IBMV – 27

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That’s why I have to free him.

He had to be released from slavery.

And that belief remains unchanged even now.

I continued to persuade Kian.

“I’m not asking you to leave me. I’m just asking you to be a free man, a full citizen with legal rights—not a slave. There’s no reason for you to be a slave anymore.”

Kian was silent for a moment. He stared at me.

“Why …. why are you doing this?”

“What do you mean?”

“I don’t know why you’re trying to free me.”

“It’s that….”

“I’m a wizard now. I could use my abilities to help you.”

I shook my head slowly.

Use him. How could I.….

I already used Kian once. By stopping him from going down the genocidal path, I had changed the fate of my shortened life. And then I almost lost him.

I can’t let that happen again.

“Kian, I don’t want to use you.”

“If it’s you, you can use me as many times as you like.”

“I hate it. So, don’t say it again.”

I asserted firmly. I wasn’t going to back down this time.

Kian looked as if he genuinely couldn’t understand.

“You are a strange person.”

Of course, it looks like that to him. I bought him for 100 billion gallons, and now I’m liberating him.

He still looked like he couldn’t comprehend me or my actions.


He closed his eyes for a moment and then looked at me with calmer eyes.

“If you want, I will. Instead, please answer a question of mine.”

I nodded.

“Ask me anything.”

“You said don’t hate me…… is that true?”

I was anticipating a much more difficult question.

“Of course.”

Relief coloured his countenance when I answered him honestly and candidly.

Flames sprang up in Kian’s hand.

Fluttering fires engulfed the pile of documents. In his hand, the deed of sale became ashes and scattered into the air.

I watched the flame burn the paper without a trace left.

Kian had eliminated his slave documents himself.

At that moment, our eyes met.

I breathed an inward sigh of relief when I saw his usual kindness in his eyes.

I said with a slight smile.

“Now you can’t call me Master.”

As always, Kian spoke to me in a friendly tone.

“What should I call you?”

“Call me whatever you are comfortable with… lady or princess……. Or do you want to call me by my first name?”

At the suggestion, Kian’s eyes grew slightly bigger. He smiled softly and gently asked,

“I can?”

“Yes. Would you like to address me by name now?”

Kian approached me, one step closer. He reached out and touched my hair and said,

“Miss Olivia.”

My first time I heard my name through his voice was strange yet pleasant.

At the same time, I fully realized it; the fact that Kian was no longer enslaved.

And the fact that he became a different character from the original timeline. Awakening his magic abilities opened up many possibilities.

He could become a scholar or work for the state and hold a high office.

As long as he was happy, I was going to respect whatever choice he made.


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