IBMV – 29

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The army commander of the Kingdom of Eus, the mercenary leader of the Three Great Guilds of the Continent, and even the envoy from the Linh Empire of the East.….

Great people with prestigious titles lined up all day to meet with Kian.

The employees were distracted by the endless rush of visitors.

I had to use all the guest rooms close to the reception room.

The reception room ended up looking like an interview room.

People from all over the world struggled to catch Kian’s eye.

“If the wizard accepts the offer, the great King Louis III of the Valerian Kingdom has promised to grant 200 tons of gold bars and southern granaries with a ducal title and estate.”

A top sorcerer had the power to deal with tens of thousands of troops alone. If someone could recruit him, what wouldn’t they do?

Offers increasingly became more significant and more unconventional —determined to win him over.

Although no one actually obtained confirmation from Kian.

It was an eventful and rough day.

It was at the end of the day when all the guests retreated when unexpected news flew in.

Butler Albert came to me with an urgent look on his face.


“What’s going on, Albert?”

He was so hurried he was gasping and announced,

“Ha—Sir Hans is awake!”

After hearing from the butler, I headed straight to Sir Hans’ bedroom.

When I opened Sir Hans’s door urgently.

Sir Hans was seen being examined with his back against the bed.

“Sir Hans!”

When I called his name, Sir Hans’ eyes grew bigger when he turned his head.


I quickly approached the bed.

“I’m so glad you’re okay…….”

He looked at my face and murmured and sighed with relief.

He was thinking about my safety first, even when he just woke up.

Seriously, you can worry about your body more at times like this.

“I was worried. What to do if you didn’t wake up?”

“I’m sorry to have troubled you, my lady.”

I shook my head slightly and asked,

“How are you? How is your body?”

Christine, the healer, who was quietly listening to our exchange, replied instead.

“Sir Hans is fine. He was stabbed in the chest but was able to avoid a fatal wound because it missed his heart.”

When Sir Hans heard the words, his face turned dark. But afterwards he smiled brightly and continued,

“I was lucky to survive. I’m ashamed to face the ones who left first.”

It seemed the butler had already reported to him the obituaries of the other escort knights.

I could see he was pretending to be bright on the outside, not voicing his inter angst.

I know he had the type of personality to feel guilty that he was the only one who survived after having to send off his fellow knights first.

I vowed to him while sitting on the chair by his bed,

“Sir, I’m never going to let this go. I’m going to find out who is behind the attack and make them pay.”

I had to, for the knights that sacrificed themselves for me and the duchy—it was the only way I could repay their loyalty.

Sir Hans listened to me silently, biting his lips.

With his fist clenched tightly, struggling to hold great hostility, he confessed,

“I saw his face.”


“Yes, I cut off his mask while we were fighting.”

Realizing that we had an important clue to uncover the cause of the assassination, I asked urgently.

“Do you remember his face?”

“I committed his face clearly with both eyes in my memory.”

Sir Hans recalled his memories and illustrated with adjectives the assassin’s appearance.

A stream of words came out, and suddenly he stopped talking.

Then he asked me for an unexpected favor.

“Lady, can you bring me a pen and paper?”

I ordered the maid to bring the items right away.

“Thank you.”

Sir Hans, who received a git pen, paper, and ink from the maid, said. He got out of bed and moved to the table.

Sir Hans dipped his pen in an ink bottle once. Then he began to move his wrist.

“He was in his 30s. There was a mole under the left eye, and the nose and lips…….”

He finished the portrayal in his seat.

Christine and I were inadvertently impressed by Sir Hans’ painting skills.

“Sir…. was it originally your dream was to be an artist?”

“My father is a painter. When I was young, I often followed my father to draw. Even now, I still paint as a hobby.”

“Is this your hobby? If you hadn’t been a knight, you would have been an artist.”

Sir Hans sheepishly scratched his head.

“Don’t flatter me. I’m aware of my limitations.”

We were able to smile for a short time thanks to his unexpected drawing skills and his unforeseen boon to the investigation.

I cherished his sketch of the assassin.

For now, this is our only clue.

However, it was by no means a small harvest.

There may be some errors because it is a picture based on memory, but it would not be possible for a person to describe the assassin’s face more accurately.

With this kind of lead, the Information Guild could find and identify the assassin.

As soon as I left Sir Hans’ room, I called the butler Albert. I entrusted him with the montage and asked for a request from the Information Guild’s raven.

“Set the payment according to the request, and if they find it earlier than the deadline set out in the contract, we’ll triple the compensation.”

“Yes, miss.”

After lowering his head, the butler withdrew.

If the assassin could be identified, it would be possible to figure out the mastermind behind the attack.

So all I had to do is wait patiently for the results.


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