IBMV – 25.1

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The Count, who was panicking in a cold sweat, said,

“I do not know……. It’s been so long that I can’t remember.”

Kian glanced at the Count.

I don’t think you’re lying…….

I didn’t expect him to remember the name of a slave dealer in the first place.

It was at that moment when Kian decided to use another method.

Suddenly, the Count swung a dagger and rushed at Kian.

He judged that he could try and do something if he attacked when Kian wasn’t alert.

A sharp dagger attacked Kian’s neck.

Instead of avoiding the attack, Kian stretched out his right hand.

Suddenly, the Count’s body floated in the air.


The Count dropped the dagger from his hand; his body was placed in front of Kian.

Kian put his hand on the Count’s head. His face turned blue as he shouted:

“Let go! Guards! What the hell are they doing!?”

The Count struggled.

But that stopped.

When Kian used his hand, the Count became paralyzed.

However, his consciousness was alert. He clearly experienced the unpleasant and painful sensation of something searching through his head.


The Count opened his eyes and screamed.

Listening to a tearful scream, Kian continued to search his memory.

The silence of the night was ripped apart by a desperate scream.

How long had it been?

Finally, Kian found the memory he was searching for, and Kian let go of the Count.

He had fainted, his body dropped weakly.

Even if he appeared dead, he was still alive.

I’ve been searching his memory all night so that he might have some mental aftereffects.

Even so, I felt no sympathy.

Because I knew that the Count was a vicious and brutal sort of human.

How many slaves were murdered due to the Count’s cruelty?

They deserved the feelings of compassion, not him.

Kian manipulated the Count’s memory to prevent him from remembering what happened tonight.

The purpose was achieved after finding out the appearance and name of the slaver.

And I found out something unexpected.

In his memory, a woman was holding a newborn child. It was me.

-Master! Let me go with the master! Please….!

-Don’t be so loud. Come here!


Why did she call me master?

Was she someone who knew me well?

The questions never ended.

Although he wanted to learn more, Kian returned to the Duke’s residence instead of continuing his investigation.

Olivia will be worried if you leave for too long.

He had no intention of letting her know about this.

I’ll take care of it quietly.

Don’t let her get hurt.

In the dim room, Kian looked at his reflection in the mirror.

A young man with neat features was revealed.

He looked no different from before.

But Kian knew.

This enormous power that came into his hands changed something within.


Wearing a black veil, I put white flowers on the knights’ tombstone.

Kian, who was next to me, also placed flowers.

I bowed my head and paid silent tribute to the knight who sacrificed themselves for me.

I will never forget those names.

A sound of the memorial bell-ringing was heard from the bell tower of the cemetery.

The sound had a sad and lonely tone.

I returned to the mansion, leaving behind the cemetery where the knights were buried.

After taking off my mourning clothes and changing into a calm-colored dress, I headed to the knight’s quarters.

Sir Hans’ room was on the second floor.

When I opened the door, a fellow knight was guarding his bedside.

When he saw me, he greeted me with a slight bow.

“Lady, you’re here.”

“How’s Lord Hans doing?”

The knight replied in a melancholy voice.

“He isn’t waking up.”

Five days have passed since the day of the assassination attempt.

I looked down at Sir Hans, who was asleep with an even breath.

His expression was calm, such a contrast to my insides which were burning black.

“Let’s wait patiently. I’m sure there will be good news.”

“Yes, I don’t think he’s going to end up like this.”

I smiled at the knight’s answer.

I’m not the only one waiting for him to wake up.

The fact was a little comforting.

Kian and I left the knight’s quarters and returned to the main building of the mansion.

We got onto a waiting carriage.

The destination was the Imperial Palace, and the purpose of the visit was to measure Kian’s mana.

I glanced at Kian sitting across from me.

He was looking out the window with a thoughtful face.

Even after the day of awakening as a wizard, he continued to serve me as his master.

He didn’t say anything to free him.

Because of his personality, there’s no way he’s going to bring it up to me first.….

‘So I’ll have to say it.’

I was going to tell you as soon as I recovered my stamina, so it’s really time to talk.

As soon as we get back from the mana measurement, I’ll free him.

After showing his pass to the guard, we passed through the main gate of the palace.

After a long drive through the vast palace, the carriage stopped in front of the magical powers monitoring station.

I showed Aaron’s letter to the reception desk. The receptionist said with a friendly smile:

“Follow the guide over here. I’ll show you to the measuring room.”

I followed the guide to the second floor and found a straight hallway.

When the end was reached, a hall with a giant crystal ball appeared in the center.

There were already people waiting here.

There were mothers holding babies in their arms, and there were magicians who came to measure themselves again.

The guide left us with a polite smile:

“I hope you get good results.”

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