IBMV – 7.1

‘No way……’ 

A wild idea sprung up, but I shook my head lightly and erased it. 

It didn’t make sense to think that far. 

“She” would be alive somewhere in the world. 

I see he’s opened up a little bit about today. But this wouldn’t be a rational favor. 

If it’s a human favor for a sweet master, it’s not so bad. 

Kian’s first love, “She,” was a significant supporting role. 

She played an essential role in Kian’s awakening.

On the other hand, I’m an extra with only a few lines in the original. 

It’s new, but this world is in a novel, and each has a role that suits him. 

So let’s not jump to conclusions. 


When I didn’t answer, Kian tilted his head slightly. 

He looked at my complexion and asked, “Are you worried about something?”

I shook my head quickly. 

“No, nothing.” 

When I answered, I heard an owl crying in the distant forest.

It was late at night and the darkness was profound, my employees won’t keep still if they saw me in and out of Kian’s room. 

I began to worry about the time and glanced at the clock. Next to it was an object that surprised me. 

It was a book. A book Kian was reading? 

I pulled the old book and observed its glossy back. The thick leather-bound book was titled ‘The Theory of Magic.’ 

I brought a lot of books to his room because I didn’t want Kian to be bored. 

Seeing that he was interested in the arts of magic, I thought he was just like the hero who would wake up as a wizard.

“This book, have you read it?” 

Kian hesitated and nodded his head, lowering his eyes. 

I slowly turned over it’s faded pages.

The book was composed of all sorts of esoteric paintings and sentences that would be hard to read —nevermind, understand—even if you read it over and over and over again. 

“Is it readable?” 

This time the answer came right back. 

“Yes. I read it with interest because the magic theory was written simply so I could understand it.” 

Simple? Where the hell is ‘simple’……. 

I blinked at the pages blankly. All I saw was a whirlwind of formulas and dizzying complex magical geometry. 

…….What do you mean? 

I gave up trying to understand. 

It’s merely fate progressing the way it should. This is something that ordinary people can’t understand even if they tear their heads apart. 

It’s easy to read because Kian is a magical genius. 

I didn’t need to be able to read the ‘Theory of Magic’ to understand that. 

“Would you like to read another book? There’s a lot of magic books in the library.”

“Can I?” Kian asked back as if he could not believe it.

Of course you can. Might as well put these books to good use; without Kian, they would only pile up dust anyway. 

“You can read as much as you like. If there’s a book you want, say the name, and you can borrow it.”


Kian’s eyes twinkled with emotion. 

The light blue eyes, which resemble a clear lake, are alive. 

I can’t believe you’re happy with this trivial kindness. I feel awkward. ‘Kian, a mild flavor, is really harmless.’

Can such a gentle man really become so twisted? 

Suddenly, the question popped into my head, and my eyes automatically studied Kian.

Kian, who felt my eyes, looked down. 

He said, fingertips sweeping the cover of ‘The Theory of Magic.’ 

“I have no magic, so it’s useless for me to read a book like this…..”

Kian was born as a wizard, so of course, he has magic. 

But I can’t tell you the truth. 

‘I would have to explain I’m outside the book then.’ 

I ended up with a bitter smile. 

“There are people who are not wizards who are interested in magic.” 

“Is that so?”

Kian smiled faintly as if he had been comforted by the words. 

20 years, living as a slave, without even knowing his true identity

That’s what it was. 

It was a familiar premise in a typical fantasy novel. 

Perhaps most readers would press back, saying it’s boring. 

But for this man, it was a cold reality. 

And there was someone who created his misfortune. 

The real villain I knew from the novel. 

He is the culprit behind Kian’s tragedy. 

As typical villains do, he gained strength at the expense of innocent people’s lives.

Kian’s had unimaginable hardships, and this villain is probably eating well. 

It’s unfair, but I can’t knock the villain down, ······. 

‘For now, let’s focus on preventing Kian’s blackening.’ 

After finishing that thought, I turned my head and looked at the window. 

I could see the starry night sky. 

It bothered me that I had promised to go on a picnic with Kian but couldn’t keep it. 

I walked out of his room; regrets preoccupied me.

I hope it’s clear tomorrow, too. 

5 thoughts on “IBMV – 7.1

  1. I like how even though she knows everything we (the readers) are kept in the dark. It makes it more interesting.

  2. MC: *treats ML well, saved him from horrible slave owners, gives him lots of gifts, says he’s the most important person in the word*
    ML: *Falls in love*
    MC: “Wait- wait no”

  3. “But for this man, it was a cold reality.

    And there was someone who created his misfortune.

    The real villain I knew from the novel.

    He is the culprit behind Kian’s tragedy.

    As typical villains do, he gained strength at the expense of innocent people’s lives.

    Kian’s had unimaginable hardships, and this villain is probably eating well.

    It’s unfair, but I can’t knock the villain down, ······. ”

    …….are you sure you’re not talking about author-san???

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