IBMV – 36

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Four days later, an invitation came from Kian.

In the letter, it was written in neat font that he wanted to invite her to his mansion and have a meal together.

I picked up the pen right away to reply.  When asked to inform him of a convenient date, I wrote, ‘It’s good anytime.’

And on the promised date, Kian came to pick me up.

Even though I hadn’t seen him for a few days, it was nice to see his face again. Kian asked with a smile,

“How have you been?”

He asked and I replied had been well.

“You must be busy with work, how is everything?”

Kian was appointed commander of the 7th Magic Division the day after the awarding him a title ceremony.

It must have been hectic. He had to greet the commanders in charge of each division and get acquainted with his immediate subordinates.

Said Kian with a soft smile,

“It doesn’t matter. Nothing is more important than my appointment with Olivia.”

My heart was thrilled at his words and pounded

These days, looking at Kian’s smile, my heart ran wildly.

When I was attacked by an assassin, I was told that my heart stopped once.

Seeing that it keeps doing this after that, is it possible there were side effects in my heart?

I said, grabbing my chest.

“Shall we go? I’m ready.”

“Then, please take my hand.”

Kian reached out his hand in a polite gesture. As soon as I held his hand, the landscape changed rapidly.

I had a strange feeling, dejavu, as if I had experienced this before.

A luxurious mansion appeared in front of me. The water of the fountain reflected the afternoon sun and painted a rainbow.  The garden was full of bright spring flowers.

“You’re here, Master.”

As I entered the mansion’s front door along Kian, the employees bowed down.

Kian was greeted by them by a gentle slight nod.

It was a natural attitude as if in a few days he had gotten used to it.

The mansion was splendid and spacious inside as it was from the outside.

I was guided to the dining room through the main hall, lit by a chandelier with elaborate craftsmanship.

Luxurious tableware was set on the table with a white tablecloth.

Kian kindly pulled a chair out for me. He and I sat down, and soon the food came out.

While cutting the main dish into bite-size pieces, Kian asked carefully,

“Does it suit your taste?”

“Yes, it doesn’t just suit my taste, it melts in my mouth.”

At my answer, Kian smiled as if relieved.

“I’m glad that’s the case.”

After a superb meal, I decided to take a walk through the gardens with Kian.

The garden with beautiful spring flowers was full of fragrant scents.  It was different from the Duke’s garden.

But because I’m was so enthusiastic about taking in my surroundings, my foot got caught on a protruding part of a tile.

My body staggered, losing my balance.

“Oh…  …  !”

It was the moment I thought I was falling.

I felt a firm arm holding my waist. Kian’s chest touched my cheek.

I heard Kian’s anxious voice above my head.

“Are you okay?”

“Yes…  …  .”

It was just a slight sprain, but my ankle was fine. However, there was a problem elsewhere.

My heart wasn’t okay.

The places we touched were hot. I felt the beating of my heart beating fast. The sound of the heart, whether it was his or mine, rang in my ears.

I said, getting out of Kian’s arms.

“Uh, thank you for catching me.”


Kian’s face, looking down at me, was slightly red. He seems embarrassed too. Since I suddenly fell into him.

‘Why did you fall……!’

While I blamed myself, Kian indicated,

“Olivia, this way.”

At the end of his gaze there was a white bench. Kian put me on the bench, bending his knees.

He knelt on one of his knees and looked up at me.

“May I take a look at you?”

He seemed concerned that I had injured my ankle. I nodded and lifted the hem of the dress slightly.

“Excuse me for a moment.”

Kian slowly took off my shoe. The high heel was removed and my bare foot was revealed.

Blue light appeared on his hand. He gently caressed my ankle. As he touched, my heart that had barely calmed down began to beat loudly again.

I looked down at Kian without saying anything.

After a while, the faint pain I felt in my ankle completely disappeared.

It was a mild pain that would have disappeared even if I left it alone. Nevertheless, I was grateful for his meticulous attention.

After his treatment, Kian put on my shoe. I said quietly, taking his hand.

“I’m sorry”

“If it’s for Olivia-nim, it’s okay,”

Kian replied with a smile.

My face heated up at those words, my heart rate went up again.

Anyhow, I should check with the Duke’s healer to see if there is a problem with my heart.


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