IBMV – 38

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 “That’s right. Is there a problem?”

 In response to his nonchalant, casual answer, voices of opposition poured in.

 “Wyverns are an advanced species. Besides, we’re not talking about one or two!”

 “A powerful spell can destroy them all at once.”

 “It will be too slow! Do you know how long it takes to cast that amount of magic?”

 It was a disrespectful attitude and rude thing to say to a superior, but Kian was not fazed, nor did he point out the misconduct of his subordinates.

As the man had said, it usually takes a lengthy amount of time to design and cast powerful spells.

 “While you’re readying the enchantment, casualties will come one after another!”

 The audience was outraged.

 However, Kian only briefly retorted, ignoring their objections.

 “That’s not going to happen. It won’t take long.”

 His answer so firmly that they became speechless.

 * * *

 “He’s crazy—completely crazy!”

 “It’s a ridiculous bluff!”

 After leaving the conference room, the sorcerers all thought the same thing:

 The new commander seems to be bluffing.

 Someone taunted him sarcastically.

“Let’s see how well he does.”

 “Won’t it be hilarious when he cries and asks for help later?”

 The sorcerers who stood guard in the watchtower of the wall laughed.

 They mocked the new commander to soothe their apprehension and boredom.

They joked and snickered for a long time.

 Then abruptly, the laughter disappeared from the faces of the wizards standing guard.

 A dark, gloaming cloud was approaching the fortress.

 “It’s an emergency!”

 The sound of the alarm bell broke the silence of the night.

 The magicians who were in a shallow sleep heard the sound and ran out.


 What they saw was the sight of a swarm of Wyverns covering the night sky and turning it black.

 A number well over a hundred.

 It was a large-scale raid that had never been witnessed before.

 Even wizards are familiar with battle, froze.

 “Cast the defense magic!”

 At the deputy commander’s cry, the wizards gathered magic and deployed a shield.

 In the meantime, there was a man who faced a large army of the monsters alone in the air above them, in front of the fortress.

His white cloak flapped in the night sky.

 “That’s the commander, right?”

 “Is he seriously trying to fight that great army alone?”

 As if answering their questions, a gray thundercloud struck.

 A roar broke out, and a crack appeared in the sky for an instant.

 Thousands of flashes of beams of light.

 Countless lightning strikes hitting the ground shot down the Wyvern swarm.


 A shriek filled with the pain of demons tearing at their ears resounded.

It was an incredibly powerful spell with a wide range of attack magic that did not allow the enemy to evade or hide.

 A large army of beasts were struck, raining down blood, and boomed into the plains below.

 The wizards who were watching the scene from afar were astonished.

 It had taken their commander less than 10 seconds to deploy this super-large magical spell.

 The Thunderbolt of Judgment that would annihilate every last one.

 The wizards cast their defense magic and looked at only one person in the sky.

 Even after killing a hundred beasts, there was no drop of blood on the hem of his cloak.

 Violent and ecstatic at the same time. His overwhelming power aroused fear and awe at the same time.

 They thought in reverence.

 That person might be the greatest wizard of the Empire.


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