IBMV – 28

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That evening.

As we ate together, I asked Kian,

“Have you thought about what you’re going to do from now on?”

Now that he was a wizard, I wondered how he intended to live his life.

When I raised the question, Kian, who was moving the tableware, paused for a moment.


He tilted his head slightly sideways and said.

“I want to remain by your side as I am now……. But you don’t want that.”

“Ah, that’s.”

We’ve already talked about this—I feel like I’m beating a dead horse. Are you really going to tease me so mercilessly…

As I grumbled, Kian laughed mischievously.

Jokingly, Kian had also seriously answered my question,

“When I stand by you, I feel unashamed of my position.”

“Oh, I don’t think you have to worry about that.”

There are only three top wizards across the continent. He had that kind of rare talent.

Not only the Empire but all the nations on the continent will be eager to cater to Kian.

I had a hunch that I would be busy for some reason.

And the prediction became a reality sooner than I initially had guessed.

* * *

The next day, uninvited guests came to the mansion.

On the sofa in the drawing-room was a man in an imperial sorcerer’s uniform.

He was a man in his mid to late 30s with a proud impression and a military sharpness in his eyes.

It was Aaron Tobias who wrote to bring Kian to the mana monitoring station.

The Imperial Wizards was the Empire’s elitist armed group.

And here was their commander.

“Long time no see, Princess. I’m glad you are keeping busy and are healthy.”

“I’m glad, Sir Aaron, that you look healthy, too.”

“Haha, a soldier like me, a healthy body is a necessary investment.”

The employees quickly set up refreshments. I recommended freshly brewed tea to Sir Aaron and said.

“I’m assuming you’re here to talk to Kian.”

Aaron glanced at Kian, who was sitting next to me. After nodding lightly, he said,

“As the Princess said, I’ve taken the liberty of coming here because I’d like to offer you something.”

Aaron leaned toward Kian and spoke,

“I heard you got the highest rating during the magic power assessment.”

“Yes, sir.”

“The Imperial Wizards needs a talented man like you.”

When a member joins the Imperial Wizards, and they get the highest-ranking assessment, the sorcerer will be immediately assigned the rank of brigadier general.

It was a special treatment that was different from the usual. Magicians typically started from the bottom upon joining.

Aaron explained everything. If Kian joined, he would be granted a title, a mansion, land, and a substantial annual salary.

Aaron, who finished explaining, asked Kian.

“Please, can you use your talent for the Empire?”

Kian didn’t answer immediately. When he was silent, Aaron announced with a big smile.

“Of course I’m not forcing you! You don’t have to answer right now. I mean, at least, consider the proposal.”

As Aaron stepped back as if he wouldn’t bother him, Kian promised,

“I’ll think about it.”

Even with an offer, ordinary sorcerers could not dream of, Kian was unmoved.

Indeed, with Kian’s powers, he could establish a kingdom by himself.

He wouldn’t have to bow his head to others.

‘Even if he was assessed the same, as a top-rated wizard, Kian is on a different level.’

But Aaron, who didn’t know that, looked at Kian as if he had one last thing to say.

“Kian, do you know the fastest way to advance in the Empire?”

Aaron immediately answered his own question.

“To contribute to war. Then you can even get the top to a duchy in a heartbeat.”

Kian, who had been silent for a while, asked,

“Why are you telling me this?”

“If you’re ambitious, join the Imperial Wizards.”

Aaron stood up after saying he would wait for a positive answer.

I glanced at Aaron’s back as he left the drawing-room.

‘You think that will be enough to win over Kian?’

I inwardly shouted as if it were ridiculous.

As soon as he left the drawing-room, butler Albert came in and bowed his head.

“Lady, the Prince of Kalita is standing by.”

I thought about taking a breather, but I couldn’t afford it.

The scouting war to win over Kian had just begun.

* * *

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