IBMV – 43

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“You were the…….”

He seemed to recognize me too. I smiled awkwardly and greeted him.

“Olivia Ashford meets His Highness the Second Prince.”

I said as I

“Thank you for last time. I didn’t know who you were.”

Alexis said as if it didn’t matter.

“It’s fine. Not many people remember my face.”

Olivia had seen the 2nd Prince once when she was a child, but it was so old that the memories were hazy.

Well, even the guards didn’t recognize this man’s face.

Then Alexis asked abruptly,.

“Aren’t you going to dance?”

“I don’t have a partner.”

“Well……  If you don’t mind, would you like to dance with me?”

Alexis added lightly,

“If you don’t want to, you can say no.”

I took a sip of the wine, contemplating what to do.

I have nothing to do anyway…….  Shall we dance one song together?

“I want to.”

At my answer, Alexis’s eyes widened slightly.

He looked like he didn’t expect that I would really agree.

I said looking at the multitude of men and women who came out to dance on the dance floor.

“Let’s go, Your grace. If we don’t hurry, the music will end.”

Alexis nodded his head.


Ignoring people’s glances, I stood facing Alexis.

Fortunately, it wasn’t too late. The moment I held his hand, an elegant minuet was played.

I glanced at Alexis as we stepped in sync.

I was worried that someone who had been fighting all the time in the north might not remember how to dance properly…….

He danced surprisingly well. He said softly while gently leading me.

“Are you okay?”


“Dancing with me. Everyone seems to hate me.”


What else did he hear?

The nobles are reluctant to call him a heretic, but I know, having read the original.

That he is innocent.

‘The Crown Prince who held Alexis in check by falsely accusing him.’

Others don’t know about it, but at least I know his innocence.

So there was no reason to point fingers at him.

“What’s the big deal with heresy? I don’t care about that.”

Alexis’s hand paused. After a moment’s silence, he smirked.

“You are very unique.”

He said as his steps matched the rhythm.

“But will you be okay? The Crown Prince will not like you dancing with me.”

“I’m not in a situation to be wary of the Crown Prince.”

Alexis replied with a chuckle as if he was having fun.

“Does that confidence come from your family name?”

The Dukes of Ashford are the wealthiest family in the Empire. They did not have to please the royal family.

“I know how wealthy you are. 100 billion gallons were casually spent on a slave purchase.”

“Where did you hear about that?”

“I heard people talking.”

Is that still going around the world?  …  .

As Kian awakened as a wizard, it may have been the topic of discussion again.

People moved in circles.  Alexis glided me towards the center of the floor.

“By the way, wasn’t Sir Kian coming to the banquet?”

“Well, he said he would be late because of a mission.”

“Is that so?”

While I was talking with him, the song almost came to an end.

After the last turn, the first dance is over.

The music stopped and the spectators applauded.

I bowed my head slightly and bent my knees. Alexis raised her head and said.

“Thanks to you, I was not bored.”

“Me too.”

I smiled and straightened the hem of my dress.

That was then. I heard people stirring.

“Look who’s here!”

“Oh, isn’t it Sir Kian?”

“You must have come here right after finishing your mission.”

Kian is here?

I turned my head towards the entrance.

Kian in a light blue robe was coming across the hall, as people stared at him.

“Dear Olivia,”

Kian called me with a friendly smile.

Sorry for being late, he lowered his well-shaped eyebrows at an angle.

“Sorry to keep you waiting.”

I thought you couldn’t come…  …  .

I was glad he came, even if it was late. I shook my head and said it was okay.

“Now the first song is just over.”

“Is that so?”

Having said that, Kian turned his head and looked at Alexis.

Come to think of it, this is the first time these two have seen each other, right?

I quickly opened my mouth.

“Kian, this is Alexis. The second prince.”

At that, Alexis looked at Kian with interest. He said hello first.

“You must be Kian. I heard a lot about you.”

Kian said with his head bowed lightly,

“It is an honor to meet you. Your royal highness.”

“I am also happy to have met the most famous wizard these days.  You’ve been busy in Baron Reindorf’s territory?”

“Can you even it busy? But…….”

He said to Alexis with a smile.

“Did you say your first dance was with Lady Olivia?”


At that moment, the surrounding temperature dropped sharply.

At the same time, the air felt heavy. It was extremely difficult to breathe.

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  1. I feel bad for the second prince. Hopefully he will live a good life and be happy. Hopefully he wont fall for our FL as well, he doesnt have to have a good wife to be happy if he doesnt want one but i just hope he becomes happy

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