IBMV – 32

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A few hours after Nicholas took Kian out to drink.

Kian returned to the mansion alone.

While enjoying and breathing in the night breeze on my room’s terrace, I spotted Kian who appeared at the front door of the mansion. I waved at him.

“Welcome back, Kian.”

Kian, who heard my voice, looked up at the terrace.

He smiled softly and said,

“Yes, I’m back, Ms. Olivia.”

He had a pretty smile whenever I saw him.

And maybe it was just my perception, but his expression seemed even brighter than when he first went out.

Nicholas took Kian to celebrate and vent out his problems amid this sudden upheaval of his life. Perhaps it was really helpful?

I leaned against the terrace railing and looked down at Kian.

“Didn’t Mr. Nicholas go out with you?”

Kian answered, his head still glazing up at me.

“He’s probably enjoying himself with a beauty right now.”

For some reason, I comprehended the situation without needing to ask about the details.

If he’s with a beauty, he’ll be fine.

Then Kian called my name.

“Miss Olivia.”


“Can you spare me a moment?”

“Of course.”

“Then I will go there.”

His appearance disappeared from my sight for a moment.

In a blink of an eye, Kian was on the third-floor terrace.

Slowly coming to me, Kian pulled something out of his arms.

“I have something for you.”

What he handed over was a luxurious velvet case.

What is this? It looks like a pretty expensive item.

Curious, I opened the box.

A brilliant green emerald hung on a silver chain and sparkled in the moonlight.

Surprised by the unexpected gift, I looked up at Kian.

“This …….”

“It’s a necklace with a protective spell. I thought Miss Olivia needed it.”

said Kian.

His gaze ran to my neck. He was referring to the broken necklace I had before.

I was going to call the wizard and order a new one…….

I was grateful for Kian’s thoughtful consideration of and looked at him.


The elegant design of the necklace seemed to go well with any clothing.

“I love it.”

The beauty of the necklace was impressive by itself, but most of all, it was a necklace that Kian enchanted personally.

Kian replied, his eyes smiling,

“I’m glad you’re happy.”

When I lifted the necklace, Kian suggested,

“I’ll hang it for you.”


Kian walked behind me. Carefully, he grabbed a handful of my long hair and placed it to flow on one of my shoulders.

An arm draped in front of me, and soon I felt a cold metallic object touching my skin.

After hanging the necklace, Kian explained,

“It will help in the event of an emergency. So always wear it on your body.”

I fiddled with the glowing emerald near my chest and nodded.

“I will.”

Kian smiled as he gently raised his lips. Kian asked if the magic tool wasn’t enough to reassure him.

“Did you find who was behind the assassination?”

I shook my head.

“I’ve commissioned the Information Guild to identify them, but there’s no news yet, but…….”

“Then, do you suspect someone other than Prince James?”


There is one, but I was apprehensive about uttering his name since he was such a big shot. I was a person who was reluctant to talk about it even though it was speculation.

So I didn’t even tell my father or butler…….

But I think I can tell Kian. He risked his life for me.

As I was looking around to see if anyone was around, Kian reassured me,

“I’ve put a spell around us, muting our words to others, so you can speak with confidence.”

Even though I knew he had cast a spell, my voice reflected my vigilance.

“Actually, I’m a little suspicious of the Crown Prince.”

“The Crown Prince?”

“Yes, he tried to tie our family to him to keep the Second Crown Prince in check. But I ruined his plan.”

If you were the Crown Prince, you could turn one of my relatives into a duke instead of me.

“And those assassins……. Only two men nearly wiped out the guards. It couldn’t have been easy to hire anyone who was so skilled.”

Kian was still listening to my story. Somehow the air felt heavy, so I quickly added.

“Of course, it could be a conjecture.”

“It could be true.”

If so, there is no evidence, so there is no way to use it.

I even got a present from Kian, but the atmosphere seemed too serious, so I decided to change the subject.

“By the way, what happened? With all those expensive gifts.”

I knew that the people who came to scout Kian offered a lot of bribes.

‘But can he just spend money like this… … ?’

As soon as I saw the necklace he bought, I knew that this emerald was a very valuable item.

Having lived a wealthy life (of course, while occupying this body other than me), I now knew the value of jewelry.

‘This emerald at least 100 million gallons.’

But Kian tilted his head, leaning towards me.

“Is it expensive?”

By asking, Kian expressed that he didn’t understand.

It’s clear that 100 million gallons was not a little thing…….

Why did Kian’s sense of money become strange?

My heart was burning. But I tried to rationalize, pretending not to know.

‘It can’t be because of me…… !’


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