IBMV – 46

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A few days later, I went back to the dressing room.

The inside of the store wasn’t quiet, but there wasn’t crowded either.

Really, people aren’t ready to accept black dresses yet…….

With a clouded expression, Anna said,

“I am worried that I have troubled the princess.”

I felt sorry for her lack of confidence.

“Don’t say that. People still don’t know how elegant Anna’s dresses are.”

It was time for me to pat her on the shoulder and offer her consolation and comfort.

Then I heard the sound of the dressing room door opening.


As if Anna had never been moping, she immediately greeted the guest with a bright smile.

It was a blonde woman.

She was a pretty conspicuous guest.

And unusually she was wearing black sunglasses.

Although her eyes were covered, her fine and distinct facial features were not hidden.

She walked over, her heels clanking against the floor.

“I heard rumors……  That you sell black dresses here?”

Anna answered in a friendly voice.

“Yes, that’s right.”

The blonde woman said in a dignified voice.

“May I take a look?”

“Of course. Feel free to look around.”

She scruntinized the black dresses on display.

Anna watched her with a tense expression on her face and said carefully.

“If you like something, feel free to try them on.”


she asked in a high voice. Then she pointed to a dress without hesitation.

“Then this, this and that, please.”

She entered the fitting room first. Anna immediately brought the dresses she pointed to.

After a while.

A blonde woman in a black dress came out of the fitting room.

It was a simple black dress with a mermaid line, without any embellishments, revealing her slender figure.

The distinctive elegance of the black dress made her beauty stand out even more.

Anna said in a voice of pure admiration.

“You look amazing.”

“Well, that’s what I expected.”

She said, raising the corners of her lips slightly.

The tone was arrogant, but the blonde woman tried on all the dresses.

After the blonde woman left, Anna said with a bewildered expression.

“Princess, did you hear that?”

“Yes. She said she’d come again, didn’t she?”

“I didn’t hear it wrong.”

I smiled and patted Anna’s shoulder lightly.

“What did I say? I told you that there will be people who appreciate your dresses.”

I then added,

“Just wait and see your dresses will definitely succeed.”

And that word has really become a reality.

Even with far greater results than I could have ever imagined.

* * *

The black dress became a hit.

Although it picked up slowly, word of mouth was spreading among noble women.

Meanwhile, the popular actress Celine Claudel stood on the stage in a black dress and received an explosive response.

When the female lead, who was invited to a party in the play, appeared wearing a black dress, the audience could not help but be amazed.

– That dress, it’s unconventional!

– How can a black dress be so attractive?

– Which designer made it?

– The design is fresh.

– It’s a style I’ve never seen before.

After that, dresses began to sell like hot cakes.

‘Then that person was Celine Claudel.’

I remembered a blonde beauty who had stopped by the dressing room a few days ago.

Then I looked down and read the report in my hand.

It was a graph displaying the sales of her black dresses. The bar graph illustrating sales sharply rising.

As expected, I knew Anna would make it.

Success requires talent, hard work, and luck, but the last factor, luck, belatedly followed her.

‘In other words, you could call it the halo of the original female protagonist.’

Whatever it was it was good.

I jumped up from my office chair.

I’m going to go see Anna’s smiling face right now.

* * *


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