IBMV – 31

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However, Kian did not intend to do anything bothersome, like building a kingdom.

What would he do if he found the person who sealed his mana and took his revenge?

Besides, there was another difficulty when he became king.

Olivia would be the Duke of Ashford. But if he becomes the king of a country, how could he confess to her? She may not be pleased or willing to be a queen.

—I’m sorry, Kian. I’m grateful for your heart, but I have to take responsibility for the Dukedom of Ashford.

Kian was in agony just imagining it. Suddenly, he remembered Aaron’s suggestion.

‘First of all, I’ll have to get a title.’

As long as he became the highest-ranking wizard, it didn’t matter if he didn’t have a title.

Still, it would be better to have a decent title when standing next to Olivia. He shouldn’t look shabby when he stands by her side.

Kian emptied his glass of alcohol. The thirst that burned his throat for no reason had long disappeared.

When Kian, who organized his thoughts, tried to stand up, Nicholas grabbed him with regret.

“You haven’t even had much to drink. Are you leaving already?”


Instead of answering, Kian glanced at the empty glasses in front of them.

It would be quite a stretch to say he didn’t drink much.

Perhaps, by Nicholas’s standards, his liver didn’t get the memo.

“Drinking moderately is good for your health.”

“Thanks for your concern, but my liver is very healthy. Ten out of ten. That’s what doctors all say.”

He was going to say, “It’s probably because you’re young now,” but Kian shook his head slightly.

His warning would fall on deaf ears.

Nicholas took the pipe hook off his mouth, remembering something.

“Oh, yes! I almost forgot about this.”

Then he put his hand into the inner pocket of his jacket.

He took something out and handed it over.

It was a luxurious leather case the size of one hand.

“What is this?”

When Kian inquired, Nicholas puffed out hazy cigarette smoke and answered,

“It’s my gift to you.”

Kian was in disbelief. A gift? And so suddenly? Why?

Kian untied the corded string that was tied to the leather case.

Kian’s eyes grew slightly bigger when he saw what was inside.

It was a check. It had a pretty large amount on it.

“That’s in return for your help.”

Nicholas laughed darkly and awkwardly.

“Thank you for being a model for my paintings.”

Unbelievably, Nicholas was embarrassed.

It seemed that it was nerve-wracking to hand over such a thing.

Kian put the check back in the leather case.

“I’ll just accept your heartfelt thanks.”

Nicholas’ eyes grew slightly bigger at the unexpected answer. He asked curiously.

“No……why? Do you feel burdened by it?”

“Not really. I already have a lot of money.”

People from all over the world coming to take Kian home did not come empty-handed.

They did everything they could to get his preference.

Even if Kian did not choose them, there was nothing wrong with expressing good-will towards him.

He didn’t want it, but bribes poured down on him. As a result, Kian unexpectedly became wealthy.

“I’ll keep in mind what you owe me, so pay me back with something else later.”

Kian returned the check to Nicholas and said,

“Spend that money on good things that are good for you.”

Then Kian stood up. Nicholas grinned and bit his cigarette.

Then he grumbled as if a cold wind had hit him.

“Ah, you abandoned me, so I’ll find a new drinking buddy.”

Nicholas added, scanning the bar.

“Celine Claudel is finally an acquaintance, so I’ll go talk to her.”

As Nicholas said, the blonde actress was still in the bar.

She was drinking with a smile on her face with an artist he saw at the artists’ party one day.

“Are you going to ask her to be a model, too?”

When asked by Kian, Nicholas grinned and teased,

“Oh my, Kian. Are you jealous?”

“Are you crazy?”

Kian frowned as if he were overhearing nonsense.

Nicholas winked at him.

“Don’t worry, you’re the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen. You’re always my number one priority.”


Kian regretted asking for no reason.

* * *

Kian took to the street. Street lights were flickering one by one, illuminating the darkness.

He could have gone to the ducal mansion in a flash with teleportation, but he decided to walk a little because he wanted to sober up.

A strong wind blew over the river carrying the light watery scent and scattered his silvery hair.

Thanks to a chilly wind, the worst of his intoxicant-induced haze was relieved.

He walked some more. After a while, he spotted a store across the street.

‘There are places to spend money, though.’

Kian strode away.

* * *

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