IBMV – 9.2


I turned back with a stiff look, and she smiled, narrowing her eyes thinly. 

“Oh, you didn’t know.” 


“Oh my, did Kian neglect his service?” 

I avoided an explicit expression. For a second, it didn’t occur to me to recognize the actual sword behind her words. 

And how it would affect Kian.

Kian’s shoulders trembled thinly. He looked down, trying to disappear, and the blood drained out from his face. He was pitifully pale. 

Because I read the original novel, I knew that Kian was a night slave. 

However, I didn’t anticipate facing his tragedies and his traumas in this cruel way. 

I clenched my trembling fist. 

How many nights he must have suffered doing unwanted things? 

How long those nights, when he was forced to embrace someone, must have been for him?

Just thinking about it makes me feel enraged……that woman, that criminal··· she is opening and cutting into Kian’s wounds just to provoke me······

When I registered that fact, my reason snapped. 

I strode before the Countess, raised a cup of coffee, and threw it on her face. 

“Argh!” cried the Countess. 

Tepid coffee dripped from her wet hair and smelled dirty—it suited her. 

“What the hell is this?” cried the Countess, glaring at me with bloodshot eyes. 

I looked down at her with cold eyes and rebuked her, “You dare mock and discuss my private life! Do I have to endure such insults?”

‘Is Kian still good at bed?” Kian neglected his service?’ 

Her loose mouth spilled insults that she could be punished for. 

She assumed I had forced Kian. But the Countess came out red-handed. 

“I just wanted to give you some helpful information as a former owner of Kian. Rather, you insulted me. I’ll never let this go.” 

I snorted at her pathetic provocation. 

If you don’t just let it go, are you going to take me to court? I decided to let her know kindly because she still doesn’t seem to understand the situation. 

“Madame, you know, I have a lot of money. I’m willing to pay 200 billion gallons or 300 billion gallons to bring you to justice and convict you. But what about you Countess? How much are you willing to spend to punish me?… In fact, can you pay?”


It’s an unfair truth, but there’s nothing in the world that can’t be done with money. 

Even this obtuse Countess must be well aware of the fact. 

You look like you’re going to die of anger, but you can’t respond, can you? 

I warned her in a harsh voice. 

“If you don’t want to go to jail for insulting my honor, get out of here right now.” 

The Countess’s face contorted uglily.

She left her seat as if she were running away without wiping all the dripping liquid off her face. 


Dinner at the restaurant has been postponed to another day. 

Kian’s condition deteriorated after meeting the count’s wife. 

We decided to return to the mansion for a light dinner. 

The employees served the food, but Kian could hardly touch it.

Eventually, I stopped eating and ordered the servants to clear the table. 

I took Kian back to my room. He’s been avoiding my gaze and dropping his head down. 

“Kian, please show me your face,” I imploringly requested. 

Kian finally slowly lifted his face. 

Because of the count’s wife, the past that he wanted to forget and hide is revealed. 

He looked precarious as a man standing on a cliff.

I tried to hold his hand to console him. 

But as soon as our skin touched, it was as if he touched fire, and he pulled his hand away.

“My body is dirty and filthy,” he spoke with difficulty. 

“Whatever life you’ve lived in the past, it wasn’t Kian’s will. So don’t belittle yourself. You did nothing wrong. Don’t feel bad for surviving.”

There was so much to say. But words were so incomplete. 

I’m afraid my clumsy words will hurt him even more.

But, still. I stretched my arms toward Kian, who bowed his head. And then I clasped him in my arms. 


Surprised, Kian recoiled. 

Kian struggled as if he were trying to get away from me. 

The more he did, the tighter I hugged him. 

I don’t know if it’s right to do this. 

I was too incompetent to heal someone’s trauma. 

Forget heal— I don’t think I can comprehend all his tragedies. 

However, at least I wanted to try to understand and help bear a few of his burdens. 

I gently swept Kian’s back. 

How long have I been patting his back? 

Little by little, his resistance died down. 

Soon, he stopped trying to escape. 

Kian, wrapped up in my arms, asked with his hurt in his throat. 

“Doesn’t master hate me?” 

“Not at all.” 


I gently stroked his shivering back. 

I picked my words poorly. “You didn’t do it because you wanted to. You didn’t do anything wrong.” 

Kian didn’t push me away like he did before. 

By the hair on his shoulders trembling up and down, I knew he was sobbing in silence. 

I don’t think any words of consolation would be enough. 

I only gave him a steady hug until he let out all his tears.

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  1. I feel so sorry for Kian he doesn’t deserve this kind of thing
    Thank you ❤️😍💯😭💘💞🤩

  2. Omg so glad she did that, defending Kian. That Countess…. does she not know her place? Even in the hierarchal ranking, MC’s is higher, yet she dare to implicate MC. Shame on her.

  3. I am crying for our poor Kian. Hope mc will take revenge for that bitch do to Kian. aghh I really to kill this disgusting countess

  4. I really want that b1tch to die for what she did or go to jail, u know. In other things, I’m so glad the MC treated with respect Kian’s pain. One point more to her! uwu♡

  5. Male or female sex slaves are no different. They both get forced to perform acts they hate and repeated raped by their “masters”.

    I feel really sorry for Kian to undergo that sort of horrible life. No wonder, he became a villain. Who can blame him really?

  6. Kian was physically abused. In the process be lost the rights of his own body.

    I feel like forcing a hug on him.. is just further exerting your control over his body instead of making his own choices? Altho I agree with needing to comfort him. Consent consent consent.

  7. The question of rape is a very delicate and sad thing, many people think that a man cannot be raped by a woman, we have to understand that the moment you say NO and the other party continues with sex this is independent rape if it is man or woman or if the rapist is your husband or wife this is very heinous! I’m sorry for kilian and I’m glad that he has our MC to help him even if it’s a little, and I also think it’s cool for the author to address the rape against men, a topic that is practically never commented and talking about on social media! Thank you so much for the translation ~ ♡

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