IBMV – 34

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While I was still in my thoughts, my makeup and hair was finished.

 “My lady, it’s all done.”

 The maids were proud of their incredible work.

 I was also happy with their skills.

 I changed into the dress I chose earlier.

 After wearing the headdress and earrings, my ensemble was complete.

 With each step, hundreds of jewels sparkled along with the hem of the rich dress.

 The maids gathered their mouths and praised me in unison:

 “You are so beautiful!”

 “You’re dazzling.”

 The result couldn’t be bad because I put money and effort into it.

 I went down to the front door on the first floor. I bid goodbye to the maids.

 Kian was waiting for me in front of the carriage.

 As the main character of the day, he wore a suit embroidered with gold thread on the neck and sleeves. He looked splendid and dignified.


Kian’s eyes, who found me, grew slightly bigger. I approached him with quick steps.

 “You look great today.”

 His white cheeks turned red.

 Was it embarrassing to hear compliments?

 Said Kian, looking at me with a reddish face,

 “Olivia is also very beautiful.”

 I said thank you and laughed.

 When Kian and I got into the carriage, the coachman urged the horses with all his might.

 The carriage passed through the main gate of the Imperial Palace and stopped in front of the main castle.

 Through the passage lined with guards, we reached the Great Hall, where the award ceremony was held.

 Said the guard, who stood guarding the large door painted in gold and red,

 “Princess Ashford and Mr. Kian. Why don’t you eat inside?”

 At the knight’s glance, the guards standing on both sides pulled the doorknob.

 The massive doors slowly opened, and the dazzling light of the chandelier poured out. The voices of people that were a faint murmur grew louder and louder.

 However, the moment Kian and I entered the hall, the sound of the commotion faded out.

 And what followed was curious gazes pierced us like arrows.

The nobles in the hall looked in our direction and gossiped.

 “Oh, that’s the man who… … .”

 “He is beautiful, as rumored.”

 “Isn’t that Lady Olivia next to him?”

 “I heard that man was her slave…….”

 “Shh, he’s going to be a noble, remember?”

 Although the pouring attention was uncomfortable, there was no sign of hesitation in Kian’s steps.

 Thanks to that, I was able to listen to people’s whispers without incident.

 There was quite a bit of time left before the ceremony began, so some nobles started to greet me.

 Some of them greeted me, trying to naturally meet Kian.

 Each time Kian said, with an innocent smile,

 “As you know, I am not used to such a place or to this position. I hope you understand that I am unable to respond to your conversation.”

 It was an euphemism for, ‘Don’t talk to me. It’s annoying.’

 “Yes, is that so? Haha, I didn’t think much.”

 Baron Bardo laughed to hide his embarrassment.

 He was the third person to be rejected by Kian.

I watched the scene with an embarrassed smile.

 Even in the novel, Kian said he hated the imperial nobility, so it may be because of that that he rejected them all.

 I expressed my regret at those who had their hands stabbed while trying to see the beautiful rose up close.

 After the fourth person was rejected, a voice injected:

 “Oh, are you using such a poor excuse because where you are from?”

 It was Marquis of Stanley.

 He was the empress’s cousin, who believed in her favor and was known for talking wildly.

 He had a bad reputation in the social world because he offended many

 The Marquis of Stanley was sarcastic.

 “Huh? Please say something back.”

 However, Kian didn’t bother to respond, as if it was beneath him.

 He didn’t want to cause disputes before the ceremony, so he just stopped talking. Instead, he looked at the Marquis with an expression of observing a barking dog.

 The marquis’ expression twisted when Kian thoroughly ignored him, and I received a contemptuous gaze on his behalf.

 The Marquis clicked his tongue. Then he muttered,

“It was said that a slave resembles its master… … .”

 I doubted my ears for a moment. What was that man saying now?

 It was when I was about to respond. A blue light flashed, and a painful sharp scream struck my eardrum.


 Marquis of Stanley grabbed one ear and howled.

 Everyone looked bewildered because they didn’t know what was going on.

 Kian said to the Marquis in a cool voice that seemed to freeze the air.

 “Apologize for insulting Princess Olivia.”

 “My ear, my ear… … !”

Marquis Stanley then shouted in pain, wrapping his hand around his right ear. A young nobleman next to him approached the Marquis and asked,

 “Marquis, are you okay?”

 “Blood… … The blood doesn’t stop… … . Healer, call the healer!”

 “Yes? But… … .”

 Marquis Stanley interrupted the young nobleman and cried out to call the healer. People watching the scene murmured,

 “What? What happened?”

 “What’s wrong with him?”

 The Marquis of Stanley’s right ear was perfectly attached. Nevertheless, he screamed painfully as if his ear was cut off.

The nobles who had not seen it clicked their tongues,

 “Sir Stanley, wake up. Your ears are perfectly fine and in place.”

 However, the marquis rushed past everyone like a madman and pushed them.

 A nobleman, who was about to fall down, shouted angrily,

 “What the hell is going on?”

 “You just tried to step on my ear!”


 Marquis of Stanley groped the bare floor, where there was nothing. He took the handkerchief out of his arms and wrapped it around something invisible.

 He shouted, roughly pushing his way through the crowd,

 “Get out of my way! Move! I have to go to the healer… … !”

 He ran out of the hall in a frenzy. As Kian glanced at the back of the retreating marquis, he whispered to me,

 “I cast a light hallucination spell. It will be released in a little while, so don’t worry.”

 Oh……. so that’s what Kian did.

 His voice became angry,

 “It doesn’t matter if I’m cursed at, but I can’t stand Princess Olivia being insulted.”

 Only then did I realize why Kian had troubled Marquis of Stanley.

 I whispered at Kian in a small voice,

 “Good job, Kian. I feel relieved.”

 Fortunately, it seemed that I wasn’t the only one who thought so.


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