IBMV – 37

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The walkway in the garden led to the hill behind the mansion.

 There, you could glimpse the capital from the overlook.

 The square’s bell tower, red brick roofs.

 The city, which boasted of it’s majestic dignity, was colored orange.

 Kian said as he looked at the city bathed in the light of the sunset.

 “I am glad I got to see you before I left.”

 He said he would leave the providence for a while to defeat beasts.

 It was the news he delivered directly to me today.

 It was said to defeat the hordes of demons who attacked Baron Raindorf’s territory.

 “I just joined, and I’m suddenly given such a big mission… … Why is the imperial family in such a rush?”

 Kian said with a smile as if it were nothing.

 “It must be because I have to prove that I wasn’t given the title for nothing.”

 Unlike ordinary wizards, Kian did not go through the academy.

 That means that no one has ever seen Kian use magic.

 There are bound to be people who doubt his abilities.

‘It’s not that I don’t understand.’

 I watched the lights gradually spread over the city as it was starting to get dark.

 I know he’s strong, but I couldn’t help but worry.

 “You have to be careful.”

 As I looked at his face, Kian smiled gently.

 “I’ll be right back. So…….”

 He tilted his head and looked down at me.

 Silver hair fell on his straight forehead.

 “Until then, please stay healthy.”

 His blue eyes were tender and affectionate.

 Like you’re sad about leaving…….

 He constantly donned a friendly face.

 What does Kian think of me?

 Are you polite to me because I used to be your Master?

 ‘I guess so?’

 In fact, that was the most convincing explanation.

 However, for some reason, I felt my mood become strangely subdued when I thought so.

* * *

Baron Reindoff terrority.

 All the wizards of the 7th Magic Division who were dispatched there to defeat the demons were dissatisfied.

 “No matter what does it make sense that he doesn’t even have an academy diploma?”

 “Exactly. Besides, I heard he was a slave…… I’ve never heard of such a thing.”

 They weren’t the only ones complaining about their new boss.

 Kian, the highest-ranking wizard that appeared in 17 years.

 He lived as a layman for 20 years, later became a wizard, and did not go through the academy. In other words, he did not learn magic systematically.

 That alone is astounding enough, apart from him being a slave.

 “I heard that he was a night-service slave…”

“… Really? Isn’t it a lie?”

 “Shh, he can hear you.”

 No matter how high-ranking a wizard he was, they could not help but be concerned by his lack of qualifications. The Imperial Wizards were considered elites among the elite sorcerers. Of course, they would view Kian with repulsion.

 And, of course, there were exceptions. There were a few wizards who welcomed Kian.

 “The new commander this time— isn’t he so handsome?”

 “Ah, seriously. I had to check my eyes to make sure I saw properly. I guess this was how it feels to win the lottery.”

 Sorcerers who were content with his handsome face in spite of the lack of evidence of his skills.

“I don’t care about his background, as long as he can prove himself.”

Amid the many evaluations of the new commander.

The operational conference on defeating the beasts began.

 Kian, dressed in the white-based imperial wizards’ uniform, looked at the mages sitting around the conference table and announced,

 “As everyone knows, this mission is to defeat the Wyverns in the Reindoff Gorge.”

 The Wyvern looked similar to a dragon but was smaller, agile, and tended to be more common.

 Recently, the Wyverns attacked the Baron’s terrority, causing severe damage to the residents.

 Wyverns were an advanced intelligent beast.

 The Baron’s troops alone could not defeat the Wyverns.

 Eventually, the Baron sent a petition to the King, and as a result, the 7th Magic Division was dispatched.

 Kian explained while pointing to the Reindoff Gorge on the map laid out on the table.

 “With the exception of the troops left behind to defend the village, we will head to the Wyvern’s Nest as soon as dawn. We will eradicate them there.”

 Earlier, Kian sent his squad to scout and survey the terrain of Raindoff Gorge. They returned so they would fight tomorrow.

 A wizard raised his hand, and after Kian gave him permission to speak, he said.

“Commander. How do we prepare for tonight?”

 According to residents, the Wyverns had been attacking mainly during the day. But there was anxiety amongst the wizards about the clever creatures attacking at night.

 “If the Wyverns attack, the protection of the people is the top priority and objective.”

 “Is our secondary mission to annihilate them?”


 “Then…… ?”

 “Everyone is to focus on defense. I’ll attack them.”

 Immediately there was a tremulous murmur that ran through the hall. Someone asked in a voice of disbelief:

 “Are you saying you’re going to deal with them all by yourself—alone?”

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  1. [ “Everyone is to focus on defense. I’ll attack them.”
    Immediately there was a tremulous murmur that ran through the hall. Someone asked in a voice of disbelief:
    “Are you saying you’re going to deal with them all by yourself—alone?”]

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