IBMV – 45

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Ever since I became business partners with Anna, the plan to open a dressing room has been going well.

First, Anna quit Isabella’s boutique.

During the months she was with Isabella, Anna barely slept, wholly devoted herself to work, causing her skills to improve remarkably.

The strict Isabella said it herself.

Originally, her hands had dexterity, but with passion, her skills improved by leaps and bounds.

Of course, Anna wouldn’t have been able to grow in such a short time without the basic skills that she had established before.

She made a living by sewing from a young age until she got a job in her textile factory.

Her basics were well established.

As for design, she learned a lot from Isabella.

I slowly surveyed the inside of Anna’s boutique, upon the completion of the interior construction.

“Tomorrow is finally the opening day.”


A slight uneasiness permeated Anna’s voice as she responded. I turned my head to look at her profile.

“Are you worried?”

“A little.”

As her opening time approached, she seemed nervous.

No dressing room has ever showcased a black dress before, so it’s understandable.

It takes courage to walk a path that no one has walked down before.

But I know this business will do well.

Even in the world, I used to live in, black dresses are items that made a mark in the history of fashion.

“Don’t worry, Anna. It will definitely work out.”

Anna seemed to have relaxed by my confident tone. She said with a grin,

“I wonder how the princess is so sure.”

Well, it worked in the world I lived in, so I think it would work here as well.

And another reason.……

“I have never had a business fail before.”

It was me who made money using the information of the original book several times

Knowing the future is like solving a problem where you already know the answer.

Isn’t that a transmigrator’s privilege?

I smiled at Anna and said,

“If you’re really nervous, just trust me, Anna.”

* * *

The opening day for the dressing room.

I headed to Anna’s dressing room early in the morning.

As soon as I opened the door and entered the store, I saw Anna.

As she was adjusting the accessories and hats on the mannequins, when she saw me and welcomed me with delight.

“Princess, you are here.”

I entrusted the store to Anna, but I can’t miss the first day of opening because I am a business partner.

And I wondered what the reaction of the guests would be.

“How are you? Do you need anything to be ready?”

As I inquired, I glanced around the store.

In addition to black dresses with various variations on a basic simple design, fashion accessories such as gloves and hats were neatly displayed.

Anna said a little nervously,

“It’s ready. Now all that remains is for the guests to come.”

When she had finished speaking, the door to the store opened, and a lady in a fancy hat came in.

It was the first customer.

Anna greeted her lady with a smile.

“Welcome, ma’am.”

While Anna was serving her, I pretended to be a visitor and studied the guest from the corner of my eye.

It was the face I had seen at an imperial ball.

She seems to have been called Countess Morris.

She, like most nobles, was dressed in a flashy dress.

She looked around her shop, gently dragging the hem of her dress.

“Is this a newly opened boutique?”

“Yes, it is.”

The Countess took her steps to where her dresses were displayed.

She looked at her dress one by one, and she said with a smile on her face.

“Are they all black? And the designs are plain.”

The harsh criticism didn’t end there.

“Are you telling me to wear mourning clothes and go to the party? No, mourning suits are better than this. Somehow, the embellishments are poor and simple.”

What is that woman saying!

I was furious and shot a glare at the Countess.

But Anna was a pro. She maintained her composure despite such defamation. She said,

“Madam, I understand how you feel about these clothes. But once you try it on, you’ll change your mind. You will find it comfortable, practical, elegant, and beautiful at the same time.”

“Oh my, if you wrap it up prettily with those words, do you think I’ll buy one?”

“It’s not like that. I’m—”

The Countess cut off Anna’s words.

“You’re the girl who worked in Isabella’s boutique, aren’t you?”

When Isabella’s name appeared, Anna halted.

“I don’t think you should go around boasting that you learned from her. You’re going to smear Isabella’s name.”

Anna bit her lip, holding back her anger.

She had said she wanted to win Isabella’s recognition by making this business a success.

Before Anna gets hurt anymore she shut her mouth.

Again the Countess scoffed.

“Isabella must have lost her eye too. She has such disciples…… .”

I couldn’t listen anymore.

The Countess had stopped pretending to be a guest, and I shot a rebuke.

“Doesn’t it seem like it’s you, who has lost your eyesight?”


The Countess shrieked, turning her head quickly.

The arrogant expression on her face soon changed her complexion.

“Lady Olivia?”

Upon recognizing my face, her voice trembled.

“May I ask what you meant by what you just said?”

“It was straightforward. If you don’t appreciate this dress, I can’t help but doubt your eyes.”

She tried to keep a smile on her smile, the Countess’s face wrinkled. She said,

“I am ashamed to say this myself, but… … In society I’m a well-known fashionista.”

“Really? Then it would be better for you not to mention it anywhere you go from now on.”

“Wha— what?”

The countess’s face turned red.

She clutched her fan tightly.

“We hope to see you again.”

The Countess Morris’ dress swished as she turned and left.

Don’t ever come again.

I resisted my retort at her back.

After Countess Morris left, I approached Anna, who was bowing her head.

I didn’t know what to say to her to comfort her.

I looked at her complexion and said cautiously,

“Don’t worry too much about what she said.”

Anna lowered her eyes and asked,

“…… Aren’t my dresses so ugly?”

Her confidence had noticeably diminished. The words of the Countess earlier were hurtful.

“It looks great to me. It’s just that she didn’t appreciate the dress,”

I said, stroking Anna’s back lightly.

“I think it was just a bad guest. The next guest will definitely be different.”

Anna laughed weakly.

“Thank you for comforting me.”

I looked at her lack of energy. This wasn’t good.

Was it too soon…….?

Hopefully, introducing black dresses now wouldn’t be a fashion piece ahead of its time.

I shook my head slightly to shake off the negative thoughts. Then I thought

It’s too early to jump to conclusions.

* * *

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