IBMV – 8.1

I almost screamed. 


Entreated Kian anxiously; he had a momentary look of surprise. 

I said with a hasty look on my face. 

“Something was moving over there. It must have been a squirrel.” 

The rat is hiding. 

A class of scum that came out to spy and trespass on my estate 

The gossip reporters came to mind first. I heard the familiar camera shutter sound. 

It was not enough to trespass on private property without permission; they even secretly filmed me?

Should we get Lord Hans to pull the intruder out right now? 

No, no. I don’t want to spoil the fun with Kian. 

But I have no intention of letting it go. 

I took off my gloves and said, rubbing my eyes. 

“I think something’s in my eye. Can you take a look for a moment?” 

Then Kian lowered his head with a worried look. 

“Excuse me, then, I’ll take a look,” he scrutinized my eyes carefully. 

I said to Kian, with a ticklish wink. 

“Would you come closer?” 

Kian strode down the street at my request. 

He lowered his head deeper than before and looked into my eyes. 

His eyelashes were shaking so close that I could see them shivering

When I turned my head slightly to the side, I made an angle. 

So that you can take a good picture from the side. 

At that moment, I heard a click. 

“I’m all right now, thank you.” 

“Thank God,” said Kean with a relieved look. 

I changed the conversation and distracted Kian before he became interested in the sound from the bushes. 

Now you think you got the scoop; you must feel like you hit the jackpot. 

But wait a little longer. 

I’ll give you a taste of your own medicine. 

I unintentionally smirked at the thought of revenge, Kian spotting it, asked me, 

“In a good mood?”

“Uh, yes… there’s something like that…”

I decided to keep it a secret from Kian. 

I’ll be busy enough dealing with these crooks. 


“It’s a scoop!” 

The Daily Gossip reporter Hanson returned to the newspaper with a swollen heart. 

While hiding in the bushes, I thought I met eyes with the princess and, for a terrifying moment, thought I was caught. 

Fortunately, she didn’t seem to notice me. 

Thanks to you, I was able to take this picture. A picture of a princess’ slave lowering his head as if to kiss his master.

With this, I can sweep up the money! 

The article I wrote last time was also a big hit. 

It sold more copies than any other issue since the founding of the newspaper. 

Hanson had received a reward for his contribution. 

A bundle of money was already waiting for him in his imagination.

He rushed to the Editor with the developed photographs. The Editor who saw the picture said with a big smile. 

“Good job! This will sell even more copies than last time!” 

The Editor patted Hanson on the shoulder with pride. 

Arrogant Hanson replied with false modesty, “You’re just flattering me.” 

The Editor celebrated with a greedy look, “All right, Hanson. Let’s make money!”

“Yes, editor!”

Replied Hanson industriously. 

They each fell into their happy dreams and never could have imagined what was about to happen. 


By noon the next day, the Editor of Daily Gossip had lost his mind. It was because the phone had been on fire since morning. 

They were all advertisers, threatening to pull their ads. 

The editor-in-chief was on the verge of going mad. Advertising was the primary source of revenue for newspapers, even before the profits from newspaper sales.

When asked why they were suddenly trying to cut deals, everyone refused to answer.

How would they cover the cost of printing newspapers if the ads are cut off right now? How was the office rent going to be paid? The Editor was not willing to fork over his own money to pay for the employees. 

He took out a pipe to relieve his headache. 

Smoking cleared my throbbing head a little. 

Let’s calm down for now. 

The company has accumulated profits so that you can cover the expenses with them. 

We can always recruit new advertisers······ 

When I came up with measures, I felt much lighter than before. 

He was smoking his cigarette and relaxing his mind and body when the phone rang again. The Editor’s face cracked. 

The editor-in-chief answered the phone, irritatingly. 

-Long time no see, Editor.


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