IBMV – 39

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Fresh flowers freshly picked from the garden were decorated on the tea table.

 High-quality teacups, teapots, and various desserts to accompany tea were placed beautifully.

 “Alright, that’s enough.”

 At the same time as I nodded with satisfaction, an employee announced,

 “Lady, the guests have arrived.”

 Women in striking dresses entered the tea party.

 “Thank you for the invitation, Lady Olivia.”

 I greeted them with a bright smile.


 It had been a long time since I had invited women of my age to the mansion to socialize.

 It was a tea party held because I had neglected social activities too much because I was busy.

 “Really, how have you been? It’s so hard to see you…….”

 Count Campbell’s daughter Miss Rose said with a hint of dismay.

 As she said, I haven’t been present in the social world for a long time.

 I said, comforting the young girls who expressed their regret,

 “We’ll meet and talk more often from now on.”

 When I expressed my sincere apologies, their hearts seemed to have softened up too.  

Miss Rose asked,

 “Are you feeling okay?”

 “I was worried when I heard that an assassin had attacked you.”

 “Did you say that Sir Kian was with you at that time?”

 They rushed to ask questions, full of curiosity.

 I gave a brief summary of what happened at that time.

 “Then Sir Kian killed the assassins?”

 When they found out that Kian had risked his life to protect me, the young women were moved and said with excitement,

 “Oh, it’s so romantic!”

 When I think back to that time, it was more terrifying than romantic.

 Well, if it weren’t something I had personally experienced, I would have thought so.

 At that moment, Miss Rose, who had pursed her lips as if she had something to say and was holding it in until it was the right time, said with a twinkle in her eyes,

 “By the way, have you all heard the news?”

 “What news?”

 “The news that Sir Kian wiped out the Wyverns!”

 “Of course I heard. He killed a large army of over a hundred demons by himself!”

 The gossip concerning knights and wizards had always been a fun topic.

 Everyone chatted enthusiastically about Kian’s accomplishment.

 I listened to the story while savoring the sweet aroma of black tea.

 Hearing other people praising Kian brightened my mood.

 “Not only is he so strong, but he’s really handsome.”

 “Indeed, I have never seen such beautiful silver hair. How beautiful are his blue eyes that resemble the sea… … .”

 “Is it just about appearance? Now that he has become the commander of the Imperial Wizards, he will receive a huge salary every year.”

 “From position to wealth! Sir Kian has everything.”

 Asked a young lady who was applying whipped buttercream to her scone,

 “Do you think Sir Kian will attend the banquet?”

 “Of course he will!”

 The banquet they were talking about was a banquet to commemorate the return of the second prince. It would be held in a few days’ time.

 “Speaking of which, I’m curious.”

 “Of what?”

 “The second prince. I haven’t had a chance to see him before, have you?”

 Second Prince Alexis.

 A prince exiled to the northern border on the charge of being a heretic.

 He returned to the capital after ten years.

 Although he was labeled as a heretic, he is also a royal member of the imperial family.

 In addition, the common people’s interest in the second prince has reached an all-time high since news of his victorious battles reached the capital.

 It seemed the same with the noble youth.

 “If he’s a Sword Master, he must be powerful, right?”

 “From what I heard, even higher-level monsters would be a child’s play for the Second Prince.”

 “Oh my, he’s that great?”

 The young woman trembled. At that time, a young lady timidly objected,

 “Still, strong and tough men are a bit…….”

 Then Miss Rose said, waving his finger from side to side.

 “What do you not know? His Majesty the Prince is tall and handsome—and kind.”


 Miss Rose nodded her head. Her mother was of Northern descent, and she said she saw the 2nd Prince while visited the North.

 Miss Rose continued,

 “And that’s not all? He has a great body. His shoulders are broad, his muscles—”

 “Oh my, Miss Rose……! How could you say something like that?”

 “What’s wrong with what I said? Everyone was curious.”

 They were all in the prime of life. The young women pretended not to be, but they were very interested in men.

 They encouraged Miss Rose to tell stories about the second prince.

She shared all the information she knew, and only after her words were exhausted did another young noblewoman change the subject.

 “All these banquets are being held one after another, so it is hard to choose dresses.”

 A lady, who was sitting opposite to her, lamented as well,

 “Indeed, I am also struggling with what to wear this time.”

 “I guess I’ll have to get a new dress. I don’t like what I have right now…….”

 “Then how about the Garnier Boutique? They have unique dresses that caught my eye.”

 A familiar shop name popped out.

 The Garnier’s boutique is Isabella’s store. It’s where Anna was working as a tailor.

 How has Anna been doing?

 I hadn’t seen her in a long time…… Shall I buy a new dress from them to check up on her?

 After the tea party, I got ready to go out. Accompanied by an escort, I climbed into the wagon.

 As we drove south past the central square, to a street lined with dressing rooms.

 “Stop here.”

 I halted the carriage in front of Isabella’s dressing room.

 As I entered the dressing room, the clerk greeted me with a bright smile.

 “Welcome to the Garnier Boutique. How may I help you?”

 I looked around the store lightly. But Anna was nowhere to be seen.

 “Is there a tailor here named Anna?”

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  1. Minor correction: In a medieval-style story, only men are tailors, and they only make men’s clothing.
    Women are seamstresses, and only make women’s clothing.
    They are not sold in the same stores, either.

    I think shoes and hats were the same way. They’re sold in separate stores, and totally different names for the store types. At least among the upper crust. It’s possible that peasants way out in the countryside had shoe stores or hat stores sold for both men and women, but clothing would ALWAYS be 1 gender only.

    Clothing store workers will see the customers effectively naked, so they won’t have mixed gender staff.

    1. I liked hearing about this 🙂 thanks for the info
      ….But i think this story is supposed to be set closer to the Victorian age?? they have flash photography and trains, plus machinery/labor movement??? (I was really confused by the timing at first because of the descriptions of slavery, wizards and constant mention of knights though, the setting really wasn’t clear at the beginning of the story) …dates kind of mean nothing in this kind of story but they mention the date as 1860 I believe

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