IBMV – 35

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“Tsk, is he losing his mind?”

“It is what it is.”

“I knew he’d end up like that someday.”

“No matter if he is the cousin of the Empress, he has been too arrogant.”

The aristocrats deeply resented the Marquis of Stanley, fueling their whispers.

It seemed that there were not one or two people who had been forced to endure the marquis’ bad behavior for fear of being seen as opposing the empress.

It was fortunate that the Marquis of Stanley was a public enemy.

Of course, it occurred to me that the marquis might take issue with today’s actions.

Even though it was the Marquis of Stanley who insulted Kian and I first.

If he tried to file a complaint formally, I wouldn’t take the indictment lying down.

When the marquis left, peace resumed in the banquet hall.

A mighty trumpet sounded.

Soon after, an announcer proclaimed solemnly,

“His Majesty the Emperor!”

The sound of utterances that filled the hall faded in an instant. The busy atmosphere disappeared, and everyone’s attention turned to one direction.

The Emperor entered in through the exclusive door for the royal family.

The Emperor wore a long cloak embroidered with gold thread, a gold crown on his head, and a jeweled scepter in his right hand.

It was a gorgeous outfit, dressed to show off the greatness of the most powerful country on the continent.

But more eye-catching was the Emperor’s appearance.

The Emperor looked so young that it would not be strange to mistake him as the older brother of the crown prince who resembled him.

Initially, I didn’t believe he was 60 years old.

People considered it sanctified sacred evidence of God’s favor for the Emperor.

Maybe I would have thought so as well if I hadn’t read the original book.

The Emperor sat on the throne, dragging the hem of his long cloak. Next to him was the Crown Prince, who donned an uneasy expression.

The Emperor, looking down at the crowd, spoke,

“The reason We [royal we/Jim pronoun] called you today is to make it known that a new Supreme Wizard has emerged in this great empire and to bestow upon him a title.”

Everyone looked up and listened to the Emperor. After a few more ceremonial words, the Emperor announced,

“Everyone has put aside their busy work for this occasion, so let’s hold the ceremony without delay.”

An attendant offered an ornate ceremonial sword to the Emperor. The Emperor stood up from the throne and proclaimed,

“Kian, approach.”

Kian walked forward, kneeled on one knee, and bowed his head in front of the Emperor, as was appropriate.

A ritualistic and tedious speech followed when conferring titles. After Kian formally agreed, the Emperor said,

“I, Sigmund III, the Emperor of the Empire, give Kian the rank of the Count.”

The Emperor picked up the silvery sword and tapped Kian’s shoulder lightly.

A symphony played by the imperial orchestra resonated magnificently in the hall. I looked up at Kian, who stood up, being congratulated by the people.

‘Even if fate changed from the original development, this is too drastic.’

I never thought I’d see a sight like this.

I was so moved for some reason.

Since I modified the original timeline, there may be incidents I don’t know in the future, but for now, I blocked my death flag. Maybe I don’t have to worry about it for the time being.

Above all:

‘I don’t want Kian to go down an evil path.’

I thought so as I watched Kian smile at me.

It was later that I realized that I was too complacent.

* * *

“My lady, this is the last time,”

said the laborers, wiping the sweat from their foreheads. After I saw boxes stacked up to my height, I praised them for their hard work.

“Well done, everyone.”

All of these boxes contained Kian’s items.

When Kian became Count, he acquired a new mansion and left the Duke’s residence.

After teleporting all the piles of luggage to the mansion, Kian asked me,

“Can I come by from time to time?”

It seemed you were reluctant to leave. Perhaps during this short time, did you get attached to this house?

I lowered my eyes slightly and said to Kian, who was waiting for my answer,

“Sure. You can come anytime.”

Kian smiled jovially at my answer.

My father, the butler, and several employees came to see Kian off. Among them was Nicholas, the eccentric painter.

He sighed as he looked at where Kian had left.

“Ah, that’s unfortunate. I also wanted to follow Kian…….”

I don’t understand why this man keeps trying to live in another house, leaving his perfect good house alone.

Nicholas, who had finished bidding him goodbye, turned to me and said,

“There’s no reason for me to stay in this house without Kian.”

I replied in a playful tone.

“That’s great. Then hurry up and move out of the room.

“Ah, isn’t the princess being too harsh with me?”

Nicholas grumbled, sticking out his tongue,

“This one. I’m so sad; I have to get out of here.”

He muttered that he should just go pack. I quickly corrected my words because I thought my joke was a little too much.

“I’m just joking. I suppose I would be terribly bored without you.”

“Oh, of course! I thought that the princess was being sincere.”

Immediately, Nicholas’s nose was stuck up in the air with arrogance.

I shook his head, thinking that even if everything was taken from this man, he would still have plentiful narcissism.

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