IBMV – 33

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Underneath the Imperial Palace, there is a secret space that only emperors can enter.

 Emperor Sigmund III stood in front of a massive door.

 As he put his hand on a marble embedded in the middle of the door, the marble shined.


As if there were a weak earthquake, the ground shook.

 After a while, a dazzling light penetrated the view.

 The unfolding space was a vast white hall.

 The towering altar in the center was reminiscent of a temple.

The emperor stood before the altar dragging his white robe. He said, raising his arms up:

“Please accept my offer.”

 Then, as if God had answered, a pure white light poured over him.

He looked like a divine messenger.

 However, the reality was the exact opposite.

Just below the place where the emperor stood, a road of hell unfolded.

 Humans trapped in the dungeon downstairs.

 The emperor just offered their souls to the devil in exchange. The great devil who signed a contract with the emperor took their souls.

 Hundreds of people’s lives were lost in a single word. However, the emperor felt no guilt.

 In return, he was promised the prosperity of his empire. [t1v: damn, this author is a radical anarchist—I love it]

The glory of the empire will continue in the future, and no sinister prophecy will ever come true.

 But these days, there has been a person who has disrupted that belief.

A wizard awakened with a pillar of light. His presence made the emperor uneasy.

 It is worth rejoicing that a highest-rank wizard appeared in the empire. However, unlike ordinary wizards, he only developed magical powers when he became an adult.

 It was natural for him to feel apprehensive due to a mutant.

 The emperor concluded that it was necessary to investigate him.

 When the emperor left the hall in the basement of the imperial castle and returned to the audience room, the chief of staff bowed his head and said,

 “Sire, Sir Aaron requests an audience with you.”

 The emperor said as he sat on a luxurious throne decorated with gold,

 “Bring him in.”

 The attendant stepped back.

 After a while, a tall man fluttered his cloak and prostrated before the emperor.

 “I, Aaron, the imperial wizard, meet His Majesty the Emperor, the dignified sun of the empire.

 Aaron, who expressed his courtesy, raised his head, and the emperor asked,

 “What about the wizard?”

He didn’t say a name, but Aaron understood who the emperor was talking about.

 “If you are referring to the wizard Kian, he has indicated that he will join the Imperial Wizard Corps.”

 The emperor tapped his finger on the lion ornament carved on his throne’s armrest.

 The fact that he decided to become a member of the Imperial Wizard Corps implies that he will be loyal to the imperial family and the empire.

 “If he has decided to work for the empire, he deserves a title,”

said the emperor looking down at Aaron.

 “When would you like the awarding ceremony?”

 “The sooner the better. It’s also a great opportunity to test his abilities, your Majesty.”

 “You mean to test him by defeating the beasts of Mount Raindorf?”

 At this time of year, the Wyverns, which inhabit Mt. Raindorf, came down to villages and ate people. They used the nutrients to lay eggs during their spawning season.

 “Yes, Your Majesty. After the title awarding ceremony, how about sending Kian to take care of the Wyverns?”

 “I will entrust the work to the lord.”

 “I will receive your will with all my heart.”

 After Aaron left the office, the emperor rose from his seat.

 A top-ranking wizard suddenly appeared.

Will he bring prosperity to this empire, or… … .

 We don’t know yet.

 ‘So it would be better to keep him close and watch him.’

 As long as God’s protection is with you, the empire will never fall.

 However, if he becomes a threat to the existence of the empire, he must be destroyed.

 With this power attained by breaking taboos.

* * *

I was troubled by the variety of dresses displayed in front of me.

 Kian’s title conferment ceremony is scheduled to be held this afternoon at the Imperial Palace.

 Dozens of times, I put on and took off dresses.

 “Which one is the best?”

 “I choose the 12th dress you’ve changed out of.”

 “Ah, that’s not it. Doesn’t the 33rd dress suit the lady best?”

 The maids quarreled, giving their opinions.

 They ended with a popular vote, a white chiffon dress with pink jewels that resembled stars in the Milky Way winning.

 “Good. Then I’ll wear this one.”

 After finally choosing a dress, it was time to do hair and makeup.

 As I sat in front of the mirror being tended to by the maids, I remembered the conversation I had with Kian a few days ago.

 -Is it true that you’ve decided where to go?

 -Yes. I decided to become an imperial wizard.

 That was really an unexpected answer.

 How surprised I was when I first heard that.

 Considering the development of the original work, it would be better for Kian not to get entangled with the imperial family as much as possible. But perhaps because of my meddling, various parts of the story changed.

First of all, while Kian awakened his powers, he didn’t blacken.

 It felt absurd to block Kian’s choice because of a future that had not yet occurred.

 And I was strangely relieved that he did not leave for a place outside the empire.

* * *

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    1. Calling the emperor just “shady” is the understatement of the friggin’ CENTURY, considering we literally saw him doing HUMAN SACRIFICES to a DEVIL. 100 people, no less! Even if they were criminals, that still just……..DAAAAAANNNGGGGG……(⊙言ಠ;;;)

  1. Little did MC know the only reason Kian choose Imperial wizard is because he doesn’t want to get too far away from her

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