IBMV – 42

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The hall, where the banquet commemorating the return of the second prince Alexis, was held was lit up with colorful lights.

Alexis, the main character of the banquet, had not yet arrived. In the meantime, the nobles were gathering and talking to each other.

I drank wine with the ladies I had invited to a tea party the other day.

Count Campbell’s daughter Miss Rose frowned while tilting her glass.

“I also thought Sir Kian would come. It’s a shame.”

“I know, right? I thought it would be a good opportunity to say hello.”

I heard that Kian was delayed because of his mission.

‘It’s okay if he doesn’t come, as long as he’s safe.’

Of course, any number of beasts would not be able to compete with Kian. Rather, it may be right to pray for the well-being of the beasts confronting him.

I waited for the appearance of the 2nd prince and continued talking and listening to the women.

I didn’t forget to pick up a sweet dessert so my mouth wouldn’t get bored.

It was the moment when the sweet cream melted in your mouth.

The chief announcer’s loud voice was heard.

“His Highness Prince Alexis enters!”

Everyone stopped moving and looked in the direction the sound was coming from.

The door dedicated to the royal family opened, and a man entered.

He was a tall, black-haired man. He was wearing a dark blue robe with the imperial coat of arms embroidered near his chest. Even from a distance, he could tell that he was the possessor of a well trained body.

I heard people buzzing with excitement.


“Oh, he’s much prettier than I heard.”

“He’s been in the North—”

“— blocking the intrusion of the demons countless times.”

The second prince came down the stairs with an intense gaze.

But his face was somehow familiar.

His black hair and beastily golden eyes. Eyes sharp like a well-forged blade.

‘That man…….’

I remembered where I saw that face.

The man who got my bag back from the pickpocket.

‘That man was the second prince Alexis?’

I guessed that he would be a nobleman to command others without hesitation, but I wouldn’t have guessed he was a prince.

Ten years ago, the emperor sent her second prince to the northern part of the empire infested with demons on the charge of committing heresy.

People shuddered that the emperor had sent his own son to die.

Everyone thought that the prince, who was only twelve years old, would not last long.

But Alexis survived.

Perhaps even the emperor couldn’t have guessed. Perhaps Alexis himself didn’t know.

That he has a genius talent for swordsmanship.

The 2nd Prince, who held on the sword as a lifeline developed talents he never knew existed.

Having reached the status of a Sword Master, he defended the northern part and made a series of contributions.

As a result, the supporters of the second prince demanded his pardon every day.

As the second prince defeated the monsters in the north, the economy of the north also stabilized. The impact of this also extended to the capital, and the public also took the side of the second prince. Then, it became difficult for the emperor to ignore popular opinion that the second prince should be pardoned.

In the end, the emperor recognized the merits of the second prince and invited him to the imperial palace for the first time in 10 years.

“I greet Your Highness, Prince.”

All who attended the banquet bowed their heads to Alexis.

Alexis walked slowly through the hall receiving greetings.

I reminisced on the original story for a moment.

Alexis de Lacion. A just and compassionate prince. He was a significant supporting character who faced the darkened Kian.

Kian in the original story lost Anna and was engulfed in hatred for the imperial nobles. He tried to track down and kill the surviving nobles, but Alexis interrupted him.

An annoying opponent; Kian in the original did not appreciate Alexis that much. But he did say, ‘He was such a good swordsman that he deserved Kian’s recognition.’

That was when I thought about it. A light trumpet sound was heard.

It was the signal that signaled the start of the ball.

“Oh, I have to go and get a seat.”

One by one, the young girls who were with me put down their drinking glasses and moved around busily.

Everyone was trying to find a partner for the first dance.

“What will the princess do?”

“Oh, don’t worry about me and go.”

Some young girls hesitated because they felt sorry for leaving me alone.

I said okay and let them go.

I didn’t bother looking for a partner, as it was my purpose to solely show my face at the party.

‘After I spend enough time showing my face, I can leave.’

I stood in a corner, sipping wine.

Then, I suddenly noticed a presence, someone was alone like me.

The nobles who had surrounded him earlier were now absent, so Alexis was alone.

Suddenly, I remembered the gossip the young ladies had told me earlier.

– Won’t the prince apply for a partner?

-Oh, many ladies are very interested in the second prince.

-Err……  It’s an honor to dance with the second prince but my father warned me not to get close to the second prince.

Somehow, it seemed the second prince knew why he was alone.

An upbeat tune played. I ate the finger food from the table.

Then, suddenly, Alexis and I met each other’s gazes.

His golden eyes widened slightly.


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