IBMV – 25.2

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A good result meant to get a higher grade in magic power measurement.

The Empire evaluates the sorcerer’s talent and mana by measuring mana.

It has a maximum of 1st to 9th grades, and a minimum of 3rd grades is required if you want to become a court wizard.

It is impossible to even apply even below that.

“As a result of the re-measurement, there was no change. Level 4, it’s the same.”


That’s why there are people who scream after receiving the measurement results.

In some cases, your level of mana changes as you grow, but most of them remain unchanged.

In other words, the world of magic is a place where natural born talent accounts for 99 percent—pure luck.

It’s unfair.

“I’ve been training so hard for six years…… I can’t believe it.….”

Whether he was familiar with the sight of his efforts not being rewarded, the court wizard looked businesslike.

“Next person, please come.”

At the court wizard’s call, Kian, who was sitting in the waiting room, stood up.

“Master, I’ll be right back.”

I waved my hand, saying to do well.

Kian, who nodded, walked to a large crystal ball in the center of the hall.

That bead, which is three meters in diameter, is a mana measuring instrument.

Around the sphere is a band reminiscent of the rings of the planets.

It looks like magic is engraved on it.

“The measurement method is simple. When you touch this bead, the measurement starts. When the measurement is complete, the nucleus will have a number between 1 and 9.”

Following the guidance of the court wizard, Kian brought his hand to the crystal ball.

The core embedded in the center of the bead shone.

At the same time, the band surrounding the crystal ball began to rotate like a ring on a planet.

I looked at the crystal ball with anticipated eyes.

The core of the beads repeatedly shined with dreamy colors.

How many minutes has it been?

Inside the nucleus of the crystal ball, a number of ancient characters emerged.

Finally, the results of the measurement came out.


I could hear gasps everywhere.

Soon after, a murmur spread like a ripple.

The number that came up inside the nucleus was the highest rating.

For me, who knew Kian’s strength, it was roughly expected.

But everyone except me was looking at Kian with excitement and astonishment.

“The highest grade…… that’s ridiculous!”

“Who the hell is that?”

“I don’t think you’re an Academy student.”

“Even last year’s Academy senior didn’t get the highest grade……!”

It was a natural reaction that people were surprised.

Since there were only three highest-rated wizards in the Empire.

The highest-rated wizard was such a rare thing.

Even the court wizard, who had been a businessman the whole time, was now wide-eyed.

As if he had forgotten his words, he opened his mouth belatedly after a few seconds of blinking.

“Let me tell you the results of the measurements.”

The court wizard took a deep breath and continued.

“Magician Kian, the highest grade.”

Once more confirmed by the mouth of the court wizard, the hall became noisy again.

However, Kian, the person involved, was not surprised to hear the results.

It seems that he was expecting the result.

After finishing the measurement, Kian approached me. I said with a bright smile.

“Congratulations, Kian. That’s a good result.”

In fact, Kian’s mana is above the highest level.

It’s just that it’s impossible to quantify above the highest grade.

In a sense, it was fortunate that it could not be measured. If it turns out to be too strong, the Emperor would be on guard.

Kian replied with a smile.

“I’m glad my master is happy.”

Of course, it was something to be pleased about. Now Kian will be treated as the greatest wizard, not as a slave.

Now that he received the first grade in mana level, many people will treat Kian well and try to gain his favor.

Not only the Empire but other kingdoms.

The force of one of the top wizards is overwhelmingly stronger than hundreds and thousands of soldiers.

So everyone will cater to Kian to live well.

The eyes mixed with envy and jealousy were stinging, so I quickly left the mana measuring room with Kian.

We rode our wagon, waiting outside the monitoring station, and left the palace behind.

It was not that far from the palace to the Duke’s residence, so we arrived at the mansion quickly.

When I got to the front door of the mansion, I asked Kian,

“Will you come to my room later? I have something important to say.”

“Yes, my lord.”

As usual, Kian replied with a gentle nod.

Because of this, I had no idea what he was thinking.


When I opened the second compartment of the mahogany drawer in my room, a pile of documents came out.

It was Kian’s slave trade certificate.

My plan to take good care of Kian until he wakes up as a sorcerer has now been completed.

So now you have to let him go.

I took out a certificate of sale.

The pictures hidden underneath caught my eye.

These were the pictures taken secretly by a gossip reporter when I went to a picnic with Kian.

I took out the pictures one by one and looked at them carefully.


I felt melancholy for some reason for the breakup that came sooner than expected.

To think I’d feel empty without him.….

I laughed without realizing it.

I was hoping that Kian would wake up as soon as possible, but I was wondering what kind of stupid idea entered my head.

I looked at the deed of sale for a long time and put it in my arms.

Just in time, I heard a knock.

“Master, it is me, Kian.”


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