IBMV – 41

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“Once the dress is complete, I will show it to the princess first.”

“I look forward to it.”

After dining in a friendly atmosphere, I got up from my seat.

After paying the bill, I left the restaurant.

I was wondering if I should go out for a while to get some wind.

“Please wait a moment!”

Someone’s urgent voice called me.

“You left this behind!”

She was an employee of a restaurant. What was in his hand was my bag.

For some reason, my side had been strangely empty since before.

Sir Philip, who was temporarily my escort until Sir Hans returned, said,

“I will go and get it.”

But then, someone suddenly snatched the bag from the employee’s hand.

Then he started running away with all his might.

The employee who had his bag taken away as quickly as he opened his eyes and cut his nose shouted like a cry.


The pickpocket fled through the crowd.

Sir Philip hastily pursued the robber.

He caught up with the thief.

“Ugh… … !”

The pickpocket pushed a cart parked by the roadside and knocked it over.

The apples that were filled in it spilled out.

“Oh my gosh! What’s happening? Don’t step on my apples!”

The store owner wailed. While Sir Philip was delayed by obstructions, the quick thief grew more and more distant.

It was the moment when the pickpocket was about to disappear into a narrow alley.

Something unexpected happened.


The pickpocket fell with a shriek.

Long legs protruded out of nowhere and tripped the pickpocket’s feet.

The owner of those legs was a man drinking coffee on a corner cafe.

“…… The security in the capital is a mess.”

I made my way through the crowd. I saw the face of the man who helped me.

He was a handsome man with intense eyes. Black hair and golden eyes. He had a muscular physique and a sword around his waist.

The man broke the arm of the pickpocket who was trying to escape.

The thief, who was mercilessly suppressed, struggled to escape, but the man did not waver.

Meanwhile, the guards gathered after hearing a commotion.

“What happened?”

The black-haired man said, lifting the thief roughly,

“This man was trying to steal the Lady’s bag over there. Take him.”

“Yes? Ah, yes…….”

The attitude of treating others as subordinates was so natural that the guards took the thief away without protesting against receiving an order from a stranger.

I hurriedly approached the black-haired man.

He got up slowly and handed me the bag.

“Is it yours?”

“Yes, it is.”

I was delighted to receive what I thought I had almost lost.

I thanked this stranger.

“Thank you for helping me. How can I repay you?”

The man waved his hand in annoyance.

“I don’t need it. You’d better keep your things safe next time. You were lucky today.”

The man walked away after uttering those words and disappeared into the crowd.

I glanced at his disappearing back, stunned.

…… What the hell?

Judging by the way he spoke and his attitude, he didn’t seem like a commoner……. Was there such an aristocrat in the capital?

I shook my head slightly. We’ll never meet again anyway, so there’s no need to think deeply.

* * *

After burning the Wyvern’s nest, Kian returned to Reindorf Castle.

He refused even the feast prepared by Baron Reindorf and immediately prepared to return to the capital.

But as he was getting ready to leave, the lieutenant brought unexpected news.

“Commander, this is a telegram from Captain Aaron.”

Kian looked at the telegram. The following text was written in rough handwriting:

-You did a great job getting rid of the Wyverns. His Majesty is also very pleased with your abilities. He said he would be happy if you could deal with the Baron’s other troubles.

Therefore, I am giving you a new mission.

Eliminate the warwolves hiding in the Reindorf Mountains and attacking travelers and merchants. You can handle it easily. Good luck, then.

“… … .”

It was true that he became an imperial wizard because he needed status that he wasn’t ashamed of when he stood next to Olivia…….

But following orders from someone other than Olivia felt dirty.

‘The Emperor… … .’

Kian crumpled up the telegram with fierce eyes.

At the same time, the flames that rose from his grasp burned up the telegram into ashes.

* * *

A werewolf is an advanced bipedal beast in the shape of a wolf.

It is super powerful, capable of crushing a human skull in a single moment.

And it’s a tricky beast to deal with since it superior agility.

This was common knowledge that any wizard graduating from the Academy knew.

So the wizards opened their mouths blankly at the sight unfolding in front of them.

Dozens of shredded werewolf corpses were lying in front of them.

And their commander had done it in the blink of an eye.

“Were werewolves so weak…… ?”

A wizard muttered blankly as he watched the werewolves collapse like paper dolls in front of Kian’s magic.

The mage next to him answered,

“No…… Just the commander is that strong.”

It was the first time that a high-ranking magician was appointed as a commander of the 7th Magical Division.

Therefore, they have now realized that there is an overwhelming gap between a top-ranking sorcerer and themselves.

The subordinate wizards excitedly chatted amongst themselves about Kian’s strength and busily followed after him.

Wanting to finish his mission as quickly as possible, Kian sped up.

When the Wyvern hoard came, he was rather comfortable. Because he was able to annihilate them all at once.

However, the werewolves were hidden all over the forest, so it was cumbersome to deal with them. He had to deal with them one by one, and that greatly annoyed Kian.

“But, the Commander… don’t you think he’s in a bad mood?”

“That’s probably because he was ignored for being born a slave.”

“If anyone still talks like that, they must have shit for brains.”

The reason for Kian’s temper was simple. Because his return was delayed, he was unable to escort Olivia.

If he wanted to attend the Imperial Palace banquet this evening, he would have no choice but to kill all these damn beasts within half a day.

He was worried that someone other than himself would ask to have her first dance.

Kian stepped up in his efforts to defeat the beasts as fast as possible.

Wherever he passed, the flesh and intestines of the demonic beasts were scattered along with the blood.

The sight of him slaughtering a beast without stopping for even a moment made him look like a madman in battle.

The sorcerers thought as they watched the back of Qian, who was constantly advancing while covered in the blood of beasts,

‘Who is the monster, and who is the person?’

* * *

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