door opening and stood right there.

“Experiment Subject A-702.”

“Awake A-702.”

The researchers who came to check my condition were writing something familiar.

“What about medicine?”

“Took it yesterday. Sleep time is the same as before.”

A researcher standing behind the middle manager checking my status, drily reporting. I always go throughthis in the morning. Because I was one of the test subjects.

However, unlike other Esper candidates, I was of a disposable grade.

After the inspection was done, there were more tasks.

“Go to the next room.”


The door closed again with a ‘beep’ sound.

Finally I was completely alone. The tension that I couldn’t adapt to ran down and my legs eventually loosened.

Fortunately, it was a laboratory that produced psychics, so all of them were in solitary confinement.

It was a precaution so they couldn’t get close and start a rebellion.

After imprisoning the higher level Espers in solitary confinement, people like me who lacked abilities were used as slave labor to manage them and feed them.

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