IBMV – 47

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The front of Anna’s dressing room was crowded with people.

“Do not push, stand in one line!”

A clerk in the dressing room exclaimed, sweating profusely.

“It’s been out of stock for several days, so I couldn’t buy it…  …  .”

“Aren’t you taking reservations?”

“If I had known this would happen, I would have bought it the first day it opened.”

There was a long line outside the store.

It was an unbelievable sight. I looked at the waiting line with wide eyes.

Then, suddenly, I found a familiar face among the people waiting in line.

When our eyes met, she quickly covered her face with a fan.

Oh, it’s…  …  ?

She was, after all, the Countess Morris.

She said she would never come here again, so why is she standing in line in front of the shop?

Maybe that woman didn’t come here to buy clothes Anna made.

“I see you here again, Countess Morris.”

When I openly acknowledged her, the Countess removed her fan.

“Lady Olivia.”

Countess Morris smiled.

But it was obvious that she was embarrassed to see me unexpectedly.

The corners of her lips that she had pulled up forcibly were twitching slightly.

I thought it was funny, but I pretended not to know and asked.

“What did you come here for?”

The Countess stepped back slightly to her side. She said looking at the ladies around us.

“I came here to socialize with the other wives while shopping.”

She replied as if she had never come to buy Anna’s clothes.

“Oh…….  I see. That’s right. I also thought you had come to buy a dress.”

“I’m just here to help the ladies pick their dresses. Everyone is asking me.”

A lady added,

“The Countess praised this dressing room dress as an innovation in itself.”

“She said she knew the black dress was going to be a hot item from day one.”

I was dumbfounded.

Didn’t she say that the design is plain and inferior to mourning clothes?

In the meantime, she changed her words because she wanted to show off her taste to the ladies.

I couldn’t let this slide. It’s disgusting.

I tilted my head as if wondering, and asked,

“Did the Countess change her mind?  At that time, you said that a plain black dress and was worse than a mourning dress.”

The surprised wives all looked at the Countess Morris in unison.

“Madam, is that true?”

The Countess replied brazenly,

“No. I never said that.”

Oh you want to lie?

It was time to shoot like that towards the Countess.

There was an intermittent voice.

“Everything the princess said is true.”

The women turned their heads in the direction of the voice.

The owner of the voice was Anna.

Countess Morris looked nervous about Anna’s appearance.

After Anna glanced at her like that, she explained,

“Countess Morris came to my dressing room the other day,” she said. “Then she walked around and criticized my dress. Saying my design is plain, and it’s worse than mourning clothes.”

Surprised by Anna’s revelation, the wives murmured.

“To say such rude things in your face…….”

“Oh, that’s too much.”

The Countess hastily made excuses.

“Wow, what are you talking about……!  I never said anything like that.”

But she wasn’t persuasive.

Whoever looked at it, because of Anna’s words, our side, was more believable.

Anna spoke in the gap.

“And it was Olivia-nim who recognized the value of my dresses at first sight.”

She gave me a soft smile.

She said, “If she weren’t a princess, I wouldn’t have been able to show the world my black dresses.”

“Oh my, the princess…….”

“Then the Countess lied…….”

In the subsequent revelations, one by one the wives turned their backs on Countess Morris.

They whispered,

“I guess the Countess’ eyesight isn’t what it used to be.”

“And she’s so brazen to lie.”

The wives glanced at the Countess.

The Countess’ face flushed with embarrassment and shame.

She looked like she wanted to disappear into a mouse hole.

The Countess wiped her sweaty forehead.

“Hey, I suddenly remembered that I had a prior arrangement…….”

Countess Morris stepped back and faltered.

Soon after, she could not stand the gaze of condemnation and fled the place.

‘You earned it.’

I clicked my tongue as I looked at her fleeing back.

I shifted my gaze and looked at Anna and gave her a thumbs up and praised her,

“Good job, Anna.”

Anna smiled and said,

“Because I’m the type of person who can’t breathe without getting justice.

Suddenly, I remembered her figure while immobilized Uncle James during the factory strike.

I thought, scratching her head.

After all, anyone who gets caught by a female warrior with a hammer is useless.

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