IBMV – 44

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At that time, the court musicians located on one side of the hall were busy moving.

The interlude was over, and the second dance was about to begin.

Kian gently pulled me towards himself, who was standing near Alexis.

“Well, we’re going to leave now.”

Kian said with a smile on his stiff face. But his eyes weren’t smiling, so it felt strange.

Alexis smiled and as if he were amused,

“Yes, then I hope you have a good time.”

With those words, Alexis turned his back.

As soon as Alexis moved away, the chill that had surrounded him disappeared like a lie. The strange pressure was no longer felt.

What? Was it something I had imagined?

At that moment, Kian with a friendly smile politely extended his hand.

“Olivia, may I have this dance?”

I put my hand on Kian’s white hand and answered,

“Yes, willingly.”

As soon as I answered, a light-hearted piece of music was played.

Unlike the first song, it was a fast-tempo song.

By the way……  Did Kian know how to dance?

I don’t know if he had a chance to learn how to dance.

But, despite my concerns, Kian skillfully led me. I asked, letting him led me.

“Be honest, Kian.”


“What can’t you do?”

Even with magic, I really didn’t know that he could dance well.

Kian grinned and gently hugged my waist.

“Just know that it is the result of practice.”

Did you practice in your spare time after becoming a noble?

I looked at Kian and we came face to face. Kian let out a sigh.

“A week is too long.”

I know Kian’s strength, but he may have had a hard time adjusting to military life.

It must be the first time he’s fought beasts. Did you have any unexpected difficulties out in the field?

I asked anxiously.

“Why— was the mission so difficult?”

“That’s not it.”

The answer came back immediately. As expected, any number of magical beasts would not be a match for Kian.

I laughed and said it like a joke,

“Or did you miss me?”


I was taken aback by his serious reply.

Kian pulled my waist tight.

His face was close, close enough to see his long eyelashes trembling.

In the narrowed distance without any gaps, my heart was beating fast.

As I managed to take a step back, I commented,

“Aren’t you too close?”

Kian grinned. He said,

“I was taught to dance like this for a waltz.”

“It is, but… … .”

I thought I was used to Kian’s beauty, but I don’t know why my heart is beating like this.

As I danced closely, I realized something new.

I thought he was just beautiful, but his body was made of solid muscles. His shoulders and back were broad, and his arms around my waist were unwavering.

I looked at Kian with a strange feeling, and he grabbed me by my waist. The next moment he gently hugged me. The hem of the rich dress fluttered and drew a semicircle.

A cheer erupted among the spectators.

Kian said as he put me down gently.

“It’s my first time dancing, so I don’t know if I’m doing well.”

“You can’t do better than this.”

“Ms. Olivia has always been generous with me.”

“Uh, do you think I’m talking nonsense?”

“I’ll take your praise with a grain of salt.”

“Yeah, then…….”

I said with a mischievous laugh.

“It was perfect except for your late arrival.”

Instead of saying that the mission forced him to do something, Kian replied with a smile and docilely.

“That was my fault. Give me any punishment.”

I teased playfully,

“What do you think I’m going to ask you for?”

“As long as it is Olivia-sama’s order, anything is fine. Because…….”

Kian pulled my waist tight. In a low voice, he whispered in my ear,

“You can’t be harsh on me, can you?”


The choice of words was strangely unfamiliar and embarrassing.

I was trying to tease him, but I felt like I was the one being teased.

I leaned back and smiled awkwardly.

“I was joking. Let’s pretend we didn’t……!”

Kian narrowed his eyes and said,

“That’s too bad. I was wondering what punishment you’d give me.”

He was a pitiful man before his mana awakening.

He wasn’t like this when he was a slave……  Now I feel like he’s mischievous.

“…… Stop making fun of me.”

I grumbled with discontent, slightly pouting.

Kian’s refreshing laughter could be heard through the melody of the violin.

“Dear Olivia.”


“Your expression right now is very cute.”


When did this man learn to speak like this?

At first, Kian only treated me with tension.

I can’t believe the day came when he treats me so comfortably…  …  .

But I liked the change.

It was better for Kian to treat me without hesitation.

Because he sees me as a human, not as a master.

It hit home.

That the bondage between master and slave was gone.

So it was time to start a new relationship with him.


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